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Hi, Peoples! This is That Guy... yes, that guy, and as of the day I wrote this, I'm new here, well actually I used to read FanFictions before I got an account.:) I love FanFics! I'm a BIG fan of Kirby (poyo!) and I love to eat (just like Kirby! XD). I'm also a fan of Kingdom Hearts and Disney. I always wanted to visit Japan, with all of its cool toilets and great vending machines, to the manga cafe's (even though I don't read manga...) and, um, that's about it. But I'm sure there's more to Japan than that (you know, I thought I knew Japan... Oh, well, maybe I'll learn more...eventualy...)

Also, I'm a Christian, and I'm proud of it!


Name: Michael
Age: A number between 1 and 100.

Favorite Food: Anything with ground beef.
Favorite Fruit: MANGO BABY!
Favorite Breakfast Food: Anything with eggs.
Favorite Video Game Series: Hmm... it's between Kirby and Klonoa. Mostly Klonoa, now.
Favorite Cartoon Show: The classic Spongebob Squarepants episodes. The news ones just aren't the same. :/
Favorite Sitcom: I Didn't Do It! No really, I didn't! Hahahaha!
Favorite Anime: I. Have. No. Idea.
Pets: Two Shih Tzu's named Max and Daisy, one black with some white and one white with some brown.
Dream Pets: A lion, a parrot, a horse, a dolphin, a tortoise, an elephant... I could keep on going for a wile, ya know. Oh, and a Squirtle, a talking pony, a living bottle of handsoap... wait, what?

UPDATE 3/10/14

OH YEAH!!! Wondering why I'm so happy? It's because, I FINALLY MADE A STORY ON FANFICTION.NET!!! Well, at least the first chapter. Now, I want YOU to let me in on what you all think about it. Is it to dark? Does it need to be a little lighter? Do you see where I'm leaning towards? Well, maybe you like the dark tone, or is it even dark? That's why I'm asking you for your opinion! Tell me what you think in the reviews, OR ELSE! XD

UPDATE 4/10/14

Thank you so much, stranger! Someone has finally voted in my poll! Of course Klonoa deserves to smash in the new installment of SSB! As you can see, I'm using a lot of exclamation points! Alright, I'll try to calm down... alright I'm good.

UPDATE 4/12/14

Hey, hey, hey, peoples! Gosh, thanks for all the support, guys! And thank you, Zaffreglow, for understanding, and I won't use the reviews as a way to strike a conversation, anymore. But, um... can you tell me what you think of my story in the reviews, and maybe give a tip on how to improve my writing, 'cause you are one of the writers that I think are like professional writers. Alright, I know you all like "The Dream Traveler," even chapter three, but I thought that I was a little lazy writing that chapter, so I wanna replace it with a better version. But I don't want to take away something that you like, unless you would like it to be replaced with something better. So tell me, do you like this version of chapter three, or do you want it to be replaced? You can put your answer in a review for my story. Be sure to leave a tip, if you can. And I don't mean the money kind of tip, I mean a tip on how to improve my writing, 'cause I need all the help I can get! Bye, and God bless you! PS: This was the longest update so far! :)

UPDATE 5/31/14

Ok, so today I created a forum called "Lore of the Dream Traveler: Klonoa Conversations." Why don't ya go check it out? There, you can talk about all things Klonoa!

UPDATE 7/29/14

Hi! Ok, I just wanted to let you know that I took down my forum since no one but me was using it. I wasn't even using it that much. But there is a better forum out there, and it's called "Untamed Heart Klonoa Forum," a place where fans can talk about Klonoa, play forum games, and do other random stuff. However, there's only one site for me where you can create your own fan stories. And that's

UPDATE 10/24/14

Grrrrrr. WHY IS KLONOA SO OLD IN MY STORY!? I made him 15 in "The REAL Introduction" for some reason, but now it just seems too old for him. And in the car crash scene, he was whining for ice cream... AT THE AGE OF 11! Sorry. I just think I should change his age one more time... Except on his birthday, of course. So from now on, he is going to be... Brrrrrrrrrrr... Sorry, I'm cold. He is going to be 12 And during the flashback, he is going to be 6. Now on to editing!


"You and a multitude of authors inspire me to write a story of my own, although I haven't written one, yet. But when I do, it is gonna be GOOD!" Me, That Guy. I put this in a review for a beautiful Klonoa story, "Let Him Sleep," by TearsOfNightfall (did I say that right?) READ IT!! *ahem* only if you want to...

"This is That Guy... yes, THAT guy." Me, That Guy. I might make this my catchphrase. No... I WILL make it my catchphrase!

"Bam! What!?" Maddie, from Liv & Maddie.

"I like trains." The I Like Trains Kid, from asdf movie. That almost always cracks me up! Almost.

"Wahoo!" Klonoa, from, uh... Klonoa. I like shouting that from time to time.

"Toast." sonictoast on Youtube. My favorite series on his channel is "Yay Super Smash Bros!" I wonder if there's a new episode...

"Narf!" Pinky, from "Animaniacs." I gotta admit. Dat mouse am cute! LOL

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