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Likes: In Flames, Children of Bodom, Kalmah, Blind Guardian, Symphony X, Galloglass, Amon Amarth, Borknagar, Bathory, Therion, Nightwish, Gamma Ray, Edguy, Soul Shroud.

Dislikes: Slipknot, Cannibal Corpse, anything EMO, 99.9% of punk, rap, Linkin Park, Amy Lee, Otep, HoobaStaind Theory of a Nickelback.

Influences: Tolkien, Feist, Marcinko/Weisman.
Dislikes: Jack Higgins, Tom Clancy.

Projects: The Warrior's Soul: A Blade Reforged (Pretty much discontinued due to lack of intrest

Fan Fiction writers/reviewers:
Like: Ferrix, a few others.
Dislike: Natedogg, 98% of

Personal life: I work for the National Park Service. I listen to music 12-18 hours a day. I feel the world is full of retards and that our doom is coming soon. I like American cars. I own a '98 Camaro which I'm supremely unhappy with because it only has a V-6. Why? Because, I couldn't afford the V-8 version when I bought it. (I can now, but, I'm kind of stuck with my current one for a while...damn.)

To you morons out there: Quit writing crappy fan fictions, you piss me off like no other. If you can't take the time out to read it over at LEAST twice don't bother, you suck. Oh yeah, script format has been banned for YEARS.

*!!!!1!!!HATE MAIL!!!!!!!!1111111!1111111???????????--


> Excuse me! > Are you saying the way I write my story is suck. I
> mean, have you read other people story?! They write
> their story different! They don't have to write
> their story the same thing like others. Or if it's
> about "C2" I decided to disable it. So I won't get
> reviewers that complain about the way I wrote. So,
> you write your own way and I'll write my own way.
> You just can't tell people what to do to their
> story. If you don't like the way I write in "Hiding
> True Feeling" story, DON'T BOTHER READING IT!!! All
> I know is I tried my best and that's the best I can
> write. And I can write the way I wanted. > And one more thing, I'm not removing my story and
> rewritten.

I hate to use a cliched response to this e-mail but , for you, I'll make an exception, "Huked on fonicks wurkd fer mi!" -Thraxz

P.S. Proofread... PLEASE proofread, you just wind up looking like an idiot! (If you ARE an idiot by all means keep writing like this.)


Subject: Excuse me!
Date: Sun, 03 Oct 2004 19:35:53 +1000

Excuse me! I don't know who you think you are buster! I'm the writer of
Yugioh Big Brother and I would like you to give me 1 good reason why
reporting me!! If you can give me a good reason I will apoligise! But
don't just inform your reporting me with out a damn good reason!!!

It was script format.

Script format? Why does it matter if it's in script format? Hundreds of
other stories have it in script. God! you are one of those people who
can't give a person a break! Writing is my life and I finally find a
that lets me publish my work and jerks like you come around and have to
me down!!! I don't care if it's in script format!!! You reck it for
else by "dobbing" in your fellow writer!!! Oh no it's in script format
BLOODY DEAL!!!! It's still my work that to me ages to do and I'm gonna
publish it so TO BAD!

If writing is your life, you are obviously inept at living. You agreed to the rules. Maybe you're british because "dobbing" means nothing to me. Your grammar and spelling are atrocious. Have a nice day.

Oh yeah, and, this has nothing to with God. Leave the invisible and improbable man out of this.

Subject: Re: More arguing
Date: Mon, 04 Oct 2004 16:44:09 +1000

I am NOT british, and how dare you assume so! I'd like to see you do
writing seeing as you have only writen one thing! If you don't know
what the
word dobbing means. It means turning someone in for a mistake they've

Maybe you should spend less time spell checking and reading the rules
more time actually writing something of your own!!

I appologise for the spelling mistakes, that is one area I need to

I hope you have a nice day to!!

P.S. Even though your very annoying, it's fun arguing with you.

My story's prologue by itself is better than everything you've written so far. How do I know that? I've read yours and its awful, barely cohesive and not even a story. It's a script, which is not to be confused with real writing. Nobody reads scripts (nobody, in the general sense of the word) because they are a deficient in every aspect compared to any other writing. For example, have you ever bought a book of a scripts? (Besides Shakespeare... even then, Shakespeare thought his plays were a joke and that his poetry was his bread and butter so to speak.) Unless you've taken a acting class or something to that effect, I'm quite sure you haven't.

When will you learn that quantity can never ever substitutes for quality? I spent may hours writing my story. Then I spent even more rewriting it in order for it to be good, grammatically correct and heavily textured. BY reading yours it's apparent you haven't spent a fraction of the effort I've spent on mine.

You think I bothered to spell check your pathetic script? You give yourself too much credit. I saw the script format and instantly reported it... THEN I read it to see how horrible it really was after you e-mailed me the first time.

From: "jessica Smith" Add to Address Book
Subject: Re: More arguing
Date: Mon, 04 Oct 2004 17:35:09 +1000

For you being a grown man you acting like such a child!!!

You think your so perfect, well if your so bloody fabulous maybe you
spend more time working at you job if you have one and less time
people writing.

