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Hi, I'm a 16 year old junior in High School, although I'm currently living in Europe fufilling the European lifestyle.
-I enjoy various activities such as soccer, horsebackriding and swimming.
-I LOVE David Sedaris, and if I could be as good as he is at being a neurotic, 40-something year old gay man, I would probably be one.
-I like to pretend I know three languages and wish I could say more outrageous things in Klingana, or something.
-My biggest secret is probably that I write fanfiction. I suppose people don't really expect a kid like me to do something so... um nerdy, but I do. I love to write, and I love to make people laugh. No excuses.


"One time he was tracking this real cow, Victoria, and he misjudged it so badly that he ended up in Argentina, while she had a real good time of it up in good old Forks. I’ve always felt that his lack of skill in this area stemmed from the fact that Edward had never even seen dirt before he was changed, much less slept in it."

-from T A B O O, chapter 2. Emmett POV.

The apple is still there. It’s really stupid this resentment, this teenage angst all being thrown against the unsuspecting product of Nature’s goddamned goodness. Maybe it’s just that I’ve been a teenager for too long, and I’m way too comfortable with hormonal mood swings.

Or maybe I’m actually crazy.

Either way, I’m not sure it matters. Neither of those statements actually matters in the long run. 2,000 years from now, nothing will have changed. Maybe I’ll have become more adept at imitating them, but apart from that, they will be resounding in my head for the rest of eternity, unintentionally mocking me with the inane normality they concern themselves with everyday.

-from T H E M O T H A N D T H E F L A M E, one shot, Edward POV

P R E V I E W S !

"Besides, everyone deserves a Rolls-Royce sometimes.”

Bella snorted and leaned back.

“ That sounds distinctly like something only a gangster would say.”

“ Well, yes-but damn, it feels good to be a gangsta’!”

Bella looked at him, mouth agape, and then burst into laughter. “ Did you really just reference ‘popular culture’?” She leaned weakly against the window, the giggle subsiding. “You know, for an elderly member of our society, you’re pretty up on your pop culture.”

He laughed too, and said, “ Oh come on. I’m credible! Besides,” (and he looked sheepish here,)“I don’t really know what that’s from. Emmett just says it sometimes…you know, when he thinks Rosalie might…” He trailed off here, looking sheepish.

Bella couldn’t resist. “ What? Get freak-style?” She added in a low undertone, “ Does Emmett make it rain on dem’ ho’s?”

- from T H E U N D I S C O V E R E D, a chapter soon to be released!

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