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Who reads these things anyway? Oh, I do...well, on that note then:

About Me: I'm thirteen, tallish, standing at about five six or seven, I have dirty blonde hair, green eyes, a perverted sense of humor, a passion for writing and reading (my teacher was mad at me, I asked him if I could write an alternate ending for a required reading rather then the compare/contrast essay. I wrote both and turned them in), obbsessions with all of Tamora Pierce's works, all of JKR's, the Anita Blake series, (what I could read of them anyway. can't believe she went with the smut. dumb woman), Laurie R Kings work is good, and yeah, on to the faves? oh dear...this may take awhile.

Favorite Books; Just listed them up there, but oh well:
The Song of the Lioness Series, Tamora Pierce
The Immortals Series, Tamora Pierce
The Protector of the Small, Tamora Pierce
The Harry Potter Series, JKR
Guilty Pleasures - Blue Moon, (I hate her name, I can't spell it) Laurrell K Hammilton
The Beekeeperes Apprentice, A Monsterous Regiment of Woman, A Letter of Mary, The Moor, O Jerusalem, and Justice Hall, Laurie R King
Blood and Chocolate, The Silver Kiss, Annette Kurtis Clause

Favorite Bands:
Likin Park
Simple Plan
Blink 182
Alan Jackson (Yep, that's me, Rock and Country Gal)
Kenny Chesney
Uncle Kracker (Love his duet with Kenny, When the Sun Goes Down, great song. want CD desperately)
Toby Kieth
and lots more.

Happy Anniversary Magelet: Finished, One-Shot. Little bit of Fluff on Daine and Numairs Anniversary.

Wild Mage: WIP. Daine amd Numair are the key (yet again) to solving a problem that is bigger then they are. Much passing between the Realms, lots of chats with the People, and Immortals galore.

(Am I not updating? Oops. Told you they'd be sporodic! *ducks rotten food* OKAY! I'll update soon! Ish! ACK!)
Fics to Come:

Loving Your Best Friend: Tentative title. Sucky one too. Its a KelNeal because I like them! Ha! I will tell you some of the things it involves, if not the plot. Hehe.

LYBF Involves:
A Betrayed Domitan
A Betrayed Nealan
A Befuddled Sir Raoul
A Confused Alanna With A Big Knife
A Broken Glaive
A Angry Peachblossom
A Neal With a Big Bruise
and much, much more...

Ships I Sail With:

And because I think music helps define a person, wether you write it, sing it, or listen to it, my Random Lyric (or bit of the lyrics, anyway) of the Month:
So, so you think you can tell/ Heaven from Hell?/ Blue skies from pain/Can you tell a green feild/ From a cold steel rail?/ A smile from a viel/ So you think you can tell.

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Wild Mage reviews
‘Have I not told you the of unrest in the Divine Realms?’ His mind voice said angrily, ‘Have you not felt it, in the animals, the immortals? Things are changing, Wild Mage, things not even the Great Gods can control!’
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