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Author has written 8 stories for Super Smash Brothers, Sift Heads, Dangan Ronpa Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei, Corpse Party, Fire Emblem, and Total Drama series.

Well... Profile... I really don't know what to say here. I'll put story statuses and other stuff I guess.

Also, please don't review about it being center-alligned, I know, it's a personal preference.

Story Statuses:

Corpse Party: Reform- It is not on hiatus, I just simply can't think of anything good or redeeming.

Corpse Party Reform: The War of Musume- Active, second book of the series and unlike the first one, it will have a definitive end.

Dangan Ronpa: Za Dai 3 Zetdubō- On hiatus.

Fire Emblem Awakening: The Carnage- On hiatus, though will most likely be one of the first ones I return to.

Sift Heads Destiny Act I: The First Trial- On hiatus-ish. I go on to work on it from time to time.

Super Smash Bros: The Brawl For The Million- Active.

Total Drama: Alten Island- Active, but I can never seem to finish chapter 2.

We Deify- On hiatus, and will probably be edited.

Best quotes (Taken directly from the story.):

Corpse Party Reform: The War of Musume-

"Hey! You got a meeting in a half an hour, move it or you're gonna be really damn late!" The advisor said.

"I'd like it if you'd curse a biiit less Ketsuo." Zenka said sarcastically.

"Well, I'm single, what can I do?" Ketsuo asked.

"The bar scene." Zenka replied.

"You'd think that would work... But nope." Ketsuo said.

"You've got a problem bro." Zenka said.

(Yeah, he does.)

"Your jacket isn't exactly closed... You know that, right?" He said.

"Oh, I do." Nima responded, making him shiver a bit.

"Alright then..." Kuro mumbled. "And your shirt is a bit... Revealing... It's only over your stomach... And... Wait- you have no problem with it."

"Bingo, dingo." Nima replied and smiled a bit. Just a bit though.

"I wish Shuu was with me instead..." Kuro mumbled, expressing his... Well... Concern.

"Thanks." She said and leaned back on the door.

"And you might... Wanna... Dear god, do you want me to stop at Victoria's Secret or something before we frickin' barge in there?" Kuro asked, expressing his concern even more.

"If I wanted panties, I would've worn them." Nima said.

"Well at least we can distract the enemy." Kuro said.

"I can distract you too, after the mission is over." Nima said.

"As much as I'd entertain the idea- which I wouldn't at all- no." Kuro replied.

"Sheesh. I guess all men aren't the same." Nima scoffed.

"Nope. Surprise." Kuro said.

"... Kinda glad about that actually. Wait, when you say distract the enemy, do you mean you want me to flash them?" Nima asked.

"It'd work. All men are the same." Kuro said.

"Well, you're certainly correct." Nima replied.

"Though seriously, put some damn panties on. If I didn't know better I'd say you're a whore or a prostitute... You're not a whore or a prostitute, right?" Kuro asked.

"No you dumbass! It's comfy." Nima responded.

"Well, that's what Levi said." Kuro said.

"That's different, he wore a dress." Nima said.

"And you're wearing nothing." Kuro added.

"I'm wearing a jacket, shirt, and skirt." Nima said.

"Okay, 1. That jacket and shirt combo doesn't really have your chest completely covered. 2. You're leaning on the door, lying down just letting me see everything if I wanted to." Kuro said.

"Don't look then." Nima interrupted.

"I don't want to." Kuro immediately replied.

(Kuro, y u so... Umm... Uninterested?)

Nima sat up and fixed her jacket.

"You know, that's not going to do much." Kuro said.

"Oh yeah, want me to lose it altogether?" Nima asked.

"... No." Kuro said. "Please don't."

(If only it was Ketsuo, that'd be hilarious.)

Nima walked down the hallway and turned into a room she assumed could lead out.

"Alright, there's light from outside." She thought and silently opened the door.

"Like, oh my gosh you did not." The makeup artist said.

"Shut the hell up." The soldier said and Nima simply took out a dagger and stabbed the makeup artist in the throat, killing her.

"Oh thank god!" The soldier said. "How can I repay you? But make it snappy."

"I need to know where the planes' fuel tanks are." Nima replied.

