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Okay, let's get this out of the way, first. I enjoy Lizzie McGuire, and you won't have to read too far into my work before you realize I'm a fan of Buffy, too. But my fiction here will concentrate on Lizzie, mostly because there's already about 30 bajillion Buffy stories, and even I couldn't find my own stuff, over there.

This is what's now being called the KISAverse. All of the stories here tell one tale, about the same characters, in the same "universe." I've tried my best to be faithful to the canon of the original adventures. Where we've been forced on the rare occasion to deviate from the series, we'll provide you with explanations for why what you thought you saw isn't the way it really happened.

If you're looking here for a list of my favorite matches, what pairings you'll see me writing about, you're going to be disappointed. I don't have favorite pairings; I like good pairings. So I'm not going to tell you here who's hooking up with whom.

There are some things that you can look for in these stories.

1. There will always be an element of "everything is not what it appears to be." You may think you've got a pretty good idea of just where the story is headed, or even what it's about, but somewhere around the middle of the story, you'll find your expectations sidetracked, if I've done my job well.

2. I have an obsession with the Damsel in Distress. There will always be an element of danger to one of our lovely lasses. If you're looking for a story of how Lizzie found that perfect prom dress, I'm not your guy (Unless, of course, she's thrown in jail, when the shopowner mistakenly believes she's a shoplifter...hmmmmm). Now don't take that to mean that our Damsel must be saved by the Fair Hero. Our Damsel is just as likely to save herself. But at some point, she must be in Distress, or it's not a Dr. Strange story.

3. I abhor the cliche. It's another obsession of mine that if something has been done enough times to qualify as a cliche, it must be smashed and abolished, even if it's a good cliche. If everyone is absolutely sure about what's going to happen next, I must do the opposite. I don't ever want the reader to be certain about "next." There must be uncertainty in the reader's mind. I can't promise you that the events I'll share with you have never been done before; I can promise you that they haven't been done to death.

4. These stories will deal with mature issues. That doesn't just mean sex, although we'll never shy away from sex. Once you've read Knight In Shining Armor, the first story in the KISAverse, you'll understand that we won't shy away from anything, until realizes what we're doing here, and shuts us down.

5. I write teen angst, and it's the kind that hurts. It's supposed to hurt.

Okay, that covers the basics. I wrote all that, just to have a profile, but also to have a page where I could introduce the forum.

I despise 's efforts to limit the interaction between the writer and the reader. What's the purpose of a fan fiction site that places so many obstacles to how many comments any one person can leave on a story or an idea? You can only leave one comment per chapter, even anonymously. Even the writer can only post one reply per chapter. If a reviewer asks a good question, sure the writer can zip off an email in reply, but what if everyone else is interested in the answer, too? There is no opportunity for a public dialog, or polylog, if you will.

Until now.

I'm excited to see FF net offering forums (fora?). So I'm going to try opening up a forum where readers can discuss or criticize or question elements in the stories you see here. I know it sounds horribly egotistical of me, but I don't care. I want to give readers the opportunity to express themselves in more than one single review, if they feel the urge.

And one other thing. I remain impressed and appreciative of how thought-provoking all of the reviews of these stories are. It assures me that readers are actually giving a lot of thought to what they're reading here, and I'm humbly blessed by it.

Thanks, guys, and I hope you enjoy my stories.

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