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Author has written 8 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, Metroid, and Fairy Tail.

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The Current Poll:

A query of which of the copy cat robots from the Sonic series is the most interesting to you, personally. Feel free to PM why you find said copy cat interesting!

Music You Need to Hear:

Immortals (Fall Out Boy)

Supposedly from the soundtrack of the Big Hero Six movie, I've yet to watch the flick myself. However, this song made it's way to me recently. And I love it.

The beat is fantastic, and gives me a very... shall I say jungle vibe? The video itself adds to the value of the theme of the song. Vinyl still sells today, and those artists' work is immortal.

Give it a listen, see what you think.

Who is this curious one?

I am the Divine Angle, but you may call me Mr Angle if you so wish. I'm not picky on nicknames.

I joined the site at a time I was very much into writing, and also had a lot of free time. Fanfiction presented itself as an interesting opportunity. It was a way to theoretically improve my writing skills, and made itself known as an interesting hobby of sorts. Writing is something I enjoy, and there are pre-existing fandoms that I love to bits. Fanfiction also proves itself to be an ingenious platform, as it becomes incredibly easy for the writer to connect with the readers and vice-versa. While I feel writers are more taken for granted in the Fanfiction community, it's the effect of the platform, and the effect of a lot of Fanfic being unreadable or unenjoyable drivel that causes it.

Still, I enjoy it. Writing is fun, and I like reviewing.

What does this one do?

I primarily write Sonic fanfic, and review fics of the same. The rate at which I do both is incredibly infrequent, as I have become a lot busier than I initially was when I joined. Updates of ongoing fics usually happens in a staggered series of being close together, and then can go up to two weeks easily without being touched again. It's a bad habit, but it's what my time allows for. There's also the fact that I don't want to have unfitting content upon my profile. If it isn't of the best quality I can muster, it shouldn't be here.

Reviews happen sporadically. I only click on a fic to read if it looks interesting from the outside, and only review if I feel like my review could help, or if the story is hurting for reviews. As of 2015, I will no longer waste time with fics that from the outside seem to be of obviously low quality. Reading and reviewing something I don't enjoy is a waste of time I could be using in other ways. I do review upon request, but I'm an honest fellow, so expect nothing less than an honest review.

What is this one working on right now?

Currently working on the following fics:

Hericide: A fic about Shadow. Doing Shadow-like things, and what have you. A complicated story I'm going to try to tell that takes place immediately after Shadow the Hedgehog.

Eternal Engine Zone: A horror fic I'm working on that shouldn't last more than four chapters Is probably going to take forever to finish. The first one is up, but as it is horror, and M rated to boot, proceed with caution. Set in a factory, and focusing entirely on Sonic and Eggman.

Currently Untitled Fic: Not yet decided on a title, but a fic that focuses on many robots created by Eggman and otherwise as they try to make do with what they have once they've been abandoned.

Who and what does this one fav, and why?

Favoriting something is not a choice taken lightly. When you favorite an author or story, you're saying it's one of your favorite things on the site ever. It's a commitment, and if you take it off the favorite list, you look like a jerk, really.

The methods by which I decide to favorite or not is based on the following;

Authors: The author has proven themselves fully capable of producing quality work consistently. No need to be quick about it, but if I read and enjoy most everything they publish, that should earn them a spot on the favorite list. It also helps when the bulk of the works on the author's profile are of high quality already. Further brownie points will be rewarded to friends that I speak to often, but the prerequisite is being a good author.

Stories: It must be a story that I would go back to read again regularly, or at least every few months. If I find myself revisiting it a few times a year, it's probably on my fav list, or it's about to be.

I don't fav things often, and primarily because of the above, but also because; The more it's done by one individual, the less meaningful it is.

What should one expect from this one, character wise?

Characters I like and don't like changes from time to time, to be frank about it. Currently, I find myself a fan of Knuckles, and Eggman. Knuckles is a fun little hermit to mess with, and there seems to be endless ways to write Eggman. They're both too much fun to work with, but I've yet to think of a way to focus a fic on the two.


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