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Wow, is it just meh, or is it that this is the first time in months that I updated this? xD Well, I'm back and better than ever! Well after some...uhhh family issues and that lil vac...Very LIL vacation xD I'm back and ready to write! I wanna thank everyone that's been there for meh and keep meh on line with my fics and to the stories!
Two Worlds Collide

RuroKenxIY Crossover

Pairings: Mostly focused on B/KxKao and InuxKao Weird no? x3

Wow, nowI know ppl are dying to read, well at least I finally updated this...and I'm workin' on the next chap so hopefully I'll get it done...before everyone tries to kill meh >>

Other news...I drew this picture of Inuyasha and Kaoru, just for the sake of it...and I have NO idea how my sis scanned it, we don't have a scanner at home so you know, so I was very surprised when I found my own pic in my e-mail anyhoo, I'm not that great of an artist >>;; but you can see the pic here: Enjoy x3~

Future Fics:

RuroKen Fics:

AoshixKaoru: Songfic. You're Beautiful

EnishixKaoru: Oneshot. If Only.

KenshinxKaoru: Oneshot. Family

KenshinxKaoru: Story. Untitled For Now

Inu Fics:

InuyashaxSango: Songfic. Accidentally In Love.

InuyashaxSango: Story. Savin' Me

MirokuxKagome: Oneshot. My Wind.

SesshoumaruxKikyou: Story. Colors of the Wind.

Kingdom Hearts Fics:

SoraxKairi: Songfic. Only One.

RoxasxNaminé: Oneshot. How I remember you.

LeonxAerith: Oneshot. What Could Have Been.

Eh, of course I'll be makin' these fics...after finishing the ones I have now. x3~

Another thing...if you wish to see my sister's amvs...which she is really great at...xD you can see it here:

Awesome Amvs...she says she might be makin' a RuroKen amv soon...but eh, we'll see.

Anyhoo, I've gotta go! Have any questions? then contact meh! And I'll be sure to help ya! Well, gotta work on my fics! I've taken way too long of a break! Time to catch up! Tchau:3~

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