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I am female and over 20 yrs. That is all that you need to know about me.

Sadistic Riya


Eyes: Dark purple

Physique: Petite and a tanned light brown. Ample bossom (not huge!). Circular face. My height is 5'9.


Black mid driff tee with a bat (bearing its fangs) on it and the word DEATH in BOLD BLOOD RED Letters across the BAT, a white silk skirt that is extremely short (barely covers below my underwear- about 2 inches below it max).

Shoes: Red ankle socks (blood red) and white sneakers with laces. Or sometimes red filp flop slippers (when i wear the slippers i wear a short silky white shorts with black trimmings on the bottom).

Jewelry:I have a circular belly button ring (used to be big but now i have a small one), two large golden hoop earrings on each ear lobe. And a golden locket around my neck. Plus a simple silver bracelect on my ankle when i feel like wearing slippers.

Hair: White and long to just below my butt. I usually keep it in a ponytail, but sometimes i just let it out to blow in the wind. I also have two long bangs on each side of my head and they end at my waist.


Magical: I am able to see the future and i have the power to seduce people (but i rarely use it because my physique is usually more than enough)with my eyes and hypnotise with my voice (i almost never use this, i like to go in for the kill without using my special abilties).

Normal: I know many combat techniques, i can use several weapons.

Special: I am able to jump and move on any any surface despite it's position (i can even walk upside down and even though i cannot walk on fire, i can walk on water-even the ocean),i have a strong sense of hearing, and i can sense other immortals.

Weapons: A Scythe and my locket.

Special items: My locket and silver ankle bracelet.

My Locket: When i open it i can by choice suck in anyone nearby into it. When they are pulled in they go to 'The Void of No Return.' If i don't feel lkie it, it will open showing a black and white picture of a white haired indian chief (no one related to her) on one side and nothing on the other side.

Ankle bracelet: Makes me sense the slightest change in the weather. Predicts all natural disasters.

Sadistic Riya: Hello, you should all know my name by now. I am a human with magical and special powers and even though i look fifteen, i have been around for nearly 300 years. I am SADISTIC. I kill whoever i want, whenever i feel like it. Age, ethnicity, sex, morality of the person(s) that i kill do not matter to me. I was given immortality 283 years ago after i had completed a dark but noble service for an extremely powerful demon.

Now NOTE this! I don't care if you want to flame me personally or just my work. Go right on ahead. I do not care about anyone but myself. But i will send respectful thankyou's to those who review me if i feel like it and anyone is free to e-mail me anytime they want. Please do not ask for identities, you will never get an answer. E-mails will be responded to by me, Sadistic Riya. If you want someone else besides me, please do not e-mail.

My stories will be sadistic and horrible. I have no care for morality and will write stories however i please. I have no friends and never intend to have a boyfriend. I like being alone and will always will be alone. I believe in Heaven and Hell. But i don't give a damn about religion, so i am not affiliated to one. I am not an atheist. I just don't care.

A Bit of Stuff that i like

Fave. Shows: Furi Kuri, Show Girls (movie), Yugioh, Witch Hunter Robin, Teen Titans, Cowboy Beebop

Movies: Flowers in the Attic, All Harry Potter Movies

Pairings that interest me: Yugioh, Anzu and Malik and or Marik, Anzu and Yami or Bakura, Serenity and Malik, Mai and Anzu

Crossover Pairings: Yami Yugi and Pai (3x3 Eyes), Spike (Cowboy Beebop) and Terra or Jinx,

Books I Enjoy: All V.C. Andrews Books, Harry Potter, All Agatha Christie Novels, Every Steven King Novel Created Please

Oh, and for all those who don't like that i don't accept anonymous reviews, Well that's just your problem, ISN"T IT! If your computer or net is giving you problem TOO BAD! If it is because you are too LAZY to log in then just get lost.

Today April 13th: I HATE FF.NET Admin! I've been away for a while and come to find out that i've been banned for a week and that i can't repost my story (or post anything else) until tomorrow! I am SO PISSED! Plus, i got banned because my title wasn't "G" rated. But my story's rated "R" and also the title "Terra as a Sadistic Bitch" isn't exactly filled with expletives or is something that has words that couldn't (the title) be put in a "PG-13" story.

This ban is SO DUMB!

Well I'm back now and about to update chapter 4. Thank you to all those that added me to their fave author list and author alert. I do admit being surprised when i saw this after no one put me on anything for so long.

Friday April 22, 2011

Yes I've returned.

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