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Author has written 4 stories for Inuyasha.

Well, I guess it’s time to update this a little seeing as some things have definitely changed since I first started writing, though I figured I’d keep the basics about me and my anime history the same.

I am Canadian. I really do live in an igloo, fish through a hole in my floor and, on occasion, eat blubber (if pickins' are slim). My neighbours are Bobby and Sue, and surprisingly enough it's not that hard to access the Internet from this icebox.

Okay, all that was pure bullshit except for the part about me being Canadian, there's no doot a boot it. I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia with my sis minus her now ex-boyfriend (who also writes fan fic, though her story is on hiatus at the moment. Cough, cough…Alone Together: Life After, cough) aka: Inugoddess.

(There’s nothing better then subtly)

Although we moved we still ended up in a one-bedroom apartment but I am proud to say that I am out of the closet…and into the living room (it’s really not that bad).

I am now at the big, fabulous age where I can buy whatever I want, drink whatever I want, and basically do whatever I want (without breaking the law). Too bad most of my other friends aren’t 19. It kinda sucks being able to do whatever I want but not have anyone to do it with…

Again I would like to point out that I am still single, and am still no closer to finding out the reason behind that.

(Now to the basics)

I have been enamoured with anime since I was 9, when we finally got cable and I was introduced to the wonderful world of after school programming on YTV. I also have to thank the Friday late night programs that aired anime, which my sister, brother and I would sneak out to watch.
The first anime I saw, besides Astro Boy, was Dragon Ball, followed by Sailormoon, which I stayed faithful to until the R saga (when the outer sailors joined the team).

I laid off the anime for a while just because the only ones aired were reruns. Then in my fourteenth year I stumbled upon Dragon Ball Z, soon to be followed by Escaflowne. Those two kept me occupied for quite some time until I came across (by pure luck) the be all end all of animes: Inuyasha.

Having not seen it from the beginning I asked my wonderful sister (whom I was not living with at the time) to download them for me, getting her hooked in the process. She had high speed internet access and could let things download all day, where as my household only had the traditional hook up to the phone line kind, limiting my internet time to 9pm-6am. Plus it was slow as cold molasses and took 15-20 mins just to download a song. Anyway, she downloaded the Japanese subbed versions, which I'm sorry to say kick the Canadian dubbed versions ass. Their 100x better and I highly recommend them for you Inuyasha lovers to watch.

OK, I think that I have blathered on for long enough so I guess I'll try to sum it all up. Fell in love with anime, became laughing stock with friends but survived through the incessant teasing; continued loving the oh-so imaginative Japanese works of art. Discovered Inuyasha, began to read fan fics to sustain self for the week in-between episodes; was inspired to write my own; bringing us to the here and now where I have posted my first fic "Losing Love", and am in the process of writing my second and third story. I also have a couple one shots too.

Now, there is something that I would like to point out about my three stories. They are in no way, shape or form similar to one another. The first one (Losing Love), was inspired by the ever-so-innocent blanket scenarios, while the latter (Desecration of Innocence) was spawned by something much less innocent. I had no inspirations other than that produced by my own thoughts… unfortunately. The third, and newest addition (When Life Throws You Lemons), was the product of life and the crazy curve balls it throws at you.

And on that happy note I'll finally shut the hell up because I know your just itching to read my stuff, or you’re just really anxious to stop reading my weird bio, if you haven't already. Personally I wouldn't blame you. Or I could be completely wrong and you just wanted to see what fics this (ex) closet case reads.

(Shifting from subtly to out and out glorification)

The stories classified as my favourites are just that. These authors and their stories are amazing and I can hardly believe that some of them aren't being published, they are that good. There are stories in here that could easily be compared to top sellers. I also think that anyone who is brave enough to post anything, be it the experienced, the inexperienced, and all those in-between, deserve a round of applause. As lame as all this seems I really do think that you have to have balls of steal (or some type of metal) to do this kind of thing. And as I reach an all time low in lameness I'd like to quote the saying "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again," which I just did in writing it out…yeah...anyway.

I'm really going to put a cork in it and leave off with this last thing. The story summaries:

When Inuyasha and Kagome get separated during a fight; Kagome gets lost in a freak snowstorm, falls, ends up losing her memory and almost freezes to death. But the one to save her isn't Inuyasha. When an equally lost fox youkai stumbles upon her, he takes her in and tries to help her regain her memory. During the process things become a bit complicated when unexpected feelings start to arise.
This is ultimately an Inuyasha/Kagome fic although it may seem otherwise (INCOMPLETE)

Story warning
WARNING, this is a result of a very warped and disturbed mind exercising its artistic demons.
Character death, cruelty, and disturbing sexual situations.

Naraku disguises himself as Inuyasha and kills Shippo in front of Kagome. He then drags her to his castle where he plans to love and torture her as her beloved Inuyasha, in hopes of shattering her spirit, soul, and heart in an attempt to make sure that the Shikon no Tama cannot be purified. Will she succumb, or is the bond she shares with Inuyasha strong enough to overcome Naraku's deceptions? (INCOMPLETE)

I’M READY (one shot)

Kagome reflects on the days before Inuyasha leaves to go to Hell with Kikyo (COMPLETE)

And now to all of you, who read this before I officially post the third story, here’s a sneak peek:


The once happy go lucky Kagome Higurashi is finding out, after a bad break up, that making it on your own is not as easy as she had originally hoped. Then, one rainy day in the streets of NYC, all of her ‘luck’ changes when a can of beans throws her in to the arms of her ‘hero’. Unsure of who is really saving whom, things take a very unexpected turn that ends up changing the lives of all involved (COMING SOON!)

AND…here’s a peek at the one shot I will be posting. I haven’t thought of a title yet.

UNTILED (one shot)

Love, hate and repercussions, manipulation, change, untimely death. Inuyasha learns the real meaning of pain and suffering when he wakes up to discover that all he has fought for was in vain (COMING SOON)

Well, there you have it. Enjoy!

Tsuki Miko

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Inuyasha - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 18 - Words: 84,597 - Reviews: 1030 - Favs: 578 - Follows: 85 - Updated: 12/11/2003 - Published: 11/9/2003 - Inuyasha, Kagome H.
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Two Faced by Torenza reviews
COMPLETE To be accepted by demons Inuyasha has to kill Kagome-the prodigy girl who will one day kill all demons. He manages to get himself hired as her bodyguard, so who will be left to protect her from him? (but u know he won't get round to doing it)
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(Complete) Due to a necromancer’s spell, Kagome kisses Inuyasha. He realizes she’s not herself, but not before her advances trigger his true feelings for her. Problem is, she doesn’t remember. And Kouga is starting to look pretty good…
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AU After a bad break up, Kagome discovers that making it on your own isn't as easy as she once thought. Then, one rainy day, a can of beans throws her into the arms of her hero, where things take a very unexpected turn changing the lives of all involved
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To break her soul, to desecrate the Jewel, and to fulfill his own repressed desires Naraku will assume Inuyasha's form and commit the ultimate act of cruelty. WARNING: DARK & VIOLENT CONTENT. See inside for full summary.
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