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name: Jérôme

age: 20 years

Profession: student

I am a student seeking his way, among the possibilities. A recent failure demoralized me and writing allowed me to escape from my difficult situation. Writing is a way to escape this cold world of ours. I am authorized feelings or attitudes that I do not allow myself otherwise.

In society I find myself trapped in a role that I'm supposed to take, under penalty of being considered deviant. Each's lot I think.

Many betrayals by human nature made me suspicious and cold with my feelings. (beaten every day at school, abandoned by his comrades for more popular) Each serves its own interests first of all, even crush the other. I learned at my expense.

Although I reach today to maintain friendly relations easily, but I avoid investing too me, because nobody really plays openly. But if you directly ask for my help I would answer present. Hoping that this person will come to my aid in a timely.

Invent stories has always been relatively easy for me from the time I am given a universe in which I have to change the characters. But creating a whole universe does not really interest me, I prefer to reuse existing frameworks. I do not lack imagination especially for epic moments , but I 'm relatively disarmed regarding feelings . ( Lack of staff practice may be )

When I create a character, I usually give them an aspect of my personality, which is why I attaches myself so quickly to them. The latest example "Weremon" , which symbolizes the animal in me ( each of us ) and who allowed me to escape a lynching directed against my person. ( I literally become someone else, saying that my actions become instinctive and not calculated) If you gave me the opportunity to become that character I think I would agree. ( after considering the price and conditions) Or again the soldier of the future known as Whisky 3, an old character that I use and reuse in battles of my imagination. He is the person I try be in my life. Someone who keeps its word, who keep fighting for the little he has and remain strong, at least in appearance. Until the universe eventually crush his exitence.

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