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Winter: So, here I am, updating this profile thingy - as I really should more often. There used to be three of us, but now it's just me. (And we used to be called deathdragonz) However, as much as you might like or dislike the idea of cutting down to just Winter Plot, it IS just me left. Don't hurt me! I promise you'll come to love the things I write!

I'm pretty much a Harry Potter fan, well, more specifically, a Sirius/Remus fan. That's all that you ever really need in life. I still really enjoy anime from time to time, and only if it's really bloody and mature. That's the only way of doing it! None of this girly crap. (Though I'm not sure I can say that with most of the things I write.) I'm thinking of doing a strangely dark piece one day... we'll have to see.

ANNOUNCEMENT!! My friend and I are working on a GIANT Marauders-years fic. (Called POTM (for short)) Out of the 48 chapters there is going to be, only one is written so far, and it's 44 pages in size 11 (TNR) font. It's kinda scary. So, keep your eyes peeled for that!! And, if you want a sample, e-mail me or such and I'll give you a few snippets. It really is quite wonderful, if I do say so myself.

Note Of Importance: SO, it's been a while, hasn't it? I feel like a mealworm because of my disappearance act. Je suis tres desole!! I'll try to give you my excuses, but I know it won't really make up for my cold-heartedness. :( It all began with trying to update 'As the Wolf Howls'. (because I want to finish that before I start on anything else, otherwise it's going to get pushed to the side and never finished) I had Chapter 10 all typed out and edited, ready to go. HOWEVER, I hadn't written anything for the last 5 chapters I had planned after that. So, I was going to wait until I had at least one chapter in waiting (a 'just in case' percaution) to post chapter 10. However, I ended up... 'misplacing' my plans for the next five chapters. I seriously could not find them. I gutted my room out, and they were still AWOL. And as most people know, my memory is probably one of the worst out there, so trying to re-do or remember anything I had written down was just a ridiculous idea. So I resigned myself to the fact that in a month or so, they'd show up, and when they did, I'd post the chapter, and just get down to writing the others as soon as I could. Then, I STILL couldn't find it. And Summer 'vacation' came around. Which meant I got two jobs. Which in turn meant that I was working 14+ hour days. SO, I didn't really have time to search for lost pages, nor try to remember anything. And then I got into lots of partying. 33 days straight of partying, in fact, which kinda put a damper on my creative skills... And then I quit the first two jobs and got another two, so I was still working ridiculous hours. And before school started up, then, I thought that I was going to be moving across the world (aka: Australia/New Zealand) (FYI - didn't work out at all, I'm still stuck in the miserably cold North) And then my boyfriend started being a real dick to me. AND THEN, my hardrive crashed AGAIN. That's right. Two in less than a year. Thus, making me loose the Chapter 10 that had just been sitting there, waiting for me. Only then did I find the notes on the last five chapters... but I had no chapter 10 to preceed them. And, as we know, trying to remember/re-do something like that is HARD for me. And I got myself a new and proper job at an engineering company after deciding not to go back to school. And I had to settle into that, plus I was trying to find a new place to live for a while, because where I'm staying right now isn't the best, so I was all worked up over finding someplace to SLEEP. And then my friend started bombarding me with Comics (mostly Marvel - X-men, Ironman, Hulk, X-Factor, House of M and such) So my mind wasn't even on Remus and Sirius, but rather Logan... FORTUNATELY, the drama is finished as of now, and I'm pretty content in the life I have at the moment, so I've decided I REALLY should get back to writing. I still feel like I should grovel at your feet, though... I AM TERRIBLY SORRY!!

I will ALWAYS reply to reviews, unless you leave me no way of contacting you. Thank you to those that have reviewed so far.

Things written by me (Winter Plot) include:
As The Wolf Howls


Torn in Two



Truth or Dare

(and I've kept Miyu's 'Of Marauders and Gnomes' because it's just generally really funny.)

As of a month or so ago, my laptop hardrive DIED (AGAIN!!!!). Nothing was recoverable (AGAIN!!!), so I lost about 6 months of work (really good stuff too). My other two computers have old versions and I have hardcopies of drafts, but that’s about it. So bear with me while I try to re-write a lot of the stories I have. I'll just sit in this corner over here and look sheepish while you scold me.

I’ll try to keep everyone up to date on what kind of stage things are at and how close I am to posting.

As The Wolf Howls: (NOW RATED M) Chapter 9 is up (and has been for AGES now), and Chapter 10 is being re-written, and I'm working diligently on that, so that should be up before too long too. I have all the requisites to write the last five chapters now, so as soon as I get my ass in gear and get that 10th one out, I should be starting on those ASAP.

Torn in Two: Chapter 3 had a bit written, and I have no hardcopy, nor earlier draft, so that has to be rewritten from scratch. If there are no protests, I’m thinking of rewriting the first couple chapters when I go through and write the other chapters for that story. It’ll be done after ‘As the Wolf Howls’ is finished, which shouldn’t be TOO long. crosses fingers

Postal: All the Chapters have been planned out, thank god. I have part of the second chapter written, so I’m hoping that won’t be too long before it’s out as well.

Erotica: I think all of this one is planned as well - it’s a shortish one. The draft of the second chapter is all written, I just need to go back to do a bit of tweaking. Look for it in the summer!

Truth or Dare: I had SO much of the second chapter written, but I lost all of it, and I only have a rough plan of what I wanted, so this is going to take a while to get out. I’m hoping to work on it soon, though. It has, however, grown from a 2-3 part fic to something over 5. I'm annoyed at myself or giving me more work.

Sure?: All done and finished. I kinda like it. I hope it’s the only non-happy ending one I write for a while. Comments/reviews ALWAYS welcomed!

I wish I had a larger fan-base that cared where things were headed, but that’s my fault that I don’t update as much as I should. I’M SORRY!!
I’ve also been told that I need to at least put something up about who I am, but I’m WAY too lazy, and so that should come at a later date.

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