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Hey there!

Thanks for reaching this page, it’s so nice of you! Just a little random stuff ...

I was never really into anime, but one tired, hot day, I was searching the college network and found ... NARUTO!

... The rest is not history, but MAGIC!

This is my first ever fanfic in my whole life, and I'm really proud ... It was a mammoth effort, done over the three month Christmas holidays, and I'm already planning Part 2

An important note, this story is a continuance of Kirsta Nadaime's "For The Family I Never Knew" only it's set after her first THREE (not FOUR!) chapters. After that, the stories diverge ABSOLUTELY HUGELY!

I hope you enjoy reading my story as much as I love writing it!

Some random links:

PICTURES! Some fabulous people drew pictures of Danah, and I would LOVE if you could look at them and praise those people!

Here is my link, just look for their names and picture links on the page ...


Some AMVs I made - please have some patience and tolerance, they are my first after all ... admittedly the star ratings aren't all that high, but well, I like them :P


A link to my little sister's story - please give it a go!


Brand new Original Fiction and as a consequence it’s posted at, not here


To tell you the truth, I was playing around with it, starting as an Itachi-Danah, but then an 'AU' happened, then an OOC, and storyline was waaay different, so in the end, it just became a original fiction

But more importantly, I sincerely hope you will love my story ...

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