Dragon's Return
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Okay guys well problem.
My laptop crashed a few weeks ago.
I lost everything I wrote to SSBO.
This is not gonna stop me from updating, but it won't be a double update.
Sorry... Here's something to calm you over.
An 'outtake' from LOGIN #8.

Marth finished up selecting his items, paid with his gold and took a step away from the counter. "So, whats up Daisy?"

She shrugged. "Not much. I just logged on and I saw you walk into the shop, so I felt like following."

Marth raised an eyebrow. "Stalking much?"

"Well maybe I am..." Daisy replied, her voice softer and sexier. "And I bet you wouldn't complain, hmm?" She took a few steps closer to him with a very seductive look on her face.

Marth blushed. "...Hey wait! I didn't put in the command to blush!" He yelled, looking away from the healer.

At his outburst Daisy couldn't help but laugh. "Certain commands when done to other avatars make their avatar respond a certain way. I just used /seduce on you, which made you blush."

"Oh... that's strange. A bit chauvinistic if you ask me." Marth replied, crossing his arms. "I mean, just because you're a woman doesn't mean you should have to have a sexy emote! Seriously, that's just wrong."

"Guys could do it too." She replied, slightly confused about the swordsmans outburst. "I just don't think it can be done to others of the same gender... or, well, I never tried anyway."

"We still take a stand Daisy! Against this horrible world created in mind for pre-pubescent boys!" He took out his sword and pointed it to the sky and made sure to use the /soapbox emote. "Take a stand against all the programers who think that woman can really fight hordes of monsters in bikinis. Take a stand against the giant breasts they give them that would obviously weight them down when running across an endless plain. Stand up and unite the masses of players who believe that, yes watching a woman or a small cute character dance is fun, but not worth paying a full 10 gold over!"

All around the two players who overheard his pledges began to encircle the duo, thrusting their fists forward and chanting, 'Marth! Marth! Marth!'

Marth reached out a hand to Daisy. "Daisy! You and I, we have a destiny to fulfill! Join me, and together we can unite this MMORPG under a banner of righteousness!"

Daisy didn't reply. Instead she turned away, walked out of the crowd and herself used the /soapbox emotion to gain a pedistal. All of the players eyes fell on her and waited to see what she would do... and suddenly, without warning she began to dance. A very sexy dance. Swinging her hips back and forth, then shaking her chest. It looked like a belly dance, really. And slowly, the players who surrounded Marth began to migrate from one soapbox to another.

"Uh, hey wait!" Marth shouted as he watched his followers leave. "Guys, c'mon this is just the sorta thing I was talking-"

"Oooh! My top fell off!"

Within a moment, all of Marth's supporters had dashed over to Daisy, hooping and hollering as she continued the pre-programed dance in an extremely low-resolution bra. Sighing, Marth steppeddown and crossed his arms. "Hmph. See if I ever try to start a revolution again."


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Name: Host the Purple.
Time: 5:35
Sex: No, thank you. (Male)
Age: 391 In Human Years.
Anime: Too many to count
Games: Mario/Zelda Related, SSBM, PSO EPISODES I, II, III! Um...Evolution Worlds. GUUUUUUILD WARS
Songs: Gentle Twilight, Star Wars Cantina, Live and Learn and other stuff.

Amazing isn't it?

Likes- Pokemon up to Johto, Digimon 01, Japanese YuGiOh, SSBM, Phantasy Star Online, .Hack, SODA, Mystic Heros and Teen Titans cause its on right now.

Dislikes- Pokemon after Johto, YuGiOh in American, Shows that try way too hard to be like Anime They scare me...o_o, Everything Else, 4Kids and FUNimation.

4Kids FUNimation: They need to start dubbing stuff that is FOR little kids instead of turning Teen age shows into shows for kids about 8-12.

Random Real Life Facts. BE WARNED
I'm 18.
I've been writing since I was 10...
I go to college. In NYC... or the lost little dump of an island.
I used to love Guild Wars more then life itself, praise Dwayna, but I quit playing.
I'm in search of a new MMO to waste hours of my life on. Anyone have suggestions?
I always play the healer. Monk, Celric, White Mage - you'll find me spam healing.
I'm an agnostic, boarderline atheist. INVISIABLE PINK UNICORN FTW!
I don't force beliefs down peoples throats though. But if you want to debate about it...
I also went to Catholic schools my entire life. I want a shirt that I saw that said, "I survived Catholic school." That rox.
I always find it funny how I wind up playing the characters who's devotion to god is second only to their devotion to healing. Heh.
I have one glove... =(
I've been to Egypt. I loved it there. But it was pretty hot. Yeah...
I used to have an Emo-Grunty keychain... but I lost it at comic-con.
My best online friend in the whole wide world was met here, almost 6-7 years ago. Vixy 3
My least favorite type of fic is Romance. (Hetro, Yaoi, Yuri - any of it, I just never really found it intresting. Of course, there are some stories I like! In fact, I've fallen in love with, surprising a Yaoi TDI story. it's Awesome cake. I think i'm getting more into Romance stories!)
My favorite is Humor. (Like with romance, though i enjoy most humor, there are some that I just have to close because it's pretty much a sin against nature. o_o)
I want SSBB :D
Ness is my favorite Smasher.
I don't really dislike any. Maybe Game & Watch... but I love them all anyway.
I'm praying Ness won't be replaced by that two timing, just as big headed, son of a bitch from the Japan only, and STILL japan only release, LUCAS.
I shall lead a crusade to destroy Lucas in Ness's honor if that happens.
EarthBound is one of my favorite games btw.
People call me Fuzzy. =3
Worship Dwayna or I'll go echo mending Wammo on yo ass.

