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Updated July 3rd, 2006
Greetings to all of the writers of fanfiction.net.
I am K-dog the Fire Beast, long time reader of fanfiction.net and now proud to say a fellow writer of this wonderful website.
Recently my story that I have been working very hard on called Paralyzed, but Not Broken was removed because it didn't reach certain guidelines. To the ones who removed it I say one thing. I REFUSE TO BE CENSORED! Censorship is wrong and I despise it.
I worked hard onthat story and you remove it because of that! If you think that was bad you have no idea how bad it was before I adjusted it to your guidelines. I saw nothing wrong and neither did my reviewers. But fine, whatever. I'll just put it on another site and in protest to this, I'll put it back to the way it was on that site. If you would like to read it, please go to adultfanfiction.net to read it. But, if any other people wish to offer me a place, I'll put it on their website. Trust me when I say the unedited version of Paralyzed, but Not Broken was filled with alot more stuff then what it was deleted for.
January 30th entry
Now this site deletes my story Highlander Nerima becuase of a song! A SONG! I saw nothing in your so called guidlines about a song not being allowed.In fact, if it was because I forgot to put in the disclaimer that I didn't own the song, a friend had informed me of that and I was getting ready to fix it when you banned my access. But rest assured my friends, it will return without the song if it makes the so called administration happy.
March 3rd entry
Sorry for being away. My computer crashed and I'm trying to get all the files working properly on the new one. Unfortuneatly my Office files are being a pain in the ass. I hope to update soon. Thank you for your time and patience.
July 3rd entry
I want to apologize to all of you, my loyal fans for being away for so long. I have good news and bad news. The good news is that my word processor files are in fine working order again and I can write once more. The bad news is I lost all the updates I was planning to do when my computer crashed in march and the disk I saved them on seems to have disappeared. Luckily I write them out by hand before doing the final draft on the computer so I just have to find the notebooks. That should not be to hard. There are only(looks at a large pile next to him) about a couple hundred small notebooks with ideas I've done and rejected. But I promise an update very soon. Until then, I apologize again for being away.
July 27th entry
Hi everybody! (Hi Fire Beast! Sorry, little Simpson humor there.) I'm still looking for the books that contain my updates so please be patient with me. The good news is that I have my first new update almost ready and I hope you'll all like it. It shouldn't be much longer the a day or so. Sorry again for being away for so long.
June 28th, 2007 entry
I humbly apologize for being away for so long. Unfortuneatley work, personal problems, and writers block have kept me away. But fear not my loyal fans. I plan to conduct a massive update in the next few weeks. At first I planned it for the beginning of June, but something came up, mainly work, and I had to postpone it. Luckily, I should be ready to go soon. Also, I am pleased to announce I will be entering other universes in me fiction writing. I plan to enter the universe of Kim Possible, and the Teen Titans. Hopefully you will all enjoy my stories for those universes. Until then, I thank you for being supportive. I also ask for a moment of prayer, for my nephew whose CF took a turn for the worse last year and passed away at the beginning of this year. From now on, I dedicate all my work to him. Thank you.

My favourite Animes and/or Mangas of all time:
Ranma 1/2
Dragonball Z
The Slayers
Gunsmith Cats
The Sorcerer Hunters
One Piece
Gold Diggers
City Hunter
City Hunter
Fullmetal Alchemist
Please Teacher (Recently)
Tenchi Muyo (Always, but forgot to put it down.)
Lupin the 3rd
Happy Hustle High (Or as I call it, the manga Triple H. If you haven't read it, I suggest you do. I'm working on an idea based on it with Ranma right now. I also own all five books.)

My least favourite anime's of all time:

My hobbies:
Writing stories, playing the game of Yu-gi-oh, playing Video games, playing with my shepard/collie cross breed named Sassie(before she passed away)and my cats Whitey and Tiger. I also enjoy spending time with my nephew and nieces.

My Occupation:
I am a licensed and hard working Security guard for a huge security company.

My favourite things in life:
Kindness to everyone, regardless of race, or handicap.
The womans liberation movement. Even though I'm a man, I support them with all my heart.
My family and friends.
Romance itself.

Things I hate:
People who wish harm done to others without even knowing who they are or anything else about them.
People who censor others because they can't handle good fiction!

Stories I've Written:
See Below

New stories coming in soon hopefully:
Knight Rider 1/2 (Ranma/Knight Rider Crossover)
Family (Ranma/Kim Possible Crossover)
Super Family (Ranma/The Superman Adventures Crossover)
The Education Proccess (Ranma/Kim Possible Crossover)
Ranma, Agent of the BPRD (Ranma/Hellboy Crossover)

Updates comingsoon hopefully:
Lupin the 4th
Nabiki's Secret
KISS the one you want the most
Highlander Nerima

So, thank you for reading my stories and remember. Read and Review is a good combination. See-ya. Ciao.

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