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Poll: So I guess my story, I'm Only Human has some blaring inconsistencies. First, I want to say first off, I respect everyone's opinion on here, and I am sorry if the plot holes were too big, and many. So, I am giving the option to you guys. Not just the ones who are not satisfied with my story, but to the ones that have fav/followed it. I am at the point where I could rewrite the whole thing, without getting too far ahead. So, I will ask simply this: Shall I start I'm Only Human over? (Correcting the inconsistencies, and plot holes.) Vote Now!
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Author has written 9 stories for Fairy Tail, Akame ga Kiru/アカメが斬る, High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D, and Bloodborne.

Greeting's, I am the infamous Plasnix (Fanfic wouldn't let me use a cooler name, I hope you get kicked by horse and die you unfortunate individual. No I'm just playing, he'll\she'll live. lol!)

I read fic's about Fairy Tail mostly, and I noticed three things in my time of reading them.

Number 1: THEIR IS TOO MANY NALU FANFICS! Not bashing Nalu or nothing, i'm just saying what I see.

Number 2:Half of the stories on here are of the same thing, recycled over and over and OVER. I mean, a lot are really good ideas, but it feel's like i'm reading about the same thing except with a different twist. Again, no offence, i'm just speaking honestly here.

Number 3:Everything is sometime's TOO plot convenient. I mean, it's like you can predict what going to happen in the next chapter.

And if I had to say a Number 4:Natsu is a really easy character to exploit. No matter how you change him, he always seems to fit in just fine in whatever story you write. Hence, I think he should get more attention in stories then the other characters. I'm not saying to just only pay attention to him, I mean, it's a good idea to build up the suspense with other characters so you'll want to keep reading, but sometime's, it feels like your MC is not getting enough attention. But, I digress, i'm just saying what i'm thinking.

Number 5:(Last one I swear.) Everybody writes good fanfics, but they never finish them sometimes. But it's that kind of let down that motivates other people to start writing. And I respect them even if they can't finish it.

All in all, i'm just a guy who like's anime.(Although i'm not open about it.) I read fanfic's about fairy tail, and I had some ideas of my own, but I was unsure if people would like them. So I kept it to myself. Then one day...I JUST COULDN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! I turned on my laptop, made a profile, and began writing.

And so far, I'm glad I did! Ideas just keep flowing in my head, even as I write. It also helps when I'm practicing writing something for school, so two birds with one stone, y'know?

So anyway, I hope I am one of those people who write good, and I look forward to all of your reviews!

Current stories

The Dragon and the Mermaids. Natsu x Harem

The Flames of Destiny. Natsu x Eclair

The Rise of a Dragon. Natsu x N/A

The Green Eyed Killer.

I'm Only Human.

Do not expect any Nalu in these stories, for I have gotten tired of seeing update after update, with Natsu not paired with ANY OTHER woman besides Lucy.

You know how many Nalu fics there are? OVER 9,000!!!! (Even Vegeta agrees with me. And you can't say no to Vegeta!)

I will write fics with my unique OOC Natsu. Don't like it? DON'T READ IT THEN!

Natsu Dranigon profile...

Age: 18

Hair color: Salmon, (pink)

Eye color: Onyx green(right), and grey(left).

Skin color: White.

Magic: Azure Dragon Slayer Magic, Ex-quip, and Heavens Fire (Healing spell).

Weapon(s): Dorruga: Dragon Sword. A long silver single-edged blade that glows blue when unsheathed. Capable of taking in magic of any element and using it as a shock wave.

Appearance: His usual attire in the anime, except the vest he wears is zipped up, and the trims are silver. He also wears black finger less gloves, and a long sleeved black jacket over his vest with silver trims, and a sliver and black checkered pattern on the forearm part of the sleeves. He also wears a black eye patch with a silver cross on it over his left eye.

Combat abilities: As a Dragon Slayer, Natsu can power up and regain strength by eating his own element. He also possesses enhanced human senses, and an uncanny ability to analyze and predict his opponents moves after seeing them only once. Like other Dragon Slayers, he has the ability to use Dragon force, but he has yet to master it.

