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Author has written 3 stories for Final Fantasy IX, and Fullmetal Alchemist.


Ohayo minna!

This is the profile of strawberry poo kmoo, for
the morbidly curious, or just people who want to know what other fics
i've written (or TAILS500).

Yes, well, about TAILS500. She/He is
a friend of mine, who is not allowed to have really any sort of
membership to things on the computer, so, she/he uses mine to post any
fanfiction she/he's written. (though i think she'he's forgotten the

word and such... oh well.)Sometimes I may type them as well, though,
like I have with Lord of the Rings: The musical, which could almost be
referred to as co-authored. : )

TAILS500's identity is no longer secret!

TAILS'S CULTURE/ BACKROUND: Dutch, German, Norweigan, French, British but lives in none of those countries and is also a hippie, kind of.

Gender: M

Age: 14

Interests: HP, LOTR, and NBC

Sexual preference: Gay

Appearance: Frodo if he got in a fight with blonde hair dye.

Pet Peeve: Gay discrimination or homophobic jokes. Does not mind slash, though.

Name: Cordelia _

Age: shifty eyes : mumble justtwomonths,justtwomonths... mumble

JAPAN: hugs japan : I am in love with anything Japan-related,
but other than that like drawing, writing (duh), reading, yoga, roller
blading, skiing, hanging out with friends, horror movies, final
fantasy, grammar, spelling, words _ I'm such a geek _ if anyone
wants a beta, I'll most likely take the job _

Uhh... what else would I put here: "Fine, be that way!"

"I will!"

...these people are also formally known as "scientists"...

...if such people were behind this crime, they would be known as "arsonists"...

...this is a Man/Household Appliances vs. Goat-eating Spirits conflict...

i wonder if i should put in my sexual interests as well? lmao. BI (well, that's what i've decided to say anyways lmao. : heart thumping :)


Tails500: Get me a danish and a glass of WHOLE milk! Gnome-a-liscious! Professer Mcgonagul is hot as a cat! MEOW! (just kidding.) Dobby: I may be short but you don't know what I've gotthat's big and long under this pillowcase!(I sometimes have a perverted sense of humor.) Lucky charms are fantabulous! Cheese! Cubby is a cool word, kids! Let's say it together! CUBBY, CUBBY, CUBBY, CUBBY, CUBBY...


Here is a listing of fics you may see coming from me... i'm mainly working on Lifecycle right now though, so it may be quite a while before you see the other one(s).


A Final Fantasy 9 fic. The inspiration for this was spurned from when Zidane dsaw Garnet's memory in Memoria. It ends up going through Zidane's whole life (its gonna be hella long), and will be a BlankxZidane. I will also do a re-write of it as a Zidane.Garnet sometime, after I've gotten at least 15 chapters of the original version down. Also, since I don't really like author's notes in fics that long, or long author's notes (which are the type I write), I will post anything that WOULD'VE been an author's note in that section of my Bio. So, if you have a question or something, look at my Bio to see any author's notes that would have originally been there. They will be sorted by chapter. The next chapter will be posted as soon as it has finished being beta'd, or after I finish writing the chapter after it. Hopefully this will result in waits that are not terribly long _

Unnamed as of late

This fic, nameless at the moment, will be a Rugrats All Grown Up! fic. (I know, I'm such a dork for watching that show... lol) But anyways, dorkiness aside, the is a continuation of the episode where Lil makes Phil dress up as her and dump a boy named Timothy who is really gross and asked her out. If you've seen it, you know that he DOESN'T dump Timothy, and instead ends up going on a bunch of dates with him. This Crossdresser!Phil episode was really weird, and almost slash. So, why can't it be slash? That's what this fic is going to be. A TimothyxPhil slashfic. Yay! Lol.


Fic(s?) you may see coming from TAILS500:

A Harry Potter Parody, I have the first four or five chapters in my posession atm, and it will be titled, Umbridge + Filch = EEK! I will still be updating it every week though. Chapter 3 is finally up!

Chapter post dates:

Goddamnit XP. I'm so sorry, I thought it wopuld be easier then this, I worked for probably a whole 24 hours in the end trying to come up with something and got nada. I think the best idea would be to put this story on hiatus, but that doesn't mean I'll stop working on it. Right now I'm getting the little thing out of the way such as studying eyes and eye diseases/infections for the whole 'Blank losing his sight' thing, how to deal with the minimal changes in weather, and developing the history of countries, ethnicities, religion and such. (As I said before, this really is going to be a complex, long story XD) If anyone knows if the mountain ranges in ffix have names, and the names of any rivers or lakes, please tell me, because I really need them. Depending on what I find about these features will determine how soon the update after that comes.

Lifecycle A/N's

Intro: Now, don't worry, I promise chapters will get longer as the story progresses. During the Soul stage, however, they will not be any longer than 1-3 pages long (handwritten) because they are hell to write XD. I would like the reviewer's input on how long they would like the Soul stage to go on, and any ideas that they have for plotting of the Soul stage, cos it is so darn difficult. XD Thank you very much, again, and the next installment will be in... whenever Relis finishes beta-ing it. I promise i won't keep you waiting for any more than two weeks though _ (By the way, the disclaimer in the only A/N will serve as a disclaimer for the whole rest of the story.)

Chapter one: Hah! How d'ya like that? One full page! XD. Aw crap... there was something actually important I was going to ask, but now... I forget. Ugh. Oh yeah. Are there any enigmatic references/things in FFIX that you have been wondering about? E-mail or review me and I'll try to incorporate them into the story! One other question, even though its probably kinda stupid. Where do you usually use a tent other than when you're hurt: reads question : Nevermind, that's really stupid... why would you use a tent if you weren't hurt? That's just plain stupid... XD. Btw, there are only going to be about 1 1/2 to 2 more chapters of Soul... seeing as I really can't think of anything else to include in them. I'm getting ready to type up the next chapter, but have no clue what to do for the next one... (the next chapter is 2 1/4 handwritten pages! Yess! XD). See you all in a week _

Chapter two: Is ... dun dun DUUN ... on hiatus.

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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Sometimes reviews
An angsty, kind of poetic one-shot. Please R&R! Oh, and I don't own FMA. "Sometimes, Colonel Roy Mustang would sneak out of his dorm room. And sometimes, he would hold the FullMetal Alchemist in his arms."
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Final Fantasy IX - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 994 - Reviews: 3 - Published: 2/12/2005 - Blank, Zidane T. - Complete
Lifecycle reviews
A soul's journey through life, and many answers untold now discovered. An eventual BlankZidane. Will be doing another version of it as ZidaneGarnet. Rating sure to change.
Final Fantasy IX - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 2 - Words: 640 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 2 - Updated: 1/29/2005 - Published: 1/23/2005 - Blank, Zidane T.
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