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Author has written 2 stories for Phantom of the Opera.

- I'm a fan of pretty much any and all books I've read, and movies and all that, although my interest is usually inversely correlated to how long it's been since I read the thing. Phantom's the main exception to that. I'm always be liking the Phantom.

- Current interests: Phantom of the Opera; Les Miserables; Annie; Chess

- Currently writing: Phantom Loops; assorted other loop snippets as the plot bunnies come; an excessive amount of worldbuilding for an original thing; some other things I haven't actually worked on in forever.

- When it comes to the Phantom Loops, if you want it to update faster, write a snip. If you have an idea, write a snip. I highly encourage people to add to the fic as desired. The Infinite Loops are supposed to be a collaborative effort, after all. Fun!

- I like green, blue, climbing all over things, cats, mantis shrimp, plastic-eating bacteria, piano, singing, drawing, science, Science, reading, writing, nature, atheism and feminism and all that fun stuff, fencing, sleeping, lizards, biology, stars, grass, swimming... I like things.

- I'm also Purrs on Spacebattles and MuseScore, and cqpkytty on DeviantArt (where you'll find a collection of Phantom Loops drawings).

"A little girl without a doll is almost as unhappy, and quite as impossible, as a woman without children."
- Victor Hugo, Les Miserables (Volume 2, Book 3, Chapter 8), with a wonderful example of sexism. Admitting that the things you love might include prejudices or other flaws doesn't mean that you don't love them. Nothing is perfect. We should criticize while we appreciate, so that we can be better able to exclude such things in our own writing.

It has been far too long since I updated the Phantom comp. This is a combination of bad time management, not enough ideas, not enough ideas that actually get written out, school (junior year! too many APs! Again, bad time management!), acting in Annie... I've got a myriad of excuses but I should really just start getting on top of things more. Expect the next chapter...sometime. I'm working on it.

(On the upside, it should come with its own song.)

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Phantom Infinite Loops reviews
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