"Out room 1-9's left door." The soldier replied.

"Thanks. Don't tell anyone I was here." Nima said.

"No problem." He said and she left. "Fucking makeup artist was killing me... Wait... I don't know if I have a replacement."

(He didn't have a replacement. XD)

"Hey! What are you doing without proper armor?" A lieutenant asked.

"Your mom." Nima replied and threw him against the locker.

(I'm sorry, I had to.)

"Hey, what are you doing?" A commander asked.

"Your mom." Kuro said and took out his katana.

(You'd think there'd be only one, but no. Also, all this is only from chapter one!)

"Sheesh, you're more pissed off than Bill O' Reilly." Nima said, adjusting her jacket.

"You're more exposed than that prostitute on 3rd street. Your point?" Ketsuo asked.

(Nima has the best quotes. Also, both of these are true.)

"I've been around for longer than you think. I've seen things scarier than you can imagine." Ketsuo said.

"Like?" Kuro asked.

Ketsuo took out a cassette tape.

"Put that away! That is not allowed in my house!" Zenka said.

"Can't read it." Kuro said.

"Satoshi and Y-"

"That's completely non-canon to this universe!" Zenka said.

"The shipment is non-canon. The tape, not so much." Ketsuo said.

"You have a tape?" Kuro asked.

"Actually... Yeah." Ketsuo said.

"You could've sold the 'scarier things than you can imagine' by saying you had a tape of your own." Nima said.

(Rewind to chapter 1 of CP:R. Nuff said.)

"I love how the hospital people didn't put panties on her, so we can get an upskirt." Ketsuo said.

"Dude. That's your friend's daughter, are you that fucked up?" Kuro asked.

"... Yes." Ketsuo replied.

(Yeah, not surprising coming from Ketsuo.)

"Well, great. I can explain it!" The doctor said after he came in. "But seriously she has no panties. The hell, how did this get through?"

(Silver! I like to imagine that one of my other characters 'Dr. Pancake Jr.' was there. He's not serious at all and would probably be a fan-favorite.)

"Stryker Lyxnor, from the richie rich filthy rich family of the Lyxnors. Just call me Silver. Well, I don't like talking about my family. Lots of assholes, then they all died, how's your week?" Silver said.

"Wait... Your Levi's girlfriend's father?" Ketsuo said.

"... Well, it's wife now, but yeah. I love how you're still single." Silver said.

"Shut up!" Ketsuo said.

"Lawl." Nima commented.

(Silver, he's the original pervert. And the former.)

"... Don't check me." Nima said.

"No, no. That's not the issue today. You just passed out from shock knowing that this dumbass had blankety blank with your parents." Silver replied.

(Dumbass=Ketsuo blankety blank=Well, stuff.)

"On a completely different topic, Ketsuo's an old hag, how come he looks like he's 20?" Kuro asked.

(Ketsuo must've been really hurt by that comment.)

"Well... This is comforting." Zenka muttered sarcastically and looked at him.

(Very much so.)

"Well, can't we just nuke them?" Magali asked.

(As much as I'd like that, we can't end the story at chapter 2.)

"Relax, he's a main character! No way they'll kill him off in chapter 2!" Ketsuo said.

(Stop with the spoilers!)

"I actually got somewhere, you just fell on a fucking pole in prison!" Ketsuo said. It was true, when Misuto first got there he tried to escape by trying to jump over the fence from the closest part of the fence. He landed on a pole.

(Prison is Paulownia. Prison is bad.)

"Ketsuo, don't stare at my chest, this is a serious conference!" Ayumi said.

"I'm sorry, but the hologram projects them to look a lot bigger." Ketsuo replied.

"That's my wife!" Yoshiki said.

"Hey, I'm not hitting on her... I remember what happened last time." Ketsuo said.

"Actually you are right.." Yoshiki said, looking at Ayumi's chest.

(Damn it Ketsuo.)

"Hang on guys, I got this." Shuu said. "Hey guys, you wanna win a free car?"

"..." Nobody said anything.

"Actually, I do." That one guy said.

"Shut up private!" Another soldier said.

(Shut up Private Noprivate!)


They all just stood there.

