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15th of May 2012

First of all I have no excuse to not be back even after I promised I would. After couple of years when I suffer major writer's bloc, faced problems at work and was diagnosed with general moodiness – I'm back now. To those who read my previous stories you will probably notice some differences in my style which was inevitable. As for my other stories rest assured some will be rewritten (especially my older work that is still unfinished) the others will be finished – in time.

3rd July 2010

OK after two years Im raising from death and coming back to here with continuations of my stories. I dont plan on starting new stories until I finish what I started and still have so much ideas for.

I started with new chapter of "Second life" - I really love this story and already have ending for it. Now just to get there :-).

"Sometimes you cant have everything" is on hold until I can get over the annoying part and finally use all those notes and scraps I have for the rest of this story.

"When Angels die" is making progress. The structure for this story is more or less done. Otherwise there is same situation as in SYCHE. IF I manage to put together chapter 3 I will be posting this story on the end of this month.

Everything else will have to wait for a while.

Thanks all the wonderful people who kept nagging me about continuing until it force me to start working :-) you are the best.


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