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"Let your light shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven"

- Matthew 5:16

Hello everyone,

I'm Ana (aka WhiteWings88, WhiteWings, or just 'Wings), and welcome to my profile. =D

Well, it's been a very long time since I wrote anything here, and my, there are a lot of changes here! Anyways, I guess I never really mentioned why I joined here in the first place, and that's because I love stories, particularly fantasy. You know, the "Once upon a time" ones that never seem to grow old, and are re-written everyday into new stories. They're my favorite, but not my only preference. No, what I don't like are ridiculous romance stories that are written with no dialogue (aka an onslaught of unnecessary...scenes...), stretch to 40+ chapters, and, worst of all, have the most nonsensical pairing possible. Other than that, chances are I'll like it. =)

Though I'm primarily an artist, I like to write stories, too. Granted, I don't know how talented I am at writing in general, but that's for my readers to decide, I guess. My only regret is that I don't get this kind of eloquence in real life that's given to me in the form of a delete key XD For some general information, I guess it could only be summed to this:

Likes: God, Angels, Drawing, Music, Anime, Interesting RPGs, Tea, and, of course, Anime (Disney's awesome, too!)

Dislikes: Ridiculous pairings, Slash fiction (see above for some of the reasons why), Spiders, and Rollercoasters (surprised me when I found out, too. Single most frightening thing that ever happened to me was riding the Joker at 6 Flags

That's about it, I guess, so enjoy your time here


UPDATE: Well, seeing that I only have one story here, I've been thinking of sharing some of my other stories I have been working on all this time. However, I'm hesitant to do so since the one I have in mind has a self-insert character, something I understand to be very much frowned upon here (if it's done right, I don't see what's to complain about, but I guess it is tiring to hear so often), so if anyone who still knows I exist (thank you very much, by the way!), if you'd like to read it, be sure to message me about it.

Also, I'm reposting my Heart of Cybertron story, since a lot of changes have happened, and I just would like to post it again, clean and complete (not to mention getting new readers in the process XD). So, until then,


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