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Author has written 11 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh, Chrono Crusade, Tsubasa Chronicle, Naruto, One Piece, and Dissidia: Final Fantasy.

Name: Embodiment of Sekhmet, EoSekhmet, EoS, Sekhmet_Mariku, Sekhmet_Ninja, Sekhmet_Faris...(Just call me Sekhmet... -_-;)

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Eyes: Dark pinkish/purple

Hair color: Dark brown, streaked purple

Height: 5' 5''

Weight: 140lbs (*blinks* Why would you want to know that anyway?)

I'm a big fan of: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, Sonic the Hedgehog, Chrono Crusade, Magical X Miracle, D. Gray-Man, Buso Renkin, xxxHolic, DAZZLE, Yu-Gi-Oh, Naruto, Gundam Wing, Megaman, Dissidia, Final Fantasy 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10, Red Vs Blue, Doctor Who, and British comedy. My favorite animals are dragons and chickens.
I have two brothers (I normally refer to them as Ruby_Goldwolf ((the younger)) and Opal ((the older))), three dogs (One of them is my very own! His name is Jesse James.)... and I use to have chickens! Wow that's exciting!

I am a huge romance/adventure fan! I'm not into Yuri, although I do read a fair share of Yaoi and Het! And if you don't have any idea about what that stuff is then why are you even on Fanficition.Net? The place is full of it! XD

I am also a HUGE fan of unusual pairings! Although classic and canon pairings do hold their own appeal, you have to think, what kind of situation would it take to make (insert character one) and (insert character two) fall in love with each other? Or just like each other?

I'm also going to be a politician when I grow up, so I can eventually rule the world!! XD

I have also been told that I'm great at getting other people out from under writer's blocks, so if you are stuck and are desperate for advise, PM me and I'll see if I can help you out!

My favorite quotes, some by me, some by others:

~"There is always a bigger fish..."~ Qui-Gon Jinn~

~Seto stood stark naked with his hands rested on his hips, surveying the extensively full closet of his personal changing room. "Three billion spent and not a damn thing to wear..."~ Seto as played by Artemis the Dragonkeeper in =Beach walk away=

"Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire." ~Unknown~

"Great balls of fire!" Chrono in one of the anime episodes

"It's like a disco... Inside your head..." ~Dan the Man, the French Fry Pimp~

"If the maker doesn't need it, and the buyer doesn't use it, and the user never sees it... what is it?" My very favorite riddle! See if you can solve it.

"Talk later, run now!" ~Yugi, during Yu-Gi-Oh the Movie when he's being chased by Zombies, and Tristan right after Duke gives him a hand in escaping the Rare Hunters.~

"You can pick your nose, you can pick your friends... But you can't pick your friend's nose." ~Said by my mother~

"This looks like a job for-" "Don't finish that line V... Super man already owns the rights..." ~Richie and Virgil in Trouble Squared~

"I AM NEWFOO!" ~Hee, hee, hee... Don't ask...~

"It's good, becuase it's absorbent..." ~A friend of mine~

"I have a job now! I cut bread and make smoothies for a living!" ~Me~

"What's this 'unglaa' business?" ~Tidus on Dissida when you fight him as the Emporer~ (I'm serious! He says that! XD)

Bartz: I thought you should have something! Here, take this! Holds out a chocobo feather Squall: Stares at it What's that nasty looking feather? Bartz: Hey... Watch your mouth! ~Squall and Bartz in Dissidia during a cut scene.~ (Squall can be so mean sometimes, but Bartz likes him so Squall's forgiven. :P)

In a sing-songy voice "I see-a po-ser!" ~Kefka when you fight against him using Squall.~

"You know, nothing in this world makes a whole lot of sense until you realize that man's greatest creation was the toilet bowl..." ~ Sekhmet~

"Like my new boots? Their fur lined and have this sole you can remove so it's more comfortable. See I just took my sole out, it's all fuzzy... Hey! Don't do that! I might loose it! For crying out loud, I just lost my sole! Thanks!" ~ XD ~

"Beware of the Shell Ninjas!" ~ Me... again...~

"Bow Chicka Bow Wow!" ~Tucker from RVB~

Tanryouku: "Hey sis, Razz just called back and asked me to call you a twit." Misora: "I know, drop her next call would you?" Tanryouku: "Gotcha." ~A quote from an unpublished story~

Me:"If I puke every morning can I not have to go to school too?" Mom:"Nope." Me: "But I don't want to!" Mom: "I hear whining." Me: "Good, I'm glad your ears are working." Mom: "Uhp, I hear sarcasm!" Me: glares ~My mother and I ~

"Kuro-woof-woof! Please bring the bag!" ~Fai to Kurogane~

Him: "You can't just pull crackers out of your pocket like that! It's like you're pulling white people out of your pocket!" Me: pauses for a moment "So you're saying that white people are crackers?" ~Me and a close friend of mine.~

"FRIENDSHIP FOUR UNITE!" ~ "FRIENDSHIP POWER!" ~Me after watching the YuGiOh movie during the scene where Tea appears floating over the mummies... XP

Goldwolf: "Hey Sekhmet, did you know that the tips of your fingers look like tiny pink plums?" Sekhmet: looks O.O "Holy cow! They do!" ~My little brother and I~

Goldwolf: "I found my glasses Sekhmet!" Sekhmet: "Good! Now we can all play Naruto Clash of Ninja 2! Beldin: "Where were they Goldwolf?" Goldwolf: "On the toilet of all places! Man, they're always the last place I would think to look for them!" Sekhmet: "Of course they're in the last place you'll look for them! You aren't going to look after you find them are you?" ~ My little brother, his best friend, and me~


Sasori - Itachi - Shikamaru - Iruka - Yami no Mariku - Yugi - Yami no Yugi - Kazuki - Jack Frost - Train - Trowa - Lantis - Ferio - Clef - Sanji - Zoro - Fai - Kurogane - Kamui - Fuuma - Jack Atlas - Chrono - Shin - Hajime - Touya - Yukito - Luffy - Ace - Shinn - Kira - Arthrun - Teito - Frau - Labrador - Castor - Mikage - Watanuki - Domeki - Alzeid - Utsuho (The list keeps growing...)

Oh and I'd like to take a minute to thank everyone who reads my stories, you guys are the best...On another note I'd like to apologize, I had another story and I took it down so I could redue it and my older brother decided to reformat the computer I had it saved on... So now it's gone... T.T

I now am out of college and have a full time job. Yhay... Life goes on... Whee...

(Side Note: Time Angel has been discontinued... Sorry guys...)

On a further note, I've decided to just working on short stories, mostly humor based, instead of larger multi-chapter stories. And be on the look out for my younger brother, he's going to start posting here soon!

(Totally taking a moment to shout out to my younger brother who reads my profile every other day. So hi Flint, or Goldwolf, or Ruby, or whatever you're calling yourself now! _)

Till next time! I love you all!

Sekhmet (aka EoS)

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