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For Those Who Read Profiles:

I am still making progress on Tuxedo Harry, it's just really really slowly. In mid-January, I had a stretch of illness and depression that resulted in me setting aside TH in favor of indulging in a binge of watching anime on Hulu and trying to write a story in a setting I've wanted to explore for years. Two months, several different animes, and 100,000 words later (bite me, NaNoWriMo), I'm still working on that story because I'm still inspired to write it. It's not fanfiction, and it'll never pass the content guidelines on this site, so I will never post it here - or anywhere else, really, this one is really just a way of venting my personal issues in a safe environment and I'm not letting anyone read it. Hopefully, all this practice will do me some good in writing other stories in the future, but for now I am down to writing Tuxedo Harry one day a week instead of seven. I am honored to see that there are still people reading and following my story, and I promise that your interest will be rewarded eventually. If you need something right now, well, there are plenty of better and more prolific writers out there who have been posting new chapters. I'm following them too.


To Those Who Care (and yes, I know you do exist):

I have NOT, I repeat NOT abandoned Tuxedo Harry. Yes, my production on this story has slowed down. I'm not gonna go into details because no one asked, but I find that it's easy to get enthusiastic for an idea and dive into it - but it's a lot harder to see it through to the end. This isn't because we're quitters as such, but because as a story builds it takes on a much greater mass. Moving the plot ahead in a way that makes sense and works its way toward a conclusion becomes harder and harder, and your enthusiasm for what you started writing a year ago may have dampened in the mean time.

I have no stopped writing Tuxedo Harry, and I have not stopped writing in general. I've been working on other stories (which you won't see here unless they're fanfiction), but I do come back to TH to bash at it some more every few days. Chapter 22 (and so on) will come eventually. I do want to finish this story. In the meantime, thank you for your continuing interest, everyone!

As a side note, I am aware that my chapters are a bit "wall of text". I don't know why, but I decided to write each chapter without clear scene breaks. It's probably a bad idea. I won't be doing it in my next story. But somehow I've gotten into the habit, and will likely continue. Feel free to yell at me if you care.

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