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Here we go...

Me=Insane and Me=The best

aim: wakefield1411 my aim: gryffyndorgirl13

Best Comedians: Steven Lynch (yes.), Dane Cook(yes), Lewis Black(who? no im jk.), Pablo Francisco (hahahaha yes.)

Faveorite bands:GOOD CHARLOTTEGOOD CHARLOTTEGOOD CHARLOTTEGOOD CHARLOTTE Blink 182, All American Rejects, Anti-Flag, Sugarcult, Bad Religion, The Offspring, Weezer, Steriogram, No Doubt, Muse, Lucky Seven, Greenday, Sum 41, American Hi-Fi, Audioslave, Linkin Park, Our Lady Peace, the strokes, Hoobastank, Sex Pistols, IMA Robot, The Clash, Marcys Playground, Eve 6, harry and the potters, and evanescence U2, Bowling for Soup

I love: Oliver James, Dan Estrin of Hoobastank!(ew), Chad Murray, Wilmer Valderrama(eehhh.), Justin Long(ehh.), Adam Brody(NOOOO), and Jake Gyllenhaal orlando bloom, DANIEL RADCLIFFE, RUPERT GRINT!!!! hells yea

Fave Actor/Actress: Hugh Grant/Kate Beckinsale
Daniel Radcliffe/Kierra Knightly

Fave shows:
Will & Grace, The O.C, X-Men Evo!!, Friends, SOUTHPARK!!, Chappelle's Show, Strangers with Candy, Futurama, Family Guy, The Simpsons, The nanny...*blushes* shut up!

Fave Movies: X-men 1&2, Saving Silverman, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, The Mummy 1&2, Dawn of the Dead, Spiderman, Van Helsing, Underworld, Donnie Darko, Identity, Mean Girls, Runaway Jury The American Pies, Harry potter 1,2,and 3, lotr!!!!1,2,and3!!!

Top 5 songs:
1. Papa Roach- Getting Away with Murder
2. Simple Plan- Welcome to my life
3. Good Charlotte- I Just Wanna Live omg omg omg they ruuuuule!!!
4. Ludo- Hum Along
5. Micheal Tolcher- Mission Responsible
*Allisons top 5!!!!*
1. Good Charlotte!- I just wanna live!!!
2."" "" "" - Chronicles of life and death
4. Simple plan-- (i dunno, anything by them they rok)
5. Evanescence-- My immortal

Stuff @bout me (and me):
Im 14
me too

My b-day is August 30th. Now you must buy me a gift!
and mine is Sept 24. and even if its not, still get me a gift.

me too. in fact, we live on opposite fences diagonally. We go to eachothers houses so often, that punishments do not include eachother. ( if i am not allowed to go out of the house on saturday, i can still go to carolines.)We are sisters now. my mom adopted caroline.

I am destined ruler of the known world (my backyard)
*more like 2nd in command to me*

I loooooooooooooove a good humor fic
me too, especially if its harry potteer. YUMM.

I see a movie every weekend with my completley deranged friends
she organizes, i tag along and make fun of tourists who have socks and sandals on... and the ones who are horrificly pale in the middle of august. those losers..

Nicknames: Rori, Sarahbella, C-UNIT, Carolina SO MANY MORE
mine: rebeccawitz, HEY YOU, stupid, oracle, padfoot,omega,phoenix

E-mail me w/ any questions you got. but dont expect an answer.
No, im jk, but i probably wont answer because im not as smart as allison, my loyal, brave, amazing, cool, wonderful, majestic, honourable, friendly, co-author. (who is also a total biotch :))*ignore that becuase the person who wrote it is mentally retarded and/or ill. *
Much love homedawgs
-Orchadlo... and me...
Ahem... READ THIS--
"Going Beyond: A bit more background on the co-author"
I love Harry Potter. ALOT. I have VERY twisted friends. I love making and watching movies, writing, reading, music, daniel radcliffe, and orlando bloom. I dont like hil duff, pink girly junk, or toe fungus. (the regular authour has toe fungus;) ) Thanx allison *flips off* :your welcome carrie-baby >>>(her grandpa calls her that...) :


Kelsey- we love you too! except, killing your eight children... thats a bit immoral and unorthadox.

Kate-*pushes kate out of the way* Mr. Bubbles! ^mwah^ How the hell are ya?

Liz (Y) Mmmkay, wait, wait. Are you ready?...PATRICK TERRY.

Liz (R) Hi! your sitting next to me! Metorologist.

Matt (p)- homopho.*shakes head in disgust.*

Lindz- Shut up. no one wants to talk to u, we love igor! No, jk, we love you too.

Aims- No no nikki.

Tiny Tim- Big Bens cLock

Rachel- That sounds dirty.

Alison- ...hi...

Im done because this is getting boring. But if i forgot you it wasnt on purpose...unless your solo.
In that case,yes, it was totally diliberate.

everyone else... ill update later.

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