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Hi! I'm Quynn, and yes, it's a pen-name, picked because I am a Quynn-ish person. Just forget about the unusual spelling and just pronounce it as the more user-friendly 'Qu-I-nn'.

I. Love. Books. A complete bookaholic, but, I do tend to be picky about what I read. My bookshelf is a jumble of fantasy, horror, thriller, romance, blah-di-blah (these are the type of books that usually don't make sense) and a lot more which I can't bother to describe.

I love music, just like books, and I listen to usually anything and everything. Well, at least I try. I also love dream catchers, sunsets, paintings, abstract ideas and culture.

I evolved and transformed in the world of Harry Potter - I grew up on it, it was the bread and butter of my childhood. Favourite characters? Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger :)

Regarding fanfiction, I will read everything that grabs my interest, whatever its rating. However, I myself will probably write mostly 'T' rated fics. On pairings, I mostly like ships that are doomed.

Frank Confessions about Pairings (Canon Fandom)


Harry/Ginny - Disappointing. Really JK?

Hermione/Ron - No. No, no and no. From personal experience, a girl with that much of capacity is going to stay as far away from an intellectual dimwit, not marry him.

Draco/Harry - Like the idea.

Harry/Voldemort - This could be fun. *evil laugh*

Draco/Hermione - YES! Yes, yes, yes. So meant to happen.


Katniss/Peeta - God, they're cute.

Katniss/Gale - Hmm. Maybe. But, Peeta is cuter.


Zuko/Katara - Yes, god yes. So good.

My Stories


# Doomed wedding dress - I personally don't like this dress, but it's not bad. Well, at least, it's not horrendous. However, it would look ridiculous on Hermione. So not her style --> Link

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Empire reviews
"I'm never going to let you go, Granger. Ever." Hermione Granger is stranded smack in the middle of a tug-of-hearts. A marriage sizzles. A deed is done. Passion meets love. And two empires collide. To the rhythm of Shakira's beautiful song. Draco/Hermione. Complete!
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