He is also proficient in unarmed combat, and can channel magic through his body to increase his attack's power. He also utilizes his Dragon Slayer Magic with his kicks, punches, and headbutts.

Being the owner of Dorruga, Natsu was trained to use it in a similar fashion to a Katana. He seems to favor quick-drawing techniques, and can fire off shock waves of various shapes and power. He was trained by a master of the New Moon School in the ways of 'Moonless Dragon Style'. A style that uses lighting fast Sword Magic techniques to slash opponents out of reach of one's sword.

Personality: Being the loner type, Natsu never wanted to be involved in groups when he was a kid. That was until he met his childhood friend, Mindy. As time went on, Natsu slowly had begun to open up to society and adapted to it rather quickly. He is quite cool under pressure and capable keeping a level head, despite being in stressful situations. He loves a good challenge and acknowledges his opponent's strength.

He also tends to be more reckless then most people, stating when ever he can that, "He is more crazy then noble". Even though he respects people's strength, he can be bored when his opponents are weaker than him. He is also very easily angered when ever someone insults his hair color.

He seems to care deeply for his comrades, and tries to help out when he can. He even gets angered when people try to throw their life away as if it was meaningless. He also gets annoyed when people can't accept defeat.

In combat, Natsu is entirely a different person. He almost always lets his opponents make the first move, and finds amusement in them trying their best to beat him. He is not afraid to kill people when ever he sees it fit, though he rarely will do it. He has an astonishing feat to adapt to whatever his opponents throw at him, and treats it as if it was mere child's play. He also proclaims he will send them straight to oblivion before the fight begins.

He seems to not have an understanding of family, he states when ever the subject arises. Being born not knowing who his parents were, he was raised in an orphanage for a time before an unfortunate incident, resulting in him running away and being found and raised by the Azure Dragon Venigon.

He doesn't take kindly to people making light of Venigon, or dragons in general. He respects their strength greatly, and will defend the subject when it arises. He gets angered to the point of wanting kill someone if they push him hard enough. He always has trouble discerning the line between friend or foe, which brings him to question live or let die situations. His understanding of morality is always in doubt. Thus, prompting him to always seek an answer from someone.

Treya Duella profile...

Age: 18

Magic: Crystal Dragon Slayer Magic and Wood Magic.

Eye color: Grey.

Skin color: White.

Hair color: Green.

Weapon(s): Dorraijin: Dragon Fangs. Pitch black, long daggers that can seal away a person's magic for a limited amount of time. Can also nullify magic, depending on the amount of power put into them.

Appearance: Treya's outfit usually consists of a green kimono with black trims that goes down to her thighs and is partially open at the top, showing a dark purple top that covers her breasts, and a black sash that wraps around her waist with a knot that drapes along her side. She also wears skintight sleeves that go down to her forearms, and skintight black pants that goes down to her ankles, along with strapped slippers. She also wears a beaded bracelet, a memento from her mother.

Combat abilities: As a Dragon Slayer, Treya can eat her element enabling her to power up and regain her strength. She has enhanced human senses, and has faster reflexes then most people. She prefers to always go for an opponent's blind spot, and can exploit weaknesses the more she fights. She can also make her presence vanish almost entirely, making her able to switch positions without alerting her enemy. And just like a Dragon Slayer, Treya possesses the ability to use Dragon Force, freely.

She is a ruthless, and master unarmed fighter. And with her ability to react almost in instances, make her a deadly opponent in close quarters. She also uses her Dragon Slayer abilities to predict where her opponents will strike and counter them, despite her having poor eyesight. She's also fast enough to dodge incoming attacks high speeds. Such a case was shown when she dodged Erza's attacks when she is in her Flight Armor, which gives it's user immense speed.

She is capable of morphing crystal into any shape to suite her needs, and can create layers to reduce physical damage to her body. Her crystals also have the ability to reflect energy-based magic attacks back at her foes. She can also use a type of wood magic allowing her to manipulate the shape and size of trees to projectiles, clubs, poles etc.

