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Author has written 4 stories for My Little Pony, Minecraft, Hunger Games, Tangled, x-men, and Rise of the Guardians.

Hey all my fans!!! Hope you enjoy my stories!!!!


nickname: monkey

fav colors: purple and blue

fav song: pompeii

fav animal: monkey

hobbies: writing, drawing,minecraft,xbox games,watching movies, and roblox

fav games: minecraft, disney infinity, roblox

fav stories (on Fan fiction): a minecraft love story, homeless, the labyrinth, White Wedding.

fav books: hunger games, unwanteds, Twilight.


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Now For My OCs!

name: Katlin


gender: girl

personality: nice, shy, geeky, tomboy, sensitive, smart, funny, cute

clothing: glasses, green shirt, red hoodie sweatshirt (dosent where hood unless raining), blue ripped jeans, brown combat boots, brown hair

likes: video games and books

loves: computers and pranks

hates: when boys flirt with her

fav color: green

Name: Jake

age: 17


Personality: Brave, confident, strong, nice, loyal, short tempered, cute

clothing: white short sleeve shirt, brown hair that sags to his eyes, black ripped jeans, shark tooth necklace that his dad gave him (his dad died), black vans.

likes: football (captain of the football team)

loves: cute girls and parties

hates: when a girl turns him down or if his football team loses

fav color: red

That's all about me! Or is it? Stay tuned for more of my stories, OCs, copy and pastes, and awesome sauce stuff like that! I posted Tangled In The Cold! Hope you guys like it. I will add my schedule right below here! So scroll down!#awesome!

mondays: none because of something else(duh duh duhnn!)

tuesdays: Tangled In The Cold then Herobrine

wednesdays: Pony Tales And The History Of Equestria (to make it shorter, let's make it P.T.A.T.H.O.E.)

thursdays: Tangled In The Cold then Herobrine

fridays: also because of something mysterious

Saturdays: Mutant Games then P.T.A.T.H.O.E.

sundays: my break!

please remember, I can't always keep up my schedule! I'm a human! I got things to see and places to go! And STUPID STUPID SCHOOL! If I do slip up, please forgive me. THX! :D XD


Remeber, come to the dork side, we have PURPLE PIES!

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