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I just changed the names for most of my stories as some of them were so scarily lame. They're still lame, but hopefully less so. But seriously, 'The End of All things????" Pshaw...

Name- Bonnie (known to my friends as Bonelda-fish, Bonster Monster, Bon Bon, Butt Freak, Bontilda the Hun…)
Gender- Female incase my name wasn’t enough of a hint
Age- 16, Junior in high school

~On writing fan fiction~*
I never planned on writing for this site. I've always loved to write, particularly since I met Ailenroc and Rinnington, but to me fan fiction was always for losers who couldn’t get ideas of their own (I've changed- don’t kill me!). For awhile I worked on original fiction, but after my computer bombed and deleted my 134 page story and I realized my characters had serious issues, I gave that a rest and I stopped writing for awhile. However, I soon started a story about my friends and I and our adventures in Hogwarts (It’s called The Hogwarts Project, and it’s on this site but under my other username, and I have changed the names). As I consider myself to be a rather cynical person, I soon became obsessed with writing about our adventures; it was the perfect way to exploit my friend’s worst faults without getting in trouble as I did it all in a comic style.

Not-so-soon after beginning this, I began to consider writing serious fan fiction. I loved Sirius, and I really wanted to know his character better, and so I began to think about certain things mentioned in the book, yet not really described. This led me to think about other characters, and their points of view. And so I started writing fan fiction.

While the Harry Potter books are not my favorites (Lord of the Rings holds that position), they’re #2. However, I don’t have any plans to write Lord of the Rings fan fiction. While they are excellent books, everything is so complete in an way, and the characters aren’t really human (even in the emotion sense) that I feel that it’s near impossible to write a good fan fiction that will actually add to the books. This is not meant to offend any lotr fan fictioners, this is merely my opinion, and I’m sure there are some great fan fictions out there. Harry Potter, on the other hand, introduces many characters, yet only really focuses on a couple, and so many ends are interpretable, which makes it fairly easy to come up with an idea to write about. As you will see, my stories will mainly revolve around MWPP. This is because, as Rinnington put it (she always manages to put my thoughts into words) “I avoid trio fiction, mainly because the events of Harry's life are so complicated that I don't want to hear it from anyone except JKR herself. But I love writing MWPP, because it's like we have the background story, and fanfic writers have to connect the dots and color in the picture. Plus I have a crush on Remus.” Well, I have a crush on Sirius, but for the most part, what she says is the way I feel ^_^

~On Shipping~*

I don’t really like to write about couples and that kind of stuff. Not because there aren’t any couples I don’t like, merely because I’m still uncomfortable with actually writing ships, as I don’t have much experience in the area and I always sound crazy when I try writing romances. Helen of Troy is my one exception to the whole “I don’t like writing Romances.” I find Helen a fascinating fictional character, and I wanted to write something about her, so much that I put aside some of my feelings.
Note- I don’t mind reading romance ficlets, in fact, I oftentimes enjoy them, as long as they’re good. The only romances I can’t stand are ones that are completely insane (Remus/Tonks) and slashy ones. While I do not have any problems with homosexuality, I hate reading stories about say, Sirius/ Remus. This is because it’s impossible, to me. I don’t mind reading slash stories as long as they’re realistic (like if the characters are homosexuals in the books), but I just can’t stand made up slash couples. The other kind of shipping I can’t stand are things like giant squid/Hedwig. And yes, I have actually seen that, and I have the brain damage to prove it ^_^

Favorite Characters
The Trio
Peter- so he’s a “bad guy” but I find him fascinating
Tom Riddle- “…”
Severus Snape- He’s such a complex character. He’s so snarky he’s hilarious, and he’s very mysterious. Can’t wait to find out more about him!

Least Favorite Characters
Umbridge- HATED her, but she was an interesting bad guy

Malfoy- This is for all Malfoys. I despise them all. Yes, there are a lot of Draco Lovers out there, but I think they’re all into Tom Felton ^_^

Bellatrix- while she is an interesting character, she killed my Sirius and so I despise her. However, I hope to write a fan fiction about her

Cho- As Rinnington said (these are from her profile btw, which mirrors my thoughts exactly) “She is the representation of every annoying female stereotype men seem to have. She's impossible to predict and will fly off the handle at anything, plus she gets jealous at the single mention of a female friend. I know JKR made her like this to show Harry's inability to understand girls at this point, and I know she's troubled over Cedric, but either date Harry because you like Harry, or don't. It's pretty stupid to subject him to all your Cedric woes. Missing your boyfriend is understandable, but if you aren't ready for another boyfriend, don't get one yet. And give Harry a little credit, please?”

Helen of Troy- This is my take on Helen’s life. I started it in 3rd person, but I got tired of it so I changed in chapter 3. I've always been interested in Helen. She started a friggin war! So, here are my ideas of what was going on in her mind. This has taken sooooo much research *sighs*. I've lost a lot of interest in this story, but I'll update soon (hopefully) IN PROGRESS

The Dog and the Rat- This is the first scene from Harry Potter I decided to elaborate on. Of course, it centers on Sirius, but it’s not very flattering. It is about Sirius’s last days in Azkaban, when he meets Fudge and escapes. I’m pretty happy with this overall, but I would like to edit it sometime. FINISHED

The End of All Things- This is one of my favorite stories so far. It’s about Sirius (big surprise) and his thoughts on the night he was murdered. I really enjoyed writing this, and I ended up crying towards the end. Why did he have to die? I have added a second chapter to this about Remus’s reflections, and my own opinions on Sirius’s “death.” I personally think that this story is better without the second chapter, but… if you want to read it, you’ll learn my opinions through Remus and Alastor. Sorry about the name, I do realize it’s crap but I can’t think of anything else! FINISHED

The Honored Son- (Origionally I, Regulus)Regulus Black was mentioned only briefly in OotP, and as he was related to my Sirius, and he was an intriguing character, I decided to explore his story. The story begins at around the time when Sirius runs away, and though I will include some Hogwarts time, I will mainly center on his fall towards the dark side and his failed bid for freedom. I’m really looking forward to writing some of the later chapter! IN PROGRESS

Until the End- This is my favorite story I’m working on, and the one I will probably be updating most. When I first read about Peter Pettigrew, I instinctively hated him, but after several heated discussions with Rinnington, I came around. He is a brutally realistic character in Harry Potter. While most of us would like to think we’d be all strong and mighty like James and Sirius, I think many would end up protecting their own skins like Peter did. So I decided to write a fic about Peter, exploring his actions. The story begins when he becomes the Potters secret keepers, and I’m not sure where it will end yet. O.K, I was listening to the ROTK soundtrack (best ever) and I got the name from one of the tracks. I realize it’s lame but… sorry. IN PROGRESS

Jameo and Lilyette
Parody of the whole James is an auror, but Lily’s a deatheater thing. I love writing this one, but I’m having issues with the second chaptor. Again, had to get across the patheticness of the story and so this is what you get. IN PROGRESS

Mary Sue and a Pirate of the Carribean- This is a parody of the whole Elizabeth has a long lost sister who captures the heart of Jack Sparrow. I play on a lot of stereotypes for the characters in this one, and it made me incredibly sad to be so mean to Norrington. I personally don't think it's that funny, but Alienroc thought it was so I decided to post it. I promise later chapters will be better!

Other stuff I’m working on/ hope to write—
An Indiana Jones parody
MWPP stuff, but I don’t have any ideas for these at the moment…

Well, if you’ve gotten this far, you must have a lot of free time ^_~

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