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Hi, everybody. I'm LyraKatori, a new fanfiction author. I used to be just a reader of stories, but then I finally worked up the nerve to actually try my hand at writing. I like Fairy Tail, and I like to be pretty referential sometimes. I enjoy reading creativity, even if the basis of the plot does not have originality. (i.e. Clichéd Lucy/Natsu/Lisanna love triangle.)

I love Fairy Tail, and I'm glad that it's back. I just hope the anime doesn't make it as bad as it was in the manga. I mean, Sting surrendering to Fairy Tail really made Hiro get a lot of backlash for doing that. The Future Rogue saga wasn't any better, in my opinion, since the writers treated that like it was semi-filler. I enjoy seeing what they'll come up with, though, and the recent manga chapter is an 8/10 for me. I mean, don't we all want to see Erza versus Minerva for real already?

Favorite Fairy Tail characters:

Gray is 5th of my Top 5. He can be made to be really smart, or really feel guilty in stories that have the clichéd Lucy/Natsu/Lisanna plot. He always wants to protect his friends, and I can kind of see why he doesn't share Juvia's feelings for him. She can get kind of crazy with her imagination, which reminds me of that funny scene in episode 161 when she thought Lucy and Gray were alone together while admitting they both had feelings for each other. Lol. His ice attacks aren't exactly cool to me, and they could be improved. Rating: 7/10

Minerva is my fourth best favorite of the Top 5 because she possesses that Territory Magic. I mean, she can warp anything that she sees and teleport her attacks to different locations. She can also change the properties of her attacks, making them hard like lead or burn like hot heat. She really beat Lucy bad in the Naval Battle, but I personally blame Juvia. After all, had she taken out Lucy early on, Juvia would've received that sadistic beating. However, would anyone really care? I also like how Minerva's on the dark side, and I love how some writers make her totally jealous in StiCy fanfics. Rating: 8/10

This next one's debatable, since I like StiCy over NaLu, but Natsu gets the third place spot. He can be a real hothead, an asshole, or even a dense klutz that doesn't even know he kicked Lucy off the team. He's the main trigger, although I don't mind Lisanna assisting with triggers, but Natsu can either be written as a real serious jerk or the rude idiot who gets beaten up for comic relief. I love his rivalry with Sting, too. Rating: 8.5/10

Second place goes to Sting Eucliffe, since I like his arrogant and prideful attitude. I also like how he keeps his cool, and doesn't lose his temper in situations like Natsu would. He's also attractive to me, and I love his eyes. They are so totally awesome, and his powers of light are fantastic. I like how he can be written as that typical jerk who turns into a nice guy, which is cool for the StiCy pairing. Rating: 9/10

Finally, first place goes to none other than Lucy Heartfilia. I try keeping her in character, but like you saw in "StiCy Plus XY Equals Love" it's sometimes good to change her up a bit. I know that I've received many messages about Lucy a.k.a. Serena being too godly in that story, and I realized my mistake on that part. Many moves can be shown off, but it's not fun if they all do massive damage to one or two targets with little resistance.

Even though "Helping Her Remember" got taken down for unknown reasons, it is now back up under the name "Memories & Love." Chapter 8 of the story is now uploaded. Feel free to read and review.

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After Natsu cheats on Lucy with Lisanna while also kicking his ex off of the team, the blonde mage feels utterly heartbroken and goes home to cry. The next day, Lucy takes on a dangerous job to pay her rent and nearly gets killed by the enemy. She is saved by a caring guy from Sabertooth, and ends up learning new magic. Can love heal her emotional pain? Please read & Review.
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Lucy and Natsu have been dating for almost 13 months, but the guild has been almost silent towards Lucy because of a secret that they are keeping for Natsu. He knows that it will hurt Lucy if she finds out, but Natsu is not aware that she witnessed his kiss with Lisanna. From that point on, what shall Lucy do? It's a one-shot for now, unless you guys want otherwise. Please review.
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Remember how most of you said the Cana x Karen pairing was underplayed in my previous story? This is what they went through during the events of "She Will Be Loved", and you will see everything that led up to Cana's change in character. There will even be some events that didn't make it into the final cut of that story, but they now have a chance to be seen. Pairing: Cana/Karen
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After Natsu bluntly kicks Lucy off the team and replaces her with Lisanna, the blonde mage feels utterly heartbroken and takes some time away from Fairy Tail to become stronger. While she is on a boat going to the town of Castelia where her new life will begin, Lucy finds a strange blue spell book in her cabin. She learns some new magic, and meets a caring guy too. Read & Review.
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Lisanna has returned from Edolas, and Natsu decides to kick Lucy off the team to replace her. Erza and Gray tell her to get out because she's weak, or she'll be hunted down by Team Natsu. What will happen when Lucy arrives in Lumiose Town, home to Fairy Tail's rival guild known as Sabertooth? Will a certain blond guy care for her and help her get stronger? Please read and review.
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