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Author has written 7 stories for Avengers, Sherlock, Bones, and Falling Kingdoms series.

Hello Midgardians! For your convenience, as well as reading pleasure: here are a few notes of the strange, angst-y, comedic and surprisingly wonderful universe, known as my fan-fiction. A warning before you proceed. I am incredibly bad about regular updates. You. Have. Been. Warned.

First order of business. Regarding the fandoms, I will write for several. One of my favorite fandoms to write for is the Avengers because of its mix of complex characters, epic storylines and humor. Also, the inclusion of Loki never hurt anyone either. I have also written for Bones and Sherlock which are my favorite TV shows. I enjoy mysteries and crime shows, and am always thinking of different ideas for them (which is awkward when you are at the park and someone hears you say “that’s a great place to hide a body”). I also enjoy Norse Mythology, The Musketeers, Spiderman and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV wise. I won't even bother to put down all my book fandoms, as a bibliophile I am in a ton. Personal favorites include Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Falling Kingdoms, Rangers Apprentice and the Trylle Series. I like Doctor Who as well, but have not seen enough to consider myself knowledgeable enough to write for it.

The second thing. Though I am an educated person with a flair for nit-picky details, catching grammar has never been my forte. Usually my beta reader (if I have one for that particular story) or Microsoft Word will catch grammatical and spelling mistakes, but no promises. It is the plot that counts (see what I did there?).

Thirdly, if you read the above warning, you already know my update policy. Or, my lack of one. I do try to manage regular updates but as a student, writer and actress I fill up my schedule almost completely and don’t always have time to sit down and dish out the next chapter of one of my stories. I am also doing more than one multi-chapter story, so please be civil. Please also take into consideration the fact that I am in many fandoms, and sometimes I get inspired for a fandom I'm not even writing for and cannot concentrate on my current works in progress.

Forth; I love reading fan-fiction, so as stated recommend some to me. I don't review everything I read, but if you look around a bit I do review a lot. If you want my insight - let me know. Please note, however, that if I dislike something I probably won’t say it, and prefer to opt out of reviewing entirely as opposed to offending someone. If I leave a critical review, take it as a compliment. I only do that if I truly believe a story has potential.

The fifth thing is this: I am a bit, and by a bit I mean a lot, of a Loki-obsessed person. He is my favorite superhero. (Tell me that he isn’t a superhero, I dare you.) I am honestly arguing about this with people all the time. Don’t contradict me. If you wish to hear my rants on Loki, you can message me.

The sixth thing: if you read the above, you might notice I am drawn to certain characters. Specifically, characters who act different on the outside than they are feeling, characters that are willing to act bad for the sake of good, and characters who are brilliant but broken. Because of this, I am drawn to Loki (The Avengers) especially, as well as The Magnus Damora (Falling Kingdoms), Dr. Zach Addy (Bones), and Sherlock Homes (Sherlock).

The serious seventh thing. All my stories are relatively clean, in certain aspects. I don’t bring up any sexual themes, or other adult content. All my stories will also be slash free, even if it is canon. I avoid gender-bending as well. I also don’t use any curse words, probably not even borderline curse words in most context. However I will include graphic violence, mentions or implications of torture, implications of alcohol use, or violence.

Eighthly, I want to point out that each of my stories is different. If you dislike one, don’t shun the rest. Every time I sit down to write a different story I have different ideas, so go ahead and try all of them.

And ninth thing is this. Don’t hate on me. I am trying as hard as I can. But I’m human (we think), and I make mistakes. So, if something sucks, tell me nicely. I don’t mind critical reviews, but if you don’t have the tact to be civil about it, I don’t really value your opinion. Don’t tell me something is horrible. Tell my why it’s horrible. Give me advice. We’re all here to help each other become better, right?

Tenth. My best friend also writes for this site, you may know her. If not, make sure to check out her writing. Her pen name is Little Blue Owl, and though we write for different fandoms she is incredibly talented. Also, if you like what I’ve written, try looking at my sister’s writing as we collaborate on some things. Her pen name is HisNameIsPeter.

I periodically purge stories, so sorry about that in advance. If you like my writing, and want to make me happy, check me out of fictionpress. My pen name is TheQuietOnes. For those of you scoring at home, that was a shameless plug. I also beta read, and enjoy editing other people's works. So, if you want my help with something, don't be shy. I don't bite. Usually.

Finally, just a bit of information about me. I am an Anglophile and a lover of Celtic music. Winter is my favorite season, and I love the rain. I love books of all sorts, crime shows, cats, and characters that are broken but beautiful because light reflects best in shattered glass. I’m sarcastic, introverted, and overthink most things. I believe that the world would be a better place if everyone had regular pajama days.

I’ll finish off with two of my favorite quotes, one is by a true genius. “Always be yourself, unless you suck.” – Joss Weadon.

And the other conveys the sum of most of my writing. "A villain is a victim whose story hasn't been told."

Your readership is much appreciated on my end.


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Prince of Blood reviews
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To help overcome the loss of his brother, Thor visits the Avengers. Loki wasn't always the way the Avengers know him to be. He once was a mischievous, adventurous and honorable prince who traveled the universe with is brother. These are the adventures the brothers face throughout their youth, and how the Avengers view on Loki changed forever. Characters from Thor and the Avengers.
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