Yoda Clones
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Okay, this is a joint account for five fanfiction users: gollumeyes, Jedi from Rohan, Celebrian Peredhil, Elf with a lightsaber, and Jandalf the Orange. We will all be posting stories on this ID name, and they will be written mainly by two, three, or all of us... some are written by one person only however. It is recommended that you read stories by our single users too... it might be useful.
Our trademark is the Medal Pole, so do not be alarmed if it appears in stories by us!

Elf with a Lightsaber: Hey, cool, I'm the first on to write on here! HEY, DENAL, LOOK! Um, ehem. Yah. Did you all know that it is a conspiracy! HA! HA! I'M WEIRD. Okay, I'm the weird and random writer here... though Celebrian is too... I like conspiracies too, if you haven't noticed. My name is Eowyn Skywalker... you killed my father... Oh, umm... la de da... Yes, I invented the medal pole too... it appears in the Candies of Doom chapter Six of Seven and What happens when you give Gimli Fireworks, by Elf with a lightsaber! Search them out! NAMARIE! YODA CLONES! WEEE! Oh, and the Yoda Clone are actually Jandalf the Orange's, not ours. I borrowed the idea from her... she doesn't mind.

Jedi from Rohan: I'm the only one here with sense... the Elf above is well... weird. I, however, make sense... sorta. Read our stories and you'll see the difference. Um, I can be hyper, but I don't usually write hyper... trust me... I do not write weird stuff... You see, but you do not see...

Elf with a lightsaber: Maybe some of the others will write in later... maybe. Unless we scared them away.

Jedi from Rohan: That's likely.
Hey, abbreviations! Jedi: that's Jedi from Rohan. Lightsaber elf: Guess. Elf with a lightsaber. gollumeyes: Um... can't shorten hers. Celebrian: Celebrian Peredhil. If they don't like these, then you can change them later.
Lightsaber elf: It's still a conspiracy. A quote from me (Please don't delete this, Denal) Always remember that it is a conspiracy, and never play with lightsabers unless you wish it to become a conspiracy. Savvy?

Jedi: Hey, a quote from me: I am not your father... I am no one's father. Are you frightened yet?

Lightsaber elf: CONSPIRACY!

Jedi: Yah, whatever. I have a bad feeling about this.

Lightsaber elf: As long as no one gets ahold of ducttape we'll be fine... Hey, did you know that I stole Yoda's lightsaber!

Jedi elf: Blah, the clones won't appear. We usually do the clone thing, that's where our name comes from.

Jandalf the Orange: 'Allo, people! Guess who just joined Yoda Clones! (crickets chirp) Erm...OK, then. Ah, well...I'm not really a clone...but I am a Jedi. And a Sith. And a wizard. And insane. In case you hadn't guessed.
I stole Obi-Wan's lightsaber. So there. Anyhooz, I must away for now, but we shall meet again...NORA LIM, SHADOWFAX! ...HEY, SHADOWFAX! I SAID, NORA LIM! (five hours later) Where in all nine hells of Kessel is that horse, anyway? Erm...Namarie; looks like I'll be walking.

Elf with a lightsaber: Welcome our NEWEST clone... JANDALF THE ORANGE! What, why is everyone staring at me. Oh, and Jandalf... I kinda ate Shadowfax... um, that's why she's not coming... sorry.


Elf with a lightsaber: What else... (Crickets) Grrrrrrrrr... Oh, and I have Obi-Wan's OTHER lightsaber... heh heh... MEDAL POLE OF DOOM!

Jedi: (Rolls eyes) Welcome Jandalf, everyone...

Elf with a lightsaber: Am I the only one who's writing on here! Can someone else please write something? PLEASE?

Jedi: The homepage is mine, elf's, and Celebrian's board thingy, and it's still in the making, but check it out if you'd like. It's and RPG, fanfiction, LOTR, SW, Matirx discussion thingy. Namarie for now.
Elf with a lightsaber: Guess what... the newest story, Paint Wars: The Garlic Menace... was wrote by Jandalf and I! bHey, can I put code in here?/b


Elf (Umm... Tiana?): GACK! MASTER, YOU ARE CHOAKING ME! Are you sure you want him in this manner now...?... garlic?

