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4/4/2020 Hi folks, Thank all of you who favorite and follow my stories. Although they were written some time ago I think new fans are finding them and enjoying them. I have been working on correcting and editing so there aren't so many errors. Please leave a review if you have enjoyed them.

December 16, 2018. At the end of another year and Harry Potter has been introduced to a new generation. I hope they enjoy my novels and older fans, please excuse the errors in grammar and spelling. Hoping you all have a great Christmas and New Year.

2018 welcome to my profile page. Once in awhile I come back to my stories just to see how they are doing. I think a new generation of Harry Potter fans have discovered fanfiction, which is a good thing because it keeps the characters alive. I hope you enjoy my stories and leave a review. Just remember they were written some time ago.

1/18/2016 Hello readers. Another New Year. Since the death of Alan Rickman (Severus Snape) more people have been reading my stories. I usually wrote Snape as a complicated character but usually a good person and rarely evil. Thank you all for favoriting my stories. Please leave a review if you enjoyed them. I continue to write but rarely write fanfiction anymore. I do write fiction and intend on publishing two books. Natasha Vloyski is my pen name, but when I publish I will put my real name here. Thanks again. RIP Mr. Rickman.

01-02-2015 Greeting fanfiction readers. I've been editing my stories and realize they are really horrible. They are filled with typos and grammatical errors. I wrote them so long ago and I've only gone back a few times to change a few things. Anyway, if you have not read them in awhile and you are a past fan, maybe you will enjoy them more now. If you are just beginning to read them I pray you will bear with me as I work at fixing this mess I created.

I'm surprised my readers have tolerated it this long!

So here I am wishing you a Happy New Year. I am still around, still writing and still getting notices when people favor me. Thank you all so very much.

12-01-14 Visitors to my stories are appreciated. I do love hearing from readers.

4-24-14 back again to say hello to those who stop by. Thanks for checking out my stories.

01-25-14 Happy New Year. Yes, I am still here and still writing although I haven't written a Harry Potter story for a very long time. I still have Snape's future to finish and perhaps one day I will. It doesn't seem that many people are reading Harry Potter anymore, they have moved on to something else; Hunger Games?

Anyway I always enjoy seeing a notice pop up on my email that someone has favorit-ed a story. Thanks so much for your support. Drop a line any time and let me know what you think. The best to all of you.

Thanks for stopping by.

P.P. S (update 01-10-10) I recently uploaded a original novel on a site called Authonomy () and used my real name instead of Natasha Vloyski. The book is called Riding the Rails. It is not like anything I have written here but there are great books there and they can be voted on so that the person can be reviewed by real agents. Please feel free to go and look at my book. I shall try uploading my other book that is very much like the Harry Potter series I have done. When I do I shall post a notice here. Thank you.

P.P.P.S. (update 02-07-11) Yes, I am still alive and kicking.I do hope you are still enjoying these stories. I have taken a little time and will start downloading edited chapters. Please let me know if you like the story. Natasha

Once again I am with you (12-10-2011) and I think I shall be posting a new story. I hope you will join me once again on an adventure.

Still here folks. I do check in now and again and often look at the profiles of those who add me to their fav author list or fav story lists. I appreciate the reviews left behind. (06-24,2012).

I must apologize for the condition of all the stories. When I upload the format is not kept and it makes reading difficult, especially if I make a transition from one situation to another. I also find many typos and I do try and make corrections. I appreciate all who let me know that they have read the stories and enjoy them. (09-27-2012).

Greetings: Every once in awhile someone adds one of my stories to their favorites list. I appreciate the fact that people are still enjoying them. I have moved on from doing Harry Potter Fanfiction, although I do have two stories on here that are incomplete. One of these days I shall complete them. As it stands I do try and edit them. (2-3-2013)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday to those who are faithful readers. I do check in now and again to see if anyone's reading my stories and I get alerts as to when someone favors my story. I do appreciate that. I'd like to hear from people as to what they think (good or bad). You can find my Christmas story, called Daniel's Christmas at .

03/29/2020 Hope we are getting new reader's who are stuck in isolation nowadays. Do hope you read my stories and review. Thanks Natasha

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Story 2 follows Band of Gypsies in series.Harry is in his seventh year. He has helped Snape narrowly escape V. Now he returns to Hogwarts and joins the Order meets a vampire and a horrible adversary. Cannon characters included.
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Story 1 of series. Harry has just suffered the death of Sirius, runs away to meet someone who'll help him. Other books in series are: A Debt Repaid, A Fatal Attachment, Gypsy Witch, Harry's Tale and The Visit.All to be posted soon. 4 all who missed them.
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