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26 Tribute, 26 Author Collaboration.

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Reality Shift: The Mockingjay rebellion is over, and the remaining Victors voted, there will be one more Games. The Capitol will get a taste of their own medicine, as they're forced to watch their own children compete in the Games.

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The Tributes

Elim9, writing for Tobin Peladon, representing District One male.

Flyere, writing for Nani Coven, representing District One female.

SkinOfInk, writing for Gideon Arveleigh, representing District Two male.

Cosmoguy, writing for Delilah Monroe, representing District Two female.

Acereader55, writing for Dax Upson, representing District Three male.

District11-Olive, writing for Amorel Gracche, representing District Three female.

BadJokesAreTheBest, writing for Brent Shaw, representing District Four male.

I'mCrazyAndProudOfIt, writing for Valoria "Nightmare" Allardyce, representing District Four female.

Living in Ruins, writing for Leif Avalanche, representing District Five male.

Set Fire To The Ashes, writing for Deirdre "Dee" Imogen, representing District Five female.

QueenOfTheMisfits, writing for Ford Abbott, representing District Six male.

Skyebird128, writing for Mallory "Maeve" Vagean, representing District Six female.

bobothebear, writing for Celtic Ivers, representing District Seven male.

Amberleaf Lemonquill, writing for Martinique Lavinos, representing District Seven female.

Chaos In Her Wake, writing for Virgil Petronias, representing District Eight male.

Jakey121, writing for Luelle Donahue, representing District Eight female.

IndigoStarling, writing for Braysen Oliva, representing District Nine male.

TheGlitchOnFire, writing for Trissa Boulevard, representing District Nine female.

DomiHearts1497, writing for Tyson "Ty" Winfield, representing District Ten male.

thegirlwiththetrident, writing for Erin Amilia Wonderoy, representing District Ten female.

The Lunar Lioness, writing for Torquil Deverra, representing District Eleven male.

katsparkle13, writing for Xenia Nyx, representing District Eleven female.

LokiThisIsMadness, writing for Colander "Coll" Laufey, representing District Twelve male.

Call Me Fin, Rebirth Of A Demented Kitten Queen, writing for Anissa Snow, representing District Twelve female.

Hutsune, writing for Deimos Wake, representing District Thirteen male.

Unknown, writing for Unknown, representing District Thirteen female.

Reality Shift reviews
"Those who fight monsters must take care to not become one themselves." The rebels have won the war, and now reality has shifted. Now it will be the Districts who put 26 teenagers in a fight to the death. Now it will be 25 Capitol families who watch their children die. Now, maybe, just this once, it's the Districts' turn to be the monsters. 26 author collaboration.
Hunger Games - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Tragedy - Chapters: 2 - Words: 9,878 - Reviews: 27 - Favs: 12 - Follows: 22 - Updated: 3/31/2014 - Published: 1/31/2014