Being the owner of Dorraijin, Treya has skill in using the daggers for offensive and defensive purposes. She is capable of using them equally in either hand, and can seal or nullify magic almost entirely, depending on the power she puts in them. They can also render a person incapable of casting magic for a short amount of time, leaving them open.

Personality: Treya has shown to possess little to no emotion at all, unless she is around her "mate". She has a calm demeanor in almost every situation she is in, though she doesn't like it when people insult her mate, and will often threaten them with with death if they do. She also says things bluntly as she possibly can, making her a bit of a social awkward person. She also seems to like cute things, and will take her time to look, and touch them whenever she gets the chance.

She also has respect for the customs of dragons, using liberals from their race to human society. She was taught this, and how to fight by the Crystal Dragon, Ravalla.

History: Treya was born into a noble house where she was secluded and was going to be the next relative in line to inherit a business. She was almost not left unattended when she was growing up. At a young age she ran away blindly into the nearby forests, after finding out that her immediate family had only planned on using her to their advantage in the family business. It was in the forest she stumbled upon the Lost Dragon of Crystal, Ravalla. Ravalla had taken an interest in Treya and had decided to teach her Dragon Slayer Magic.

As she grew up, Treya had been turned into a Crystal Dragon Slayer. Ravalla had become a motherly influence on Treya and had taught her much of Dragon history and culture, which she took very seriously. One day, when her training had been completed, Ravalla had left her mysteriously and had vanished from her life. Not knowing what to do, she had decided to become a mage for hire. It was when she had gotten her first assignment, she had discovered she had a talent for killing targets. She'd dwell in the dark, and evil underground of Dark Guild and Black Market business alike. Over the years she earned her reputation as the Beautiful and Merciless Assassin for hire, "Treya the Bloody Jewel". She cared little for the title, and had lost almost all sense of attachment and emotion for people.

That is until she met her "Mate", her soul had began to be restored little by little.

Callan Frostbite profile...

Age: 19

Magic: Blizzard Dragon Slayer Magic, Chain Magic.

Eye color: Green.

Hair color: Blue.

Skin color: White.

Weapon(s): N/A

Appearance: Frostbite is pretty muscular, and wears a skin tight, dark blue tank top, and a slightly brighter, blue colored long shorts, and black midnight boots that go up to his knees. His hair is messy and spiked out similar to Natsu's. Finally he wears a brown utility belt fastened around his waist.

Combat abilities: Being a Dragon Slayer, Frostbite can power up and recover his strength by eating his respective element (ice). And just like any Dragon Slayer he possesses enhanced human senses. He's very durable and can take lots of damage, and still fight with little difficulty. He's a brutal hand to hand fighter and prefers to overwhelm his opponents with direct strong attacks. He also possesses one of the unique Dragon Slayer spells, Blizzard Drive.

A type of Dragon Slayer magic that can enhance his physical prowess. He also is capable of using Dragon Force freely.

Personality: Frostbite is shown to be a rather arrogant, yet a level headed person. He likes fighting, and also has a sense of honor. He acts more brash and foul-mouthed when he converses with people. But he gets along with his friends and partners, Ace and Lars. He respects other Lost Dragon Slayers, but he will get irritated when people make fun of Lost Dragon Slayers. He lost his father when he was a child, and has been working to support his weak mother over the years.

He considers himself a failure, for not being able to keep his father safe when he had the strength to do so. Left with a list of names by his mentor, and dragon, Gromell, he makes it his mission to find everyone on the list, and to understand what it meant.

Mindy Cloudsfield profile...

Age: 19.

Magic: Lightning Magic, Water Magic.

Eye color: Green(left), Blue(right).

Hair color: Brown.

Skin color: White.

Weapon(s): N/A

Appearance: Mindy's outfits vary from time to time, but she mainly wears dresses long boots, and vests. Her hair is almost always down to her waist. She has an angelic face and a Fairy Tail hair clip on the right side of her head.

Combat Abilities: Mindy mainly uses her Lightning Magic in various forms or power, which she is quite proficient in. She is also capable of casting Water Magic spells. She has a keen mind, and can keep a cool head in a fight. She can attack with dual casting of both her water and lightning spells, making the two magics even more powerful than on their own.

