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Tuesday, November 9, 2004
Long, long time. Weeks have passed, months have passed, but you're still there. Rain and sun, and winter to come, long, long time. And I'm stuck in school. Again.

I updated, though. Go read.


Saturday, July 10, 2004
All right, everyone, I realize that it has been forever since I last updated, but my parents are blockading me from the computer because they said I spend too much time on it, which is probably true. I can't update because my computer (in my room) doesn't have Internet and I can't get my documents from the family computer, so I have to use the library computer to do anthing. I'm sorry. I'll try to download my stories as they are and write from there. Okay?

Do review. I love hearing about how appreciated my work is, and if you want to, you can email me, too. I won't be reviewing, because I have so little time in which to do so, but just understand that I am reading your work whenever I get an alert (if you're on my author alert list) and I love it all.

Keep writing.


Saturday, May 29, 2004
I've updated one of my stories. Despite my blather about angsty writing, I find myself . . . not in the mood for such, recently. That is why I haven't continued with Ten No Chi. It is intended to be an angsty fic. Harrumph. To devil with happy end-of-the-year parties!

Oh, well.

I simply must reccomend a certain original work on FictionPress. It is called
'He Punks Me Not', by Twistedness. Here is the link: and I would truly reccomend going to read it.



Welcome back. I don't really mean that; I'm just being polite. I have a new email address, and I can access this one, so please, do not go to LoveChild of Gehenna. You can email me from at the email above, or type in this address:

Caffeine in the morning (if you are not a morning person) should be avoided. I know this from experience; LoveChild is grumpy and hyper. It is not a good thing.

I would thoroughly enjoy any reviews you care to leave. If you would like me to contact you, please say so; if not, don't bother wasting too much of your breath. And as an FYI, I enjoy long email dialogues. I let them run on and on and on . . . And they usually have no point.

Constructive criticism is very welcome, but only if you know what you're talking about. If you do know what you're talking about, then feel free to comment, but be nice; I am not perfect, so don't pretend you are.


Take note! I have changed my pen name! I am now to be known as Daughter of Damnation!

Yes, I realize that it has been over a month since I have updated this profile. Deal with it. I don't care if you feel betrayed. It's my bio page, and you can't do a thing about it.

On to more important business, I also realize that I haven't updated my stories recently. I have not had time. Unless you would care to give me ideas, I suggest that you quit whining. It does not win favor in the Eyes of the Damned.

My current life is as boring as usual. I have no idea why the Powers in Hell that Be consider life as a human to be difficult. I am an unsocial person by nature, so humans tend to stay out of my way.

Several things you should know about me:

I hate chat-format fics
I detest mindless rambling
stupid people annoy me and idiots irritate me
incorrect grammar, spelling, and conventions are the banes of my existence

If you would like to get on my good side, do not do any of the aforementioned.

One more thing: I am currently unable to access the email address that you see listed above. Please refer to my . . . counterpart for her email address.

That is all.


Oh, the wonders of the modern world. How I have enjoyed watching the progress of technology through the years. And my favorite? Heh heh . . . The Internet.
Prepare to face doom under my wrath, Mortals! How terrible to know that you are all to die eventually! And yet, so many of you are happy . . . More of a mystery than that of truth.

So, Mortals, I suppose I should tell you my name. Katharine. However, I am known as Katie. The Valkyrie. Except that I am not Scandinavian. I am Hellborn. I happen to be the niece of Satan, and my cousin (his son) is named after him. Lucifer. He’s my best friend.

The only problem is, none of my Mortal friends can see him so they think I have mental problems as well as an inferiority complex (the Satan’s niece thing).

I have been Tested for fourteen years now, meaning that I have come to live in the Mortal world since I was ‘born’. When I ‘die’, I will return to Hell and refer to the Hierarchy for a job as a spy. Our spies infiltrate Heaven. It is quite amusing, to see the angels scurrying about trying to find the infiltrator and standing about wondering why anyone would stoop so low. Ridiculous, really.

But the people here in the Mortal plane that I know are very nice, and have the most wonderful senses of humor. I find that when I do joke about returning to Hell they take it only as a joke, nothing more. But I like that they do not know of my treacherous nature.

As I stated before, I am fourteen years old, by Mortal standards. My real and Mortal birthday is in December, the day after the Mortal holiday of Christmas. I am actually over 570 years old. Still an adolescent. My Mortal appearance is as such: long mahogany hair, cyan eyes, 5’8”, very lengthy legs, and a permanently smiling mouth. Unfortunately, I smile. A good deal. My hands are my pride and joy. Long, slender, skilled at writing, drawing and playing viola, they look delicate, but are sturdy and strong.

Writing is as amusing as anything, because I have hereditary insanity. Now that it has leaked out onto the Internet, I will be able to turn more minds to my views. My uncle will be proud. Now, enjoy my writings, and I hope to hear from you.

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