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Author has written 7 stories for Sailor Moon, Legend of Zelda, Beyond Good & Evil, Legend of Korra, and Steven Universe.

I am Lightweight: Future writer and lame comedian galore, who seems to enjoy making sequelfics. (0_0)

Here's what happening right now in my grey matter...

1) THE AVATAR: (To those who noticed the refernce to "The Batman" in the title, props.) A story set 70 years after the end of Legend of Korra. Expect new chapters every 2-4 weeks. (I'm not pushing myself to pump out chapters every 5 days like I did once upon a time with ZOoL.) I hope you enjoy my take on a future (present day?) Avatar and his struggles in the Avatarverse version of the21st century.

2) The Overlord of the Land: (ZOoL, for short) This is my sequelfic for the Wind Waker subseries of the Legend of Zelda. And to those not willing to read an unfinished work... Huzzah! It is complete! Finally!

(BTW: When I make mention of any "Zelda" items in the fanfic, I assume that Link kept all of his items from TWW and PH, and if there were repeat items (like the bow and grappling hook), those count as two.)

UPDATE: ATTENTION, PEOPLE WHO ARE STILL DISCOVERING ZOoL OR REREADING IT! Enjoy reading the OG version of ZOoL for the last time. In the next few weeks, I am planning to do a complete overhaul of ZOoL, complete with grammar fixes, eliminating and replacing shout-outs (there were shout-outs?) and updating the ZOoL lore to reflect new info found on Skyward Sword, A Link Between Worlds, and Hyrule Historia. I expect to be replacing the story one chapter at a time in a weekly fashion. If you somehow prefer the OG version, I will repost it, unedited, on another place and link to it here.

UPDATE 2: Listen to the ZOoL Soundtrack

From Zelda:

TWW - Game Demo (The unofficial ZOoL theme)
TWW - Pirate Ship (obvious reasons)
ALttP - Light World Dungeon (for dungeons)
TWW - Inside Boss/Mini Boss (for sub-bosses)
TMC - Escaping Dark Hyrule Castle (For stressful moments)
LA - Ballad of the Wind Fish (Remixes, specially. For TeLink moments)
TWW - Ganon Battle Snake Mode (For Moldorm battle)
PH - Boss music (for Mesaballeon)
TMC - Boss music (for Kabora)
TMC - Vaati's Wrath (For Wizzrobe King)
MM - Calling the our Giants (For reunion scene in Chapter 11)
TMC - Royal Crypt (Chapter 15 Dungeon)
OoT - Twinrova theme (Twinrova battle 1)
TP - Midna's Lament (Chapter 10, speech moment)
OoT - Ending credits [parts] (Chapter 18, reunion)
ALttP - Ending Sequence (Right after Chapter 18 end)
TWW - Farewell Hyrule King (Epilogue first part)
TWW - Staff Credits (Final Words)
ALttP - Ending Credits (After Epilogue end)

Non-Zelda related:

Final Fantasy VI - What? (For silly moments)
Phoenix Wright - Cornered 2001 (for revelation scenes, like chapter 8)
Mischef Makers - Mini-Boss music (for Flambee battle)
FullMetal Alchemist - Rouko/Fortify (for Chapter 9 finale)
Eureka Seven - Eureka (for Chapter 10 beginning)
Xenosaga - Albedo (for Final Dante exposition)
Banjo-Tooie - Here Comes Trouble (for stressful situations)
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood - Lapis Philosophorum (for chapter 14 shocker)
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood - Trisha's Lullaby (for chapter 15 ending)
Final Fantasy XII - Esper Theme (For Chap. 16: Dante 1)
Final Fantesy XII - Esper Battle (For Chap. 16: Dante 2. Yes, there's a difference)
Broken Saints - Truth (For Chapter 16: Dante's final dash)
Broken Saints - "Founding Fathers" and "know the Signs" (Chapter 17, Twinrova's exposition)
Mother 3 - Porky's Porkies (For Gohma)
Mother 3 - Master Porky's theme (Twinrova battle 2, part 1)
Trauma Center UTK 2 - Severing the Cains of Fate (Twinrova battle 2, part 2)
Star Wars Episode 1 - Duel of the Fates (Twinrova battle 2, part 3)
Castle in the Sky - The Destruction of Laputa (Chapter 18, the sacrifice)
Beyond Good & Evil - Redemption (Chapter 18 final part)
Broken saints - Approach (Epilogue Link's farewell flashback)

There are more, and I'll post them as I remember them.

UPDATE 3: For any of you who are actually thinking up any stories based on ZOoL. As I am now, finished with ZOoL, I'd like to invite fellow writers to write Zelda fics based on the universe I have developed here. My requirements are simple: It has to be entertaining, it has to keep with the Zelda canon (as I try to do) and it has to be decently proofread (as in, as few grammatical mistakes as possible). Crossovers are okay, so long as they make sense (ZOoL/PotC makes sense, ZOoL/Pikmin does NOT). If you need more info, and are not afraid of spoilers, send me an e-mail.

3) Beyond Heroism of Men: A sequelfic to Beyond Good & Evil (The videogame, not the book.) EDIT: It may still come through, but it will definitely be changed... a lot. I may even go through with a complete rewrite of what I have now and complement with newer chapters. However, there's a reason I put this in 2nd place... My priority is set on ZOoL right now, and this one will have to wait.

STATUS: Pre-production has started. This doesn't mean I'll re-start it, it only means I'll see if it's viable. DON'T CONFUSE ME WITH UBICRAP!

4) Chronicles of Darkness: It's a... wait for it... sequelfic! Of Spirit Tracks, specifically. I can't give out much (since not much is done, anyway), but I'll start by saying that, if you remember the Tetra/Link dynamic that was in ZOoL (adventure-wise, not the other kind), you will see a similar one here. Also, this will be linked with ZOoL in some manner.

If you have some problems understanding nautical terms, you can check Wikipedia

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