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Author has written 12 stories for Final Fantasy VII, and Final Fantasy X-2.

TO NIQUIE: the email address in your pm did not show up so if you could just send me an email to ebonyjumpr@aol.com i can reply much easier :)

IMPORTANT INFORMATION AS OF 05/15/07: I am an idiot, and to this day never thought of compressing Victim into a zip folder to send to those who ask for it. Why did I think that I had to send each chapter individually? Well you can resume asking for the original version again, I have a zip file made to send to you!

MMMMmmmmkay, to the most recent anonymous reviewer (he/she reviewed. The one who told me I was conceited because I won't post chapters until I get more reviews. Is it conceited to want to know how people who read your stories feel? I mean, I like to know what I can change or what I'm good at, its just like taking a creative writing class-you discuss each others weaknesses and strengths-thats what reviews serve for. And alright, maybe its wrong to claim that I won't post a chapter until I get more reviews because clearly, that is untrue. The truth is I've become lazy and lost my spark so it takes a while for it to kick in and that is why I don't update very often. And as for Victim, you have NO idea how difficult it is to censor a story that relied so heavily on graphic content without depleting its original plot.
And as for my statement about looking like Yuna, I meant my hair, sorry to confuse you, if I looked like Yuna, I think someone would have told me by now, second, and finally, you have NO right to assume I'm an ugly fat bitch without having seen my photo. You want to see what I look like? Does everyone wanna know what I look like? Fine, go to www.myspace.com/ebonyjumpr to see my profile. If you don't believe thats me or if you still think that I'm ugly, well thats your opinion, but if you still think I'm fat, then you need to have your eyes checked because unfortunately for you, I weigh around 105 pounds and I'm 5'4". So sorry, jealous coward that couldnt even leave a name or contact because you know youre an asshole and didnt want me find you, that just shows how uninformed and immature you are. This website is about stories, not the people who write them, and you dont know me, so leave my personality out of this. Thank you.

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If ya wanna IM at Ebonyjumpr OR Lipservicelady (AIM) or email me go ahead, I love talking to fans.

Fav Characters: Tifa! Tifa, Tifa and more Tifa! Tifa and Cloud! Then Yuna, then Tidus, and Rikku (X-2, she's just so pretty! wish I could pull off that look!) the rest are all supplementary.

Fav Couples: Tifa/Cloud, Tifa/Reno (I loved Frank Verderosa's Astray), Yuna/Tidus, Squall/Rinoa, Rikku/Gippal

Hated Couples: Cloud/Aeris! (BLEGH!), Tifa/Vincent, Tifa/Sephiroth, Tifa/Cid (What were you and Jen thinking Frank?) hate the yaoi's and um..whats the other one called? yori? i dont know but you get my drift.

Favorite fanfics: FF7 and FFX2


Victim - Chapter 5, not started
Workerbee- Epilogue, barely started

If youre reading this then you might have guessed that I got writer's block and just needed something to do. Well I thought of something else to write so im going back to work
Peace, Love and Applesauce ~Tiffany "Cherry" Rose

"The people and the friends we have lost...or the dreams that have faded...never forget them." Final Fantasy X - Yuna

"This is not a mission of principal. It is a mission to get back what we deserve...our reputation." - Reno (Victim, chapter 62)

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