Story Status:

Super Smash Brothers: ONLINE
Current Status: Not so ahead of itself anymore XD
It's there...
It its. It's got a bit on it done. But I mean... I haven't had time to work on it. At all. Sheik and Dr. Mario are in the middle of chatting and like... I don't even remember what they're suppose to do next. Why does this happen?

LotR: Super Smash Brothers Style:
Current Status: On Vaction ~ :3
I do plan on re-visiting my most popular story to date. And I will finish, I swear to you.
I have recently been taking the steps to REVAMP my story.
I have come into possesion of a spell-check now, so I can go back and remove all the errors and fill in gaps. Don't worry fans, you're really not missing out on much.

Survivor: MasterHandIsDaBomb Island:
Current Status: ITZ ALIVE!! Oh, wait, no.. You hit it on it's head. Crap.
I had recently saved this chapter from my old PC and started working on it because I had been doubled teamed by Survivor-ish things on TV inspiring me (Total Drama Island and the new season of Survivor. Ken, the worlds best Smasher is/was on it! I wish him luck! Unless he was voted out already... I haven't seen it in a while) But, it became sooo hard to work on just ONE story I could barely bounce between two. But this story is alive again, I have started to write more on it. So if you enjoyed this story, have hope! I haven't forgotten :)

Fear Itself
Current Status: Murdered. Shot dead. Infront of Children. :(
Yeah, this story MIGHT get re-done if I can regain my plot. Which means, change it around. And to stop the e-mails, IT WAS MEWTWO PEOPLE! MEWTWO DID IT!

A Pyschic's Quest
Current Status: Lost in the World of no-reviews.
I HAVE a plot for this story. Its just the chapter that I poured my heart and soul into to give me inspriation got like... less then 20 hits and only 2 reviews. I know thats like.. expecting too much, but it just left a bad taste in my mouth and I don't think I'm going to return to this story. (X-men were suppose to show up, btw. Hawt, I know, it kicks ASS) Not to mention, I lost the inspriation anyway lol.

Current Status: Stranded in another computer D:!!
I played .hack GU games.
I'm watching the anime.
It made me write a super smash brothers story.
The next chapter is, like my Survivor story, stuck on my other PC.

The Tradgey of Macbeth
Current Status: Jumbled mess
I've been trying to work on Act two, I have. But it's just... UGH! I hate it. It sucks this chapter, atleast as far as I'm up too. It's not as funny as I wanted it to be. I'll try to get it done though, don't worry.

Get a Job!
Current Status: Stranded in another computer D:!!
Yes, how could I have forgotten this story. Like two of my other ones, its stuck on a different PC that isn't in use atm. You're going to have to wait a while for another chapter. This was orginally a gift fic to someone, so I don't know if I should keep going with it. But regardless, the cameo in LOGIN #13 is the closes thing to a second chapter your getting so far ;D

Stories Planned:
Super Smash Brothers: ONLINE - Second Access
Current Status: Brain Child :3
If you haven't already notice, I'm focusing alot of time in on the SSBO story. Pretty much nothing will get done until thats finished. However, there is another story coming up that fans of the story might be interested in, Secound Access. It's NOT a sequeal, there is no way I'm looking THAT far ahead. Second Access is a side story, it's going to follow the events of other players who aren't as important in the main story. Like some of the smashers who are seen here and there, but vanish for like 10 chapters at a time. Also, many characters from Brawl will be showing up here (since adding more characters to the main story will screw it up). Pretty much their going to be going hand and hand with each other, and it may clear up some confusing things in the orginal story. If you read very closely, there have already been some points in the orginal story where characters who will be important in the side story have already appeared (Don't read too much into that, I only think I did it twice as of now.)

The first chapter is about... well, pretty close to done. I'm most likely going to post it after the main characters of Second Access have appeared in the orginal story. From there, I'll update it (much, much less then the orginal story, maybe 1 chapter for every 5, AT BEST) in my spare time. It's more then likely going to be much shorter then the orignal, but it won't end before SSBO will , for obvious reasons. (Rather not give away the ending hehe). And just incase your wondering, its not like a re-telling, its a brand new story with a new plot.

