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Hey! I'm back! Been offline for five months, hence the hiatus on 'And I Feel Fine'. I really do feel fine now the problems are sorted out!

Stuff about me. . . I write mostly X-Men Evolution fictions but I read other kinds too. I play the guitar - badly. I'm insanely addicted to pepperoni pizza, cherry coke and cigarettes. Um, I read a lot and spend far too much money on comic books and I've been half way through painting my place for the last six months.

My Fanfics

THE CURE - Complete! A Rietro and my first fic.

MANIPULATING EVOLUTION - Complete! I got to thinking one day about Jean and her impact in the X-Men. Then I wondered what would happen if she'd gone evil and decided to write about it. The fic got madly out of control with Jean getting increasingly corrupt. Probably the best thing I've ever written.

POWER9 - Complete! The most reviewed thing I've ever written. Basically, the water supply in Bayville gets poisoned and all the mutants begin singing to each other. An excuse for me to put together the most bizarre couples I could think of!

DROWNING IN YOU - Complete! The follow-up to Manipulating Evolution. I did something bad at the end of the first fic and left it as a cliffie set at about the middle of series 3. This is to answer the questions I left open in the first fic. Not as well reviewed as the first but still highly praised and I personally found the changes to the episodes that I made a lot of fun to do!

UNPREDICTABLE - Complete! A Jeance, because I've found a great affection for this pairing. Set about five years after the end of series 4, it was fun to see how the mutants lives had changed and also play some more with an aspect of the comics that we didn't see so much of in the cartoons, namely the mutant/human conflicts.

15 FIRST DATES - Complete! An excuse for Scott torture. I thought it might be fun to see what would happen if he was dating different girls in the X-universe and how that might happen. My first real attempt at the Forge-machines-not-working-properly type of fic!

VIVA LOST WAGES - Complete! The X-Men and Brotherhood go to Vegas for a weekend. Contains rampant alcoholism, sex and the insanity of the instructors.

AND I FEEL FINE - In progress. I've always wanted to try a huge epic end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it type fic and in January I decided to do it, thinking it would take all year. However, a five month hiatus due to computer problems scuppered that idea! So it may take a little longer or be a little shorter than planned. I hope not, the writing of this is keeping me sane. I get to dance on the grave of the world andya know what? It's fun! Contains major character death, OCs and comic book characters, all the stuff I've never really tried before.

Evo-over 18 fics

BATHNIGHT - Complete! One-shot featuring Logan and Wanda.

PERFECTLY IMPULSIVE - Complete! One-shot Jeance.

THAT FIC WITH THE CARROT - Complete! A reply to the cookery fic challenge.

PROJECTION/ PISTACHIO - Complete! Just a random oneshot that ended up having a sequel. Jean worries about what would happen if she lost control of her powers and began putting her thoughts in other peoples mind. Then she has a fantasy about Logan ;)

WHEN WE GROW UP - Complete! Twincest, with my fave habit of warping the episodes to suit my own twisted ideas.

CUPID WORE SHADES - Complete!Not smutty really, but what the hell. Scott and Jean have a bet on whether or not Scotty can fix up several of the couples in the Institute.

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