Jedi (Alenece Jade): AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHH! Hey, I have an Idea! Let's all get names too!

Elf (Tiana): Um, right. Okay, I dub myself Tiana the Padawan from the Paint Wars series... after all I AM her! You can be Alenece Jade, Jedi Knight, Jedi from Rohan. Jandalf is well... Jandalf. Hmmm, Celebrian I think is stll Celebrian... and I tihnk that gollumeyes... she's Jill Sparrow... if she posts. Hmm, let's all just be random from now on. RPG!

Je...erm, Alenece: Whatever. Now, no more eating Shadowfax, or whatever.

Tiana: You can't boss me around, you are not my master!


Tiana: Sigh...Oh, I don't eat horse anymore. Garlic laced with Arsinic, anyone?

Alenece: I am so going to throw you down a laundry chute, with Jandalf's consent, of course...

Tiana: Where's that shaving cream when I need it.


Jandalf: Heh. I am General Master Jandalf. And, Alenece...go ahead and throw 'er down the chute. (to Tiana) That'll teach you to go around eating wizards' horses like that. And keep the stupid garlic to yourself!

Tiana: But, MASTER!

Alenece: Isn't this a Bio, and not an RPG?

Tiana: shrugs Do I care? RPGing is fun!

Alenece: Sigh... carry on...

Tiana: I removed the part that was in here due to the fact that I got... rather mad.. heh heh heh.

Alenece: I changed my name to Eowyn Skywalker!

Tiana: That's my name... sigh. Hey, we have another member of the Yoda Clones... meet Trinity Sandlover, the Clone with the Gun! She and I are co-writing a Matrix spoof about some... interesting things... heh heh heh... dots insuse TRINITY (Sandlover is her ff.net user name) POST IN HERE AND LET US KNOW THAT YOU LIVE!

Alenece: It's ALIVE, I TELL YOU! Oooo... look... italics!

Jandalf: Sigh...WHERE ARE YOU, SANDLOVER? I moo in bold.

Tiana: WHERE ART THOU, YODA CLONES! Oh well... sigh... growls Must... write... more... Paint Wars... sigh... NOW you see why I said not to do it in script, my dear Jandalfsee the new fanfiction rulings... sigh...

Jandalf: Oh, aye. I saw that now. Okay...THE EPIC WEDDING CONCLUSION OF PAINT WARS IS COMING TO A FANFICTION PAGE NEAR YOU...right about now. Heh heh heh.

Tiana: The Sequel just came to the same page too... heh. LOTG IS UP! DOOM, I TELL YOU... well... not doom, just Shadows...

Later: Tiana: New Yoda Clone, everyone! Meet my Padawan, Forcaaka Padmé Evenstar! We're co-writing a sequel to LotG!

Forca: Yes, that's me! Padmé Evenstar, individual writer, part of the Jedi Hobbit duo, now a Yoda Clone, and also Tiana's new freakily attuned Jedi Padawan! Wow, a lot. Anyhow, I finally got into the account...forgot the e-mail address for a while...anyway. Thanks for making me a Yoda Clone, Master! hugs Master BEWARE THE RED DYE!

Tiana: (wants to warp the profile here, but doesn't know what'll happen if she removes all our random babble) (hugs Padawan back)

Jandalf: Heh. You guys are crazy. Mmmmmmmm...peanuts.

Tiana: Reasons why we SHOULDN'T be? Don't say "you guys" like that, Masteryou're always going to be my Master. Just because I have a Padawan now... doesn't mean we're no longer the insane duo here... by the way, I think this profile is far too long. Can we just delete all this, and start anew with a piece from all us Clones about ourselves?

Forca: Sounds good to me... Jandalf, will you please pass the peanuts?

Jandalf: Oh, most certainly, my dear pseudo-daughter. Here you go. (gives her another bag) Yeah...perhaps we should start this thing over...but save what we've done, okay, Padawan?

Forca: eats peanuts happily

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