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Guess what?

I'm back.

I remember writing four years ago. I need to confess something. I dyed my hair red and put in green contacts, so that was partially true. I only said I was twenty one to protect my identity.

I'm really 18 now, and currently working on a book. My real hair color is dark reddish brown and my real eye color is golden colored to reddish brown (depending on my mood)

I graduated from woodland park high school May 2007 and I can't say my life has been very interesting since. I am, however, still writing. I am currently editing a book of mine that I will publish sometime this year, at least, that's my new years resolution. Lets see how well that works.

Funny, how a feeling of longing can return the memories of a time long gone. I almost feel like that freshman again, looking up to my senior friend who showed me the glorious path of fan fiction. She taught me the ways of anime, which opened up the paths of video games and manga. I come to you as a resurrected soul. Ressurected only in the spirit of fanficion. Only now do I feel the pain of time as I look back into what was once my glorious days of youth and creativity. Never again will I be that thirteen year old, and it hurts. But I can be a writer again.

To all of you who may read my future stories, I beg you with all of my soul, review. This is a plead from a woman who loves writing more than life itself, and I am not exaggerating. Writing is in my very soul, without it, I die.

Reviews tell my how well I am doing. They tell me how I progress as a writer. They are not just small praises that I seek. I seek constructive critisizim.

In my writing I promise to open up to you a world that I see, even if it holds the most painful emotions, or the most difficult lessons. All I ask in return for my service is constructive critisizim and all the honesty in your heart. That request alone means more to me that water in a desert. It is my manna and my blessing.

So, now, I streach my wings once more and set my mind in motion for what will hopefully resurrect my mind into the world of the living.


to Twilight.


Death Note

Final Fantasy VII

Inu Yasha

Lament of the Lamb

Fullmetal Alchemist

Yu Yu Hakusho

Ruroni Kenshin


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