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Hello all! And welcome to the great review quest! Just kidding, I'll think of a better name later.

Essentially, for anyone who reads this profile for whatever reason, I am on a mission to review every story I have favorited. In order to do this, I have created this new account, under the name iamacheeseball. I am moving (most of) my favorites from my previous account to this one. As I move each story, I will be re-reading it and reviewing.

This whole thing is happening mostly because I feel that as such a devoted reader, I should give more feedback as practically every story I have ever read has the author asking for reviews at the ends of chapters. It is also partially because I know that for many authors on this site and others, the stories they post are like practice for them, and they desire to become published in the future. I'm not saying my opinion is expert or anything, as of right now my highest degree of education is that lovely high school diploma sitting over there (I'm in college), but I feel I can provide some insight and compliments, as the stories I favorite are usually deserving of at least the latter.

Another reason that I am moving my favorites is because I realize that many of the stories I read and enjoy, and subsequently favorite are what may be deemed as inappropriate. Yes, I know, I am an enjoyer of those stories rated 'M'. That doesn't mean I don't read other types of stories, I just usually end up falling down that rabbit hole with no end in sight. The reason this contributes to my decision to move my stories is because the stories that I write and post, which aren't numerous, tend to be lighthearted, adventurous, and what would be described as "juvenile fiction" by your local public library. This isn't by itself an issue, but I know that when I read an author I like, sometimes I will check out their favorites list to see what they like and, potentially, what they are inspired by. When someone who reads my stories does that with my favorites list, they might be a little blindsided.

Mostly, my reasoning behind this is that I like the idea of a reader dedicated to reviewing every story they enjoy. I'm not sure at this point if my reviews will be one per story, or chapter to chapter. I'm not sure if they will be longwinded and preachy, or short and sweet. I do know that I will never flame anyone, and that I will try to be as constructive as possible where it is needed.

In an attempt not to come off as a pretentious know-it-all, I will leave my speech to the authors about how they are the lucky chosen ones where it currently is, in my head.

Instead I will say that being included on my favorites list is generally a good thing, as one would expect, but perhaps even more so because I can be somewhat picky. I believe in quality over quantity in most cases, and have built this list of stories over the course of about five years (and now I sound insane), so it is long, but believe me, it could be much longer.

My favorites list at the start of this exercise was around 1300 stories long, I fully expect that after the re-reading, that number will drop significantly. This suspicion originates form the fact that my other fan fiction account is old and my not-as-discriminating freshman-in-high-school self made some questionable additions back in the day, some that I may end up keeping for nostalgia's sake. We shall see.

This adventure is going to be a long one, I have no schedule set up, the end is nowhere in sight, and I have no intention of only re-reading, I will be reading new stories even as I do this. Who else thinks this is doomed to fail?

Let's get started.

I think that's all I wanted to say as an intro for those lost sheep that somehow stumble onto this page, as I think of more things I will add them onto this profile. If anyone spots any grammar/spelling errors in this profile or in any of my reviews, feel free to PM me, believe me, I hate that as much as you do. Although now that I've started, I don't believe there is a way to edit reviews.

I don't really discriminate between genre or anything, I just read fanfics of canons I am familiar with; fair warning, the majority of my favorited stories are Harry Potter and Naruto stories. I am also not shy when it comes to the ancient art of crossover.

If it wasn't clear before when I mentioned the 'M' stories I read, I was referencing the fine genre of slash fanficiton. Most of the 'M' stories are slash. Yup, I'm one of those.

So, I've officially started my quest...and come to the realization that I need to work on my reviewing ability...my first attempt was sad (hence the fact I checked whether or not you can edit reviews). I did get an author response on the second attempt and that made me extremely happy, and even more eager to really get this thing going. If that is what I felt getting commented on a review, I can see why authors love them.

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