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Why hello, and welcome to my random Fanfiction.net account of doom. Pure doom. Like the type of doom that they can’t fit into a soda can and sell at Hot Topic with Zim’s face on it. Yeah, that’s right, pure doom. So, to be prepared for the doom that you are about to face I must brace you with what you should expect in my stories of pure doom:

-I like cute things. And fluffy doom. Squishy fluffy doom. And angst. Oh god do I love angst.

Links to other places you will find me (besides the Matinee):
My website:
Fanart Central:
Gaia: My username is Jake_Akihabara
Runescape: My username is DarkSilicon

Doom-filled info that might suffice for your strange desire to know things about me:

Name: Well, you see, I’m not gonna tell you my real name. You can me DarkSilicon. Or Silicon. Or Dark. Or Darky (but not Silicony!). Or Jake. Yes, Jake would be good. I like Jake. Even though I’m a girl.
Alias: DarkSilicon, or Jake Akihabara
Gender: I am female! I can still be a girl while having a male alias :3 Don’t forget it!
Age: 17 (my birthday is the twenty second of May, and I like presents!)
Blood Type: B (I dunno, you might be interested for some reason)
Location: Massachusetts, close to Boston, but not really. Oh snap. You have no idea :o
Zodiac: I be born in the year of the Dragon and in the month of the Gemini
Favorite Color: Orange, pretteh pretteh orange
Favorite Food: Mm, salmon sashimi :3
Favorite Drink: Diet Pepsi Vanilla, because it’s like liquid candy
Favorite Bands: The Juliana Theory, Franz Ferdinand, Gorillaz, and Linkin Park
Favorite Songs: Iris (Goo Goo Dolls), Protege Moi (Placebo), Everything (The Juliana Theory)
Favorite Animals: Dragons, cats, birds, and bats
Favorite Shows: CSI (the original, not the ugly Miami and New York ones!), SpongeBob SquarePants, and Invader Zim (because we anime dorks are totally predictable)
Favorite Movies: The Lion King, The Last Unicorn, and Princess Mononoke (well, all of Miyazaki’s films are amazing, so, all of them)
Favorite Books: Watership Down (read it you uneducated sea urchins!), and the Harry Potter series
Favorite Animes: Fullmetal Alchemist and uh...Fullmetal Alchemist :3
Favorite Mangas: DNAngel, Fruits Basket, Chobits, and +Anima (translate it TokyoPop! Doooo it!)
Favorite Video Games: Ape Escape, Kingdom Hearts, Psychonauts, Spyro, Zelda, FFIX, DDR, and Taiko
Favorite Cartoon characters: Gaz, Zim, Murdoc, and Noodle
Favorite Anime characters: Alphonse ( ), Edward, Dark, Cooro and Chii
Favorite Video game characters: Jake, Sora, Zidane and Razputin
Favorite Couples: Jake x Sora (OTP), Mep x Ippiki, Riku x Jake, Roronoa x Seraphim, Riku x Anti-Sora, Al x Ed, Roy x Riza , Alphonse Heiderich x Ed, 2D x Noodle, Zim x Gaz, Jessie x James, Raz x Lili, Sasha x Milla

Ok, I think that you should be plenty doom filled now! Now go and read my stories you weirdo:3

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