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Author has written 4 stories for Gravitation, Inuyasha, Fruits Basket, and Pita Ten.

Hi I'm Shortcake Middy! Mids for short.

I am now going to college at Savannah college of art and design, so updates may be rare, more will occure during the summer and thanksgiving-christmas time. So no worries, I am still here and will oneday have it in my daily rutine again soon. Whoever says art school students have it easy havent had 3 written tests, two 30x40 drawings due and a sculpture due back to back during midterm AND final week. T.T oh it's hell. Anyways, I spend most of my life working on my projects and I spend my free moments watching anime or on the internet..sleeping not included. I like to change my hair often, so far I have gone velvet, red, orange, blue and black.

Favorite Anime's/Manga- Inu-Yasha, Fruits Basket, Ranma 1/2, Marmalade Boy, Gravitation, Pita Ten, .Hack/the twilight, CCS-clowed master, Tokyo Mew Mew, all of Hayozaki's films HOWL IS HOT (i dont care what anyone says), Shamen King, DNANGEL, Hana-Kimi, Loveless, Kyou Kara Maou, Girl got Game,

Anime's I can't stand-...yeah...I'll let you know the day that occurs. (yes I even watch Pokemon! and I'm in thetwelth grade! every Saterday at kids WB!)

Favorite food-Japanese food, Ceaser Salads, and Taco Bell o.O''' various things...

HATED foods-things that look wierd or I decide isn't edible aka-my cooking

Favorite Animal-Cats, Dogs,Bunnies and rodents of sorts (they will rule the world!)

Favorite male characters- Kyo (fruits basket) Inu-Yasha (Inu-yasha) Ryuichi and Kumagoro (Gravitation) Sugo (.hack/twilight) Ryou (tokyo Mew Mew) Daisuke (DNANGEL), Ritsuka (Loveless) Yuuri (Kyou Kara Maou) , Syaoran (Tsubasa Chronicles)

Favorite Pairings...

Kyo & Yuki (Fruits Basket), Daisuke & Dark (DNANGEL), Shuichi & Yuki (Gravitation), Ryou & Keiichiro (Tokyo Mew Mew), Sakura and Syaoran (CC , TC) Nozomu & Akira/Nozomu & Mitsuru (Crescent Moon), Jung-Woo & Ga-woon (Kill Me Kiss Me), Misuki & Nakatsu (Hana Kimi)

Hobbies-drawing and writing, I'm planing to be an illustatator at go in the entertainment world at least, becuase I beleive in today's society good entertainment is so rare and needs to be recarnated.

Born in the year of the Dragon! Grrr...

Things I wear- Pretty much what I like, my closet contains a lot of black things, I'm really inter the invader Zim Gear as well as the new Skelanimals now at HOTTOPIC

I have WORD NOW! I hope as heck to see improvements in my writting now.

thats it for now.

Ja ne!
Ja ne!

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