Personality: Mindy is very kind and cares deeply for her friends. She grew up as the the childhood friend of Natsu, and the two are very close. She looks out for Natsu and gives him help with whatever personal problems he may be going through. She can be competitive and playful depending on the situation. She lives with her parents in a guild hall run by her father.

She often makes fun of Natsu for being shorter than her on numerous occasions, sparking playful conflict between the two. She often had feelings for him when they were young, but after the tragedy with Natsu's foster father (Venigon), she took it upon herself to be more of an 'older sister to him', than a lover. She still has thoughts of what it would be like to be with Natsu, but tries to diminish the thought. She still has lingering feelings for him which would probably would be revealed if Natsu were to ask her. But until the day that came, she would be there for him when he needed it.

*Her role varies depending on the story she is in.*

Mero Serene profile...


Magic: Nightfall Dragon Slayer Magic.

Eye Color: Azure Blue.

Skin Color: White.

Hair Color: Black.

Weapon(s): Dorrval Sho Kier': Dragon War Staff. A Long black rod with a small silver dragon arched over on the top and a silver band on the bottom half and a white round jewel at the bottom. The staff has four forms of casting. Akkrium, which is capable of altering magic, Veestra, which can enhance the user or whom ever it is cast on, to be physically, or mentally stronger. Xal is capable of casting powerful offensive spells depending on the nature of the magic. Bahumat is unknown due to it's users not having enough magic power to activate it.

Appearence: Mero's outward appearance it that of a school girl. She wears black strapped shoes and stockings up to her thighs, a short black skirt, a white dress shirt with red ribbon tied neatly over her chest. Her hair is normally in twin tails, which are tied together in red ribbon. She also sports a black hoodie with a dragon-like magic rune on the back.

Combat Abilities: Being a Dragon Slayer, Mero can power up and enhance her strength by absorbing her element. She has enhanced human senses, and strength. She's also a quick witted hand to hand combatant, thanks to her Dragon Slayer abilities, and is trained to use her staff like Bo Staff. She can also turn her body into light and fly faster than the eye can see. She can also change directions to dodge in mid-air, which makes her evasions nearly impossible to deal with. She is also very smart and quick witted, changing her attacks right on the fly when she needs to. Her way of combating is to watch her opponents reactions to her attacks, then uses it to her advantage.

As a Dragon Slayer, Mero is capable of using the Dragon Slayer spell Dragon Force.

Personality: Mero is very caring and has a Happy-go-lucky attitude. She loves making friends, especially with other Lost Dragon Slayers. She has very remarkable memory and can recall almost every encounter she's had with people. She's very knowledgeable of history and dragon culture alike. She also speaks many languages, which she states, so she can make many friends. She loves to test her abilities whenever she gets the chance and apologizes for any blunder she might have caused, brushing them off as nothing more than mere accidents. She also loves history and exploring old ruins centuries old.

She was trained by the Nightfall Dragon Yoma Endveil, the oldest of the Lost Dragons. She doesn't know where he disappeared to when they finished her training. She accepted that maybe he was out there watching her find her place in the world, and hoped that one day they would be reunited. She is the youngest Lost Dragon Slayer, and pretty short, but she's just as powerful as her fellow Lost Dragon Slayers.

History: Mero was born and raised in the same village as Natsu. After her mother and father left her in the care of the orphanage due to not being able to support them all as a family, she was adopted by the elder of the village. She was made fun of for her height, and she sometimes got into fights which she would have lost, but Natsu would always protect her and they'ed both get in lots of trouble. After some time when she turned 5, the day before the village was attacked, the elder was instructed to bring her to a certain location away from the village. She was found there by the Lost Dragon Yoma Endveil.

He began to train her and teach her many things. Some of which that were forgotten secrets of the world. After he left her when she finished training, she would participate in any archaeological or historian's search for ancient ruins. She had never heard the news of her village's destruction, and continued to just wander, thinking that she would visit when she had become more knowledgeable of the world. When she returned and found her village destroyed, she had grieved, thinking everyone she had made friends with was dead. She left and decided to continue exploring the world, hoping one day that she could find what Yoma called a 'Mate'.

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