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Hello! I'm elated to be a part of the FanFiction community! Writing has always taken up a large portion of my life. It's my passion, and while it may not always be at its best, I look to improve it. That said, it would be helpful if my readers could point out grammar and spelling mistakes, and anything that doesn't seem to make sense, when you see them because I am my own beta reader and therefore cannot catch everything even if I do reread it ten times over before publishing it. However, I'm not begging for reviews because that feels more like cheating. I want people to be inclined to leave a comment based on my work rather than my own suggestion. NONE of my work will contain coarse language or vulgar scenes. I see no need for these things to be tainting my writing. Besides that, I've never cursed in my life and I still don't see any reason to. This decision is and has been mine for forever. Nothing and no one has influenced me to not use profanity. In fact, I'm around it quite a lot. I follow my own morals and I hope my readers will respect that. I'm also somewhat "innocent" for my age so that's why there won't be any inappropriate themes running around and wrecking havoc on my stories. As for romance, I don't really know what love is (outside of my family, I mean) and so I can't successfully portray it. I can't say that I'm very interested in portraying it either so there will most likely be no romance whatsoever in my stories. Of course, if you think that something sounds romantic between two characters in my writing, you're entitled to interpret it however you wish but do keep in mind that it is not my intent. I'm an overly obsessive Legend of Zelda fan and probably all of my stories will center around the series. As for the song lyrics that I write, I invite you to use them for whatever you wish, but I ask two things in return. One: tell me in a PM you're going to use them and what you're using them for beforehand. I will most likely give you the okay. Two: please give me credit! Now onto my updating habits... I try to update as often as possible but there's an evil called writer's block which attacks me quite often. There's also other evils in the world such as sickness, injuries, and school which prevent me from being productive. Then there's life and the fact that to write anything I need to stay alive so that means I can't be staring at my computer screen 24/7. All jokes and sarcasm aside though, I really do try to update frequently, but things get in the way so updates are, unfortunately, irregular. However, I try to not let anything go longer than a month.

Now that all the business stuff is out of the way I can tell you a little bit about myself. Besides video games I enjoy reading, drawing, singing, and playing instruments. I also like to watch anime. I'm eighteen years old and extremely shy which is why I'm kind of a silent wonder of sorts when it comes to socializing. It's also the reason why I don't really leave authors notes in my stories because chances are I'll just start rambling about nothing and won't stop until its longer than the story. No one wants to read that. I also don't put up disclaimers every chapter because I don't see a reason to. I know that almost everyone else does but there's no rule that says you have to and just because everyone else is doing it doesn't mean that it's right. Seriously though, it's called FAN-fiction. I think it's pretty obvious that us writers own nothing. Why do we need to waste our words on something that everyone already knows? The answer is: We don't. (But for formality reasons I will include a disclaimer at the end of my work, especially the longer ones.)

I just want to take the opportunity to say this because no one will know if I don't say anything. To all of my readers, reviewers, followers, and everyone that has labeled one of my stories as a favorite, I really appreciate all of you! Just thinking that there's people out there that actually care enough to give me a chance...it's a great feeling and I want to thank all of you! I read every single comment (more than once in fact) and I usually don't reply to them (unless its a serious question that won't be answered in the story later) but know that I am reading them, and I'm so thankful that you took the time to write them. You're all amazing people! Have a nice day/night!

Hylian Harmony (Hylia)

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