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Hello, I'm bethysue382. You can call me Beth. I am a fan of Pokémon, Phineas and ferb, Minecraft, Harry Potter, Warriors, Guardians of Ga'hoole, and The Hunger Games. I don't have much to say since I'm new here, but I'm learning. I would love it if you reviewed my story. if you want more chapters, I want to let you know I have no pattern for posting chapters. they show up when they show up. I may only have two stories now, but I hope to have more.

I have a scale of emotions now, ok? 1-10.


"and hedgehogs will fly." -warriors

"you don't have to rain on my parade." "I'm not just raining on your parade, I'm blowing up the floats." -unknown

"zombie vegetarianism is a world problem?" -Phineas and ferb (Baljeet)

"I am to metaphor cheese as metaphor cheese is to transitive verb crackers." -Phineas and ferb (Buford)

"Anyone else here leading a bizarre double life?... Put your hand down, Ferb." -Phineas and ferb (Phineas)

"I'm not absolutely sure, but I think I just became the king of the pharmacists." -Phineas and ferb (Lawrence)

"Man, what kind of weirdo am I?" -Phineas and ferb (Doofenshmirtz)

"You know, fire is the leading cause of fire." -Phineas and ferb (Doofenshmirtz)

"No, Irina! Not the Catfish Hunter!" -The 39 Clues (Dan)

"Please don't eat my hat." -Pokémon (Ash)

"I have my own method of bending spoons. (bends the spoon with his hands) Ha! Muscle over mind!" -Pokémon (Ash)

"Right now, I kinda wish that my mom named me Bob instead of Ash." -Pokémon (Ash)

"I'm having a major hat crisis. Could you try to steal Pikachu some other time?" -Pokémon (Ash)

"If I want your opinion I'LL ASK FOR IT!!!" -Pokémon (Misty)

"Ash, your sense of direction is so bad, you can't find yourself in a mirror!" -Pokémon (Misty)

"Ash and Misty, sittin' in a tree... Ha ha ha ha ha!" -Pokémon (Brock)

"AHH! I wasted a donut!" -Pokémon (Brock)

"And I'll be happy to vouch for his insanity!" -Pokémon (May)

"This is bandannas!" -Pokémon (May)

"If this works I'll eat my hat...Glad I don't wear a hat." -Pokémon (Max)

"A left... and then a right. Or is it a right and then a left? Hmm... maybe the postcard's upside-down." -Pokémon (Dawn)


"Hello... uh, I wonder if it's possible to get traded to a less embarrassing team?" -Pokémon (Meowth)

"You gonna attack or do a ballet?" -Pokémon (Meowth)

"Just once, I'd like to make a dramatic exit that DOESN'T involve a life-threatening explosion." -Pokémon (Jessie)

"Don't ask me, I've already had my thought for today." -Pokémon (Jessie)

"Like, wow, don't I make like the COOLEST girl?" -Pokémon (James)

"Quick! It's coming! Dance like an eggplant!" -Pokémon (James)

"I have no idea what just happened, but I'll gladly take credit for it." -Pokémon (James)

FAVORITE QUOTES (inspirational)

"We really do have a lot in common. The same earth, the same air, the same sky. Maybe if we started lookin at what's the same, instead of always lookin at what's different, well, who knows." -Pokemon (meowth)

"If more people valued home above gold, this world would be a merry place." - The Hobbit: battle of the five armies (Thorin)

"I now realize that the circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant. It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are." -Pokemon (mewtwo)

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