"What?" Shuu asked.

"Taxes." The officer replied.

"Damn it, he watched Oprah do that." Shuu muttered.


"Okay, jump off this cliff. If you land and survive, you get a free week of maid service, from me." Nima said and winked.

"There's no way they'd fall for that-"

They had all jumped off the cliff.

"Oh. They did." Shuu stated.

"You think I was really gonna do that?" Nima asked.

"You lying bitch!" The private said.

"Shut up, private!" The officer yelled, and bled out.

(Shut up Private Noprivate!)

"Well, you're as lame as Edward, so close enough!" Taeko said.

(Vampire stuff.)

"Zenka.. We have a problem." Shuu said.

(That's the new name for Houston.)

"Think!" Reiko thought. "Well, my mother always liked these... They always scared me." She said and gave Nima a few playboys.

Nima flipped through them.

"You have any with guys too?" Nima asked.

"W-Well, I did sneak one from Mayu..." Reiko replied and handed her it.

"This is different.. Woah, that's hot." Nima mumbled.

(Damn it Nima, had you just shot her in the head she would never have escaped with the prisoners.)

"Well... I'm glad Mayu had spares of that edition..." Reiko said to herself, then got dressed in the soldier's uniform.


"Where the hell did you get all those dirty magazines?" Shuu asked.

"Found them in some of the sleeping quarters." Nima said.

"Yeah, we have to get an intruder." Shuu reminded her.

"Sorry, 'other things' come first." Nima said and walked away.

"I hope she doesn't mean what I think she means." Shuu said. "... Procrastinator."

(Once again, you should've shot her Nima. Not look at playboys. Also, last one from chapter 2!)

"No doubt. I'm surprised they haven't bombed us." Nima agreed.

She looked a lot like Seiko, but with ocean blue eyes. She had a long, gray jacket (that was open, but you knew that.), and a black shirt that revealed her chest quite a bit.

"What would Ketsuo say?" Shuu wondered.

(He'd say what Paris Hilton would! 'That's hot.' And this time we know what is!)

"Last night, when you were sleeping." Shuu replied.

"I'm gonna kill-"

"Just put in the fuel, Nima!" Kuro said and they all put in their fuel.

(Don't worry! He only gave her fuel for a crappy fighter... That is not a dirty metaphor.)

"Well, fuck me." Nima said and they were silent. "It was metaphorical."

"Oh, good." Kuro said.

"I support you, bro." Shuu said.

"You have five seconds to shut the hell up." Kuro said.

"Five buck says he secretly likes my body." Nima said.

"You too!" Kuro said.

"I'll say twenty bucks that he does." Shuu replied.

"Shut the hell up and focus." Kuro said.

"Twenty five says he'll do me when he's drunk." Nima said.

"You're not listening!"

"Thirty bucks that he will when this is all over." Shuu said.

"Shuu, I'm gonna fucking shoot you down." Kuro said.

"Fifty says he is secretly aroused by this conversation." Nima said.

"... I'm... Very... Very disturbed now..." Kuro said.

"Sixty says he was aroused when seeing you in the gunship." Shuu said.

"Without question!" Nima replied.

"I see land!" Kuro said, changing the conversation and saw the southern tip of New Japan.

(Had to put this conversation.)

"You're under arrest. Just put clothes on first... Please, I'm not a cheater." Shuu said after he saw the armor and walked out of the bathroom.

(Good thing it's not Ketsuo, or he'd be throwing money... Reference to CP:R chapter 1.)

"Don't hit below the belt, you must not even last long." Brian replied.

"... Want to put the weapons down and test that?" Nima asked.

"... You're kidding, right?" Brian asked.

"... Well, no." Nima replied.

"Tell the rest of my fangirls to fuck off." Brian said, twirling his revolvers.

"Sheesh, is it only three inches? I feel bad for you now."

(No comment.)

"Go fuck yourself." Brian said.

"... How hard, and when?" Nima asked.

"... Wut...?" Brian asked.

"I was asking myself-"


"Oh. Well now that you said it, I want to try it." Nima said.

"Fuck my life." Brian said.

"That cereal is probably bigger than you too." Nima said.

(That last line is really insulting.)

