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Hey, I'm Max, and I honestly, really have no idea what to write about, so I found these thingamadoodas on someone's profile and found it funny, so here it is:

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Ok, some things to know about me, um, this might be hard...

Every day I am basically a new person with a new attitude, so I'm unpredictable and you never know what you're gonna get. However, usually, I'm annoyingly sarcastic, rude, and violent. I never go out anywhere without some kind of sweater or jacket, no matter the weather outside (what can I say, supermarkets are freaking cold, man). I'm mostly a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, so you will hardly ever see me dressed up, or in *shudder* makeup. On the outside,I constantly wear a face that says, "don't mess with me unless you want your face bashed in," but if you get to know me,I guess I can be pretty cool. Although, you won't talk to me in the first place if you're smart. Like any other person with any sort of logic, I am absolutely OBSESSED with Maximum Ride. Like, my whole life revolves around those books. They. Are. Life changing. Period. I think my favorite book in the series is Fang , I just love the connection that Max and Fang have in that one. Also, c'mon,I CANNOT be the only one who cried at Fang's goodbye letter (Spoilers! Do I have any fellow Whovians out there?). I was practically sitting in a lake by the time I finished it. Ok, back on track.I really tend to get sidetracked and always end up talking about something completely different than my original subject. Dang! I'm doing it again! Ok, so, I really don't get attached to people.I have, like, two real friends who can just barely stand me. Lol. We are practically attached at the hip, so to speak, even though our parents hardly ever let us out of our stupid houses. We can be REALLY loud and obnoxious when we want to, but usually I am pretty quiet and solitary, while they basically scream everything they have to say. Ok, I'm running out of things to talk about, so I'll just list my favorites now. As if you haven't heard enough from my big pie hole. (Just for the record,I actually hardly like any pies, because you really needed to know that ;) )

Favorite color

Black, and anything that isn't pink or neon green

Favorite book

Maximum Ride, FANG, duh

Favorite song

This Is War by Thirty Seconds to Mars, and anything Imagine Dragons

Favorite movie

Y'know, I've seen so many, it's hard to say.probably, like, the frighteners or something. Am I the only one who's seen that?

Greatest fear (hey, that's not a favorite! Whatever, peeps, suck it up)

Heights, can't stand 'em! Although,I am obsessed with birds. OB-SESSED!!!!! Also, I have the strangest fear of jellyfish and the ocean.

Favorite poem

Annabel Lee by Edgar Allen Poe

Favorite way to annoy people

Talking on and on and on and on...(usually about myself) or using harmless (usually poking) physical contact until the victim either screams at me or explodes all over the place. Ew.

Ok, now on to more random shtuff!!!

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So, on that note,I will start my closing thingy. For those of you who have put up with my annoying rambling, congratulations, you have passed the ultimate test and should now automatically know the meaning of life. (PS it's 42. Everyone knows that. The real question is why...) if your bored and you just want to chitchat,PM me. Trust me,I don't have a life,I will always have time for chitchatting. ALWAYS. So, tell me your favorites that correspond to my little favorite questions in bold above, oh, and are you team Fang, or team Dylan? Team Fang all the way!!! No offense if you're team Dylan, by the way. WARNING: if you do PM me, do not blame, get frustrated, and do not be surprised, if I ramble about random stuff.Hope everyone read that, and, yeah.

Fly on, peace out, whatever you wanna say, your choice,I could care freaking less

-My name is Maia, and I am, and always will be, here for the ride that is my crazy life.

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Maximum Ride - Rated: T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 35 - Words: 41,499 - Reviews: 242 - Favs: 89 - Follows: 139 - Updated: 4/2/2014 - Published: 2/11/2013 - Max, Fang
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Newer version of this story has been started! Called 'Stand Alone or Together'. Same story-line as this one, but better. And more FAX! Go check it out! *NEWER VERSION POSTED*
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