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I regretfully must announce that Sunspots is on an extended, and perhaps permanent hiatus. I have included a link to an open letter to the fandom, and will keep the world informed as I myself journey through my writing, and try and make my way back to you... and poor, poor Clark.

June 2016: STILL EDITING, still not happy with some plot choices, but still here. AO3 will still be hosting the canonical and explicit version of this story, but until it actually gets explicit, the two stories will match on both sites.

September 2015: More hope than ever that this will actually have an additional chapter soon. Sunspots has also undergone substantial edits and is now also available on AO3.

August 2014: Believe it or not, I recently started editing. I actually have some hope this time.

May 2011: Hey guys... there is a Chapter 22 in existence...

November 2010: Still alive. Did some minor editing on Chapter 3.

July 2010: Still here, believe it or not. Recently worked on Chapter 21, and did minor editing on four existing chapters.

March 2010: Things are looking a little up, as Chapter 21 is 1/3 written (i.e. it exists). I am still active, as in my e-mail address and livejournal are still the same and I maintain this username (and the hope of publishing something, anything, one day).

I have been reading fanfiction for over fifteen years, but, only five couples in five fandoms (M/K, X-Files; H/D, Harry Potter; Clois, Superman; J/D, Stargate; J/S, Sherlock) so that's concentrated. My very early days of fanfiction (circa 1998/99) included Gargoyles and Ranma 1/2! In 2010 I found I had read the entire internet's worth of Jack/Daniel for 2.5 years straight, and then BBC's Sherlock exploded into my FACE.

After all these years and with many wide-ranging theories, ideas, and philosophies regarding fanfiction and the greater creative world I finally took up the keyboard in 2007. I demand such perfection in an effort to avoid the norm that my stories will be slow in coming, which is very clear.

I feel very strongly about not introducing personal views on religion, politics, world events, or inventing family histories, moral dilemmas, nefarious other-worldly plots, new characters, or even dates. I tend to only go so far as what is suggested about a character (and that in itself can be a lot) and never too far beyond that. We are given a lot to work with in only the mythos of Superman, and I elect to stay away from fantastic plot shifts. I explore the minds behind the actions and within the dilemmas of ordinary life, so while we are in a superhero's universe, I treat my characters like ordinary humans complete with bad mouths, interesting habits, and whiny Mondays.


I initially planned to write only within the Superman Returns universe (and did from 7/2007 to 2/2008) and started by thinking on what I hoped would one day be the Ultimate One-Shot Series, a series of unrelated one-shots celebrating the moments we live for in fiction (here, the Reveal Scene, or some other dramatic climax) without all the other plot complications that can ruin a well-written emotional moment. This project will never come to light.

I did eventually wander into other fandoms, but as of May 2011 have 350,000 words of unpublished material. I never want to publish again without a complete product, however, I am a chapter/episodic author and this proves to be extremely difficult.

I know nothing of the Smallville universe and have very limited knowledge of both the comic canon and the other Superman movies. Consider any obvious mistakes poetic license. I feel cross-overs are something to be handled gently and will probably never stray there. I shy away from Jason-centric fics, because while an important aspect of a story and character development I feel children have very little to say in love. So, Jason and his impact will be noted and explored, yet I fear I do not understand children well enough to write for them, or to have them figure largely in a stories meant to explore the minds and affairs of adults.

My ultimate SR story is a multi-chaptered and regularly updated novel-length fic called, "Sunspots" that while long in coming will either be completed or removed. There is no worse feeling than liking a story and glancing up to realize it hasn't been updated in a year and a half and will probably never come to fruition. I know this is what is true right now.

It is meant to explore and follow Lois and Clark after Superman Returns and into a intense and unpredictable period of solar activity which, among other things, leads to a complete exploration of everything that ever was and ever will be between Lois and Clark and Lois and Superman. I can tell you that I had no intention of stopping, in light of the reception this story has gotten, but I simply did.

To my knowledge my plot line is original and I maintain a very strict policy of not reading Superman fic while writing (which gets very boring, I'll admit). I say this because I am very aware of how original ideas creep their way into the back of your brain and what you end up considering fanon is really plagiarism. I would just like to note in case my work accidentally mirrors that of another writer, out there, somewhere (gestures to the Internet): I make every effort to maintain original ideas, moments, dialog, etc.

Leave reviews, you know as a community that they are always welcome. And I listen, I really do.

My fiction strives to be different, to avoid common clichés made within certain universes, and yet accepts well-known fanon. I am sensitive to the needs and wants of the readers, being a reader for so long, and hope to provide some genuine entertainment. PLEASE let me know if I have strayed into the wide mire of cliché.

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