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I'm a 17-year-old Junior at my High School. Class of 2007! I live in Minnesota, and in Minnesota, USA, I am considered to be right on time with my age and what grade I am in. I know in California and other states or parts of the world I would be considered a senior. Since you must start a year early or something. Nope, in Minnesota when you are in 11th grade you are 16 going on 17, 12th grade is 17 going on 18. 90 percent of my graduating class will be 18 on graduation night.

Born October 21st, 1988. I love actors Mark Wahlberg and his brother Donnie. My favorite movie would have to be 'Four Brothers' but then again my friends and I have seen Harry Potter #4 multiple times in the theatre. I saw it the most at 11 times. Crazy. I know. But so many people wanted to see it with me, and I was one of them crazy people waiting to see it at midnight the night before it opened.

I have two tattoos. One says 'Seth' with a hallow around the S. And the other is a Autism Awareness Ribbon made out of puzzle pieces with the words 'For my Logan' under it. The Seth one is on my right ankle and the other is on my left ankle. Logan is my nephew who is autistic.He'll be 3 on Feb. 26th, 2006.Now my neice is thought to be so I most likely will be adding her name to it. She turned 1 on December 8th, 2005. I am highly considering getting a Harry Potter tattoo on my foot or higher up on my leg.

I am getting Harry Potter liscense plates for the new car I am getting on my 18th birthday. (I am saving my own money and at 18 I will be able to put money down and get it for myself, no help from my parents so don't think I am some spoiled person that gets everything I want, far from it actually. I loathe those people who sit in class talking about how the car their daddy has isn't good enough for them, even though it's a 2005. I would take anything free that new!)

All my writing is dedicated to Seth B. Who I'll remember and love for the rest of my life.

February 3rd, 1989 - October 10th, 2003

All my Harry Potter stories are based pre-book 5. I dunno, I just totally disowned the ending of book five so I choose to ignore it completely! It was SO wrong!

I also hate when characters die in any story, therefore I most likely will never kill off a main character. Probably like60 sure I will never have to kill a main person. (more than half!)But if you are reading my story then most likely you don't have to worry. Unless something happens to Harry... lol. Dun't worry about it unless you suspect it coming and then you can talk to me, the email I check most often is or you could try either one works.

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The Return of the Father by Stars Enchantress reviews
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