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Hi! I'm TaoRen19! But you can call me Ren-chan or Lyserg-chan!
Ren and Lyserg glare at her
Ren: You're not a guy.
Lyserg: You can't use our names.
Me: Sorry guys, but I think you're the coolest and I really like your names!
Ren: Can't use my name. End of story.
Lyserg: Sorry, but I don't want anyone to use my name.
Me: Okies. Tamao, can I borrow your name?
Tamao: Huh? U-um, i-is my name really that great?
Me: Yup! You're cool too_
Tamao: O-okay then.
Me: Yays! hugs Tamao
Alright then, you people can call me Tamao-chan! Sorry, I'm a bit odd...I'm totally obsessed with Shaman King right now._ I absolutely love anime, manga, and RPG games. My favorite anime list is so huge that I probably can't fit it here. So I'll just list my top favorites.

Top Favorite Anime: Shaman King, A Little Snow Fairy Sugar, Tokyo Underground, Pretear, Mon Colle Knights, The Twelve Kingdoms, .hack//SIGN, Gundam SEED, Chrono Crusade

Favorite Manga: Tokyo MewMew, Pita-ten, Shaman King, Magic Knight Rayearth,.hack//Legend of the Twilight, Di Gi Charat

Favorite video games: Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy 7,9,X and X-2, Chrono Cross, Xenosaga, Chrono Trigger, .hack , Tales of Destiny 2( the one with Reid and Farah), Pokemon(all)
O_O Whoa... even my top favorites make a huge list... oh well! Here's some info about me

Name: Tamao-chan
Appearance: I'm Tamao, DUH! You should know what I look like if you watch/read Shaman King. If you don't... I've got pink hair, pink eyes, a white shirt, baggy black pants, and planchette with straps that I attach Conchi to for my attacks.
Age: I'll give you a hint- it's a number.
Favorite color: Green
Personality: Erm... abnormal. I hate sports and clothes shopping. >_

My most favorite Shaman King characters:
Tao Ren (Of course he's my favorite! Can't you tell? hugs Ren)
Lyserg Diethyl ( green hair! And I love his personality too!)
Hao Asakura ( Probably the cutest villain I've ever seen ( cute as in plushies Not as in "oohh he's cute!" >_ )
Tamao Tamamura ( I love myself!)
Iron Maiden Jeanne ( I used to hate her but... now I don't)
Well, enjoy my stories! ~ Tamao-chan

My most favorite Tokyo Mew Mew characters:Zakuro Fujiwara, Lettuce Midorikawa, Ryou Shirogane

Pairings I Just love: Shaman King- RenxTamao, HoroxJeanne, LysergxMeene, PirikaxChocolove, YohxAnna, RenxAnna, KannaxRyu

Tokyo Mew Mew- IchigoxRyou, LettucexMasaya, ZakuroxPai, PuddingxTart, MintxKish, IchigoxKish, MintxRyou... etc... (in other words, weird non-canon pairings XD)

Well... enjoy my ficcies :)


I doubt I'll really write anything much anymore, because writing isn't really a strength of mine.

However, please check out my artwork and comics here:

Maybe one day I'll have the urge to do something new and post it. We'll see.

Thank you to anyone and everyone who's been reading my old and terribly written fanfictions. I'm going to have to go and re-read a few now for fun.



Here's an updated profile haha.

Top Favorite Anime: Tokyo Mew Mew, Shaman King, Soul Eater, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, A Little Snow Fairy Sugar, Tokyo Underground, Pretear, Mon Colle Knights, The Twelve Kingdoms, Princess Tutu, Gundam SEED, Chrono Crusade, Mermaid Melody, Magic Knight Rayearth

Favorite Manga: Tokyo MewMew, Pita-ten, Shaman King, Magic Knight Rayearth,.hack//Legend of the Twilight, Di Gi Charat

I also love a whole lot of Disney things and cartoons. Currently obsessed with Disney Fairies

Favorite video games: Chrono Cross, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy 7, 9, X and X-2, Xenosaga, Chrono Trigger, .hack , Tales of Destiny 2(aka Tales of Etermia I think), Po

Name: Tamao, Tammi, April, MaoMao, whatever you wanna call me
Appearance: A short brunette girl who wears a lot of frilly things and bows.
Age: college freshie
Favorite color: Lime green
Personal Info: Timid, shy, but fun and caring when I open up. I love dressing up in crazy and cute outfits, so naturally I love lolita and cosplay. I like making people love me. I like loving people. I also love hating people. I love art, and drawing, and creating characters and stories. My dream is to become a professional animator :)

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