"You're a dick!" Nima said.

"You're a pussy!" Brian said.

Nima shrugged. "Well, you are what you eat, and you are one pretty big dick."

(This is also really insulting. Not true, but insulting.)

"I never realized how cuute you are" She said, delirious from the drink. "Can I have some more?"

Shuu took out the bottle and put it up to her lips for her to drink, and sure enough, she drank the rest of it.

"Thank you" She said and made the little kitty paws.

"Great... I turned her into a furry..." Shuu muttered and went to the door.

(Great job Shuu, great job.)

"Note to self, don't get women drunk. Though then again, nobody's gonna kill off the bartender." Shuu said and quickly hugged her.

(XD So true! And that's the last of chapter 3!)

"You suck more than your scummy buddies!" Satoshi said.

"You suck more than your mom!" Xen replied.

(Xen wins!)

"I'm not afraid at all. I can beat them." Blood Knight said. He knew he could, but he was scared shitless, yet he denied it.

(Well, he lied.)

"Maybe." Morishige replied, and shot a telekinetic shot with it.

Blood Knight dodged it.

"I personally think this is a bit unfair, but I'm me, so what does it matter?" The Knight said. "You know, I don't wanna fight fair either!"

(He's just him.)

"Heeey! Nakashima! Glad you could join the dead people party! I'm Moon Knight, and I'll be your server for today!" Moon Knight replied.

(XD Though, I didn't want to say 'Corpse Party', but that's what I alluded to.)

"You kinda suck as a general." Moon Knight taunted.

"You kinda suck as a man." Naomi replied.

"... I'm confused." Moon Knight said, frustrating her even more. "You do realize, I've killed at least five hundred of your men by myself."

(Damn, she got burned and countered.)

"Sheesh, you looked much prettier on your profile picture." Moon Knight said.

(XD He has the best lines!)

"Feisty, but can you clean my room, maid?" Moon Knight asked sarcastically.

(I'd actually like to see that... Crap, I'm turning into Ketsuo!)

"You know, I hope this isn't the arm you use to have fun." Moon Knight said.

(Well... That happened.)

"Shit!" Naomi said, bleeding quickly. "Also, I'm ambidextrous in that sort of thing."

"Hmm... Hmm..." Moon Knight mumbled and kicked her off of the deck.

(Unnecessary details...)

"You with those fuckin' idiots?" Satoshi asked.

"I was with your mother, but she counts as a fuckin' idiot, so yeah." Stardust Knight replied and took out his longsword.

"You leave my mother outta this you fuckboy!" Satoshi yelled and took out his machetes.

"You know, you may have lost more than her, but you were a bigger loss to her than all of yours combined." Stardust Knight taunted and smiled.

"At least my mother wanted me!" Satoshi said.

"Hang on, Satoshi... I am your father... Nah just fuckin' with ya! Though I could be, your mother was with a lot of men." Stardust Knight taunted and blocked all of Satoshi's slashes.

"Say one more thing about my mother and your face will be on my wall!" Satoshi said.

"... She was disappointing." Stardust Knight said and blocked a barrage of attacks.

"GO FUCK YOURSELF!" Satoshi said.

"I did your mother, is that close enough?" Stardust Knight replied.

He launched his own flurry of attacks, which Satoshi blocked, then parried.
Stardust Knight then zapped him with his stun gun, then headbutted him, knocking him to the ground.

"You weren't worth it... And neither was your mother." Stardust Knight said and stepped over Satoshi.

(Damn, Stardust Knight all up in Satoshi's mother. Dayum!)

"Tell Nemo I said hi!" Blood Knight said. "And Ellen Degeneres!"

(XD Hi Ellen!)

"Hey, a black baseball bat!" Blood Knight said.

(Yay! Super Smash Bros. reference!)

"A few tried to get in, but not many." Gale Knight said.

(That's what she said. Sorry, I just had to put that. XD)

"Hope for the best?! No, we better have a damn good doctor!" Zenka said.

"Don't worry, we have one of the best doctors around." Xen said.

(Shut up nurse, I know what I'm doing! I'm the doctor! Markiplier reference ftw. Last one in Chapter 4.)

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