It's people like you who ruin peple who actually have an imagination!!

If you getting caught breaking the rules classifies as "ruining peple who actually have an imagination" Hell has most certainly frozen over.

Question, what are you trying to say by this?
">You think your so perfect, well if your so bloody
> fabulous maybe you should
> spend more time working at you job if you have one
> and less time reading
> people writing."

Is that a pathetic attempt at insulting me by saying I don't have a job? Are you calling me lazy? Are you trying to say that I'm not doing my job by reading your stories? I can't really tell for obvious reasons.

I'm putting you on notice, DO NOT pretend that you know anything about me personally. I'll tolerate guesses at what I'm like but making stupid statements like that doesn't get you past go. You do not collect $200. Go directly to hypocrisy. I'm being called a child because I'm doing something that you don't like? Sounds like a CHILDISH insult to me. Get off of your pedestal and at least try to practice what you preach.

> Thraxz, > The following review has been submitted to: The
> Warrior's Soul: A Blade Reforged Chapter: 1 > From: PanBraSaiyin (
> ) > wow...this is pretty good...but i have to say
> something in record to Lil serenity Son... > You reviewed her saying you are going to report her
> for something that is supposed to be Humorous...I
> See NO reason as to why you are doing this, but i do
> know that it makes me mad at the fact you are
> reporting something that shouldnt be reported...I
> know maybe it is offensive to you, but consider
> other people's perspectives on how they write, and
> how the people like the story before reporting
> someone for something they didnt do...I happen to
> like her interview very much and disapprove of such
> things such as flaming her for no reason...all i
> have to say is that maybe you should keep your
> personal flaming abilities to a limit and flame
> those who really made a mistake, and those who
> didnt! > And i am not including myself, for my writing is as
> good as it can get...

Both my and your opinion mean nothing in this case. Why you ask? Because, scriptform is against the rules of Even if I had liked it, I still would probably have reported it.

P.S. I didn't flame it. If you think thatwas a flame you've lived a sheltered life. Read some of the reviews by Ferrix, THOSE are flames.

-- "Rayson Y." wrote:

> well, do you know what I think?Well, your just some
> cold-hearted idiot who just likes to call others
> stupid!That is just cruel!And I bet you haven't evn
> read there stories you @sshole.

I don't NEED to read their stories. All I had to do was see that they were in script format to report them. Apparently, you don't pay very much attention to what is actually said. I never called anyone stupid.

As far as calling me an asshole...
It should occur to you that by criticising me for calling someone names (which I didn't do) and then following it up by calling ME a name, you are a hypocrit. You probably didn't even realize that.

(By the way, there are two spaces in between sentences not zero.)

> From: hero o donuts( ) > Hey there asshole! I've been reading your side of
> apparently many stories on what I think is someone
> needs to knock you off your damn high horse and
> bring you back to reality! You aren't perfect bitch!
> So quit actin like everyone else is shit and be
> fucking reasonable! As I stated earlier you took off
> 13 of my stories just because they were script
> format! And plus to rub it in you reviewed
> everything before it was removed. You know how long
> I've worked on Link's Talk Show? Neither do I, but I
> could check had you not deleted it! It was my best
> damn story review-wise. Had you read it you might
> have liked. But after reading through your bio I
> realized you aren't one of those fun loving
> assholes, such as myself, who would enjoy my story.
> So screw you! And I'll leave you with a thought you
> might want to consider, quit messing with other
> writers! Just because you can't write doesn't mean
> you have to pick on others who can! Oh by the way
> Linkin Park kicks ass! And don't try to find
> anything wrong with this. I checked dumbass!"

Wow, your review defies all response (and logic). Your childish antics and name calling merely prove to me that I was correct in reporting every last one of your stories. Oh yeah, I can find over ten things wrong with your review.

1. "Hey there asshole!" The 'a' should be capitalized.
2. There should be a comma before 'asshole.'
3. "I've been reading your side of apparently many stories on what I think is someone needs to knock you off your damn high horse and bring you back to reality!" There should be commas on both sides of 'apparently.'
4. The sentence above also doesn't make sense.
5. "So quit actin like everyone else is shit and be
fucking reasonable!" It's spelled, a-c-t-i-n-g; notice the "G" on the end.
6. "As I stated earlier you took off 13 of my stories just because they were script format!" There should be a comma after earlier.
7. "You know how long I've worked on Link's Talk Show?" This does not make sense. It requires a 'Do' before the the 'you'.
8. "Had you read it you might have liked." There should be a comma after 'it'.
9. The above sentence does not make sense.
10. "Just because you can't write doesn't mean you have to pick on others who can!" There should be a comma after 'write'.

I could keep on going like this if you'd like me to.


P.S. "I checked dumbass!" The 'd' should be capitalized and there should be a comma before 'dumbass'.

Andross: Social Theory From the Minority reviews
Andross explains his view of the world (of Starfox 64). While not truly dramatic, Andross' essay is part biography and part social commentary. I'm trying some high-brow writing for once.
Star Fox - Rated: K - English - Drama - Chapters: 3 - Words: 2,032 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 3 - Updated: 4/23/2005 - Published: 12/27/2004