I'll announce it in the chapter the main characters appear in (which should be in maybe... 4-5 more chapters) and likely post it a bit after. Should I give some spoilers? Hmmmmm... Okay, sure. The main character will be Fox. But thats all I'm saying right now!

The OC
Since everyone's got them, I've just gotta add mine also.

Morgan of the Solar Ray
Appearance: Appears like a Human, but in her true form she gains angel wings. Has long, shiny, blonde hair that reaches her wasit. Blue eyes that twinkle like stars in space.Wears a long silver dress that the light can shine through, giving her an angelic apperance that cuts off around her perfectly shaped ankles and her golden pair of heels.
Race: Lurian (From the planet Luria)
Powers: Flight, Super Human Strenght, Her Beauty makes men fall to their knees, She can not be pyhsically hurt, only emotionally. Men will weep upon seeing her cry.
Weapon of Choice: Staff or her beauty.
Discription: Morgan was once the princess of the utopian planet of Luria. One day, Master Hand, in search of the fabled Jewel of Ario, came to Luria and brought war and pain upon the planet. Morgan's father rode to fight Master Hand, but not before placing a spell on the jewel so that only the beautiful, wise, kind, loving and compassionate of the planet could gain the stone. Master Hand killed her father, and when he went to get the stone, she stood before him and was defeated. However, after Master Hand could not gain the stone, she herself ran forward and took it, gaining all of her amazing and unbeatable powers. In a last ditch effort, she flew away, escaping Master Hand's wrath as he destroyed Luria. She now is searching for Master Hand to destroy him.
First Appeared in: "The Greatest ActionAdventure Story with a bit of (Angst and Romance Ever!)"
Most Recentally appeared in: "The Greatest ActionAdventure Story with a bit of (Angst and Romance Ever!)"
Created By: Luigi

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If I get one of those flames, let me just let you know that unless you've written a story, don't even bother wasting your time typing and thinking of fun ways to insult me or the story. Your flame will not be taken seriously or most likely even looked at again. Infact, it will help. It will go to my LOTR story and help me light the beacons. Instead, go do something more productive. Jerk off or something.

I could care less if you insist that just because YOU think this story is bad, for reasons far beyond anyone's logic (because it's likely you've never even considered writing a story, let alone post one). I mean, are you an English teacher or something? No, right? So you have no right to say someone's work is trash if you don't have anything to back up and say, "Well, here's a story I made. Yours isn't as good.", then you really have no idea what you're talking about. And if you are an English teacher - what the heck are you doing on a website for fanfictions critizing authors? I mean, seriously, I bet NO flamer has any type of education that gives them any right to say whos work sucks and doesn't suck, BESIDES basing on your own opinion. And I'm sorry to say, that while you may think that "just b/c ur stori has 300 reviews, I say it sux and it does!!1! They all hv bad taste lol!" if the story is as bad as you say it is, then no one would be reviewing. Something thats not good in your eyes is decent to someone else. So it means really you're the one with bad tastes. Needing to flame people to keep yourselfs busy for an hour or so.

And for the record, I have not been flamed recently (as in recently, I mean this new surge of profiles bent JUST around flaming). Am I doing this as a warning to flamers? I doubt they'd read my profile anyway. But I'm just setting the record straight. If you dislike a story you can review the story saying you don't like it very much and prehaps gives pointers to make it better. You don't need to bullshit about how the story makes your eyes bleed and how the author should kill themselves. You don't need to mock the author just because you didn't like their work. I will never respect those type of people and thats why I'm not gonna even pay attention to them outside of this little rant here.

So ya... I still need flames for my beacons. Cause Gandalf/Bowser is getting cold.

Notes on Pokemon Trainer and reasons to fear SSBB:
08/13/07 (Updated: 02/05/08)

If he shows up in my story, he's gonna be called Red :3

It's been about a month since I played it.
My opinions are still the same on the characters:
Mewtwo is better then Lucario, regardless.
Toon Link and Ganondorf should have had their own moves.
Would rather other characters in over R.O.B.
I do love the robot though.

My mains have changed a bit too.
I'm a bit pissed off at how shafted EarthBound got.
They cut out like all of our music, and got crap for trophies.
I like it overall.

Brawl Mains: Ness, Lucas, Mr. Game & Watch, Olimar, Kirby.
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Fear Itself reviews
Rated PG-13 for...scary sceens? Meh...A murderer is in the Smashers house...so people will be dying. Don't read if you don't to see people die! Hehe.
Super Smash Brothers - Rated: T - English - Horror/Mystery - Chapters: 11 - Words: 17,484 - Reviews: 109 - Favs: 24 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 9/10/2004 - Published: 6/27/2004