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MAJOR Note: I'M ALIVE!!!! So yeah, if anyone is reading this; I'm still writing! ...slowly.

To see my art and fanart, click one of the links below:


For blog, go to this link:

Good morning, or whatever time your reading this. My pseudonym here is Keiyou, but on other sites I go by either Reenakei (AFF), Psinam (Deviantart) or Crimson Valor (Media Miner). I usually make dojinshi and comics,(my own or fan-made.)

I was told I need to type more about myself, so Ill give it a shot. Ummmm, where to start?

FAVORITE ANIMES: Inuyasha, Wolf Rain, Dragonball Z/GT, Gundam Wing/Seed/And G Gundam, Trigun, Rave Master (Sue me okay! I love the show!) Cowboy Bebop, Full Metal Alchemist, Fruits Basket, Hellsing, Big-O, Heat Guy J, One Peice, D. Gray-Man, And many others that refuse to pop up in my head.

Favorite games: Final Fantasy Games (LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!), Silent Hill (1, 2, and 3) RPG Maker (When Im bored out of my mind! You should see the Ed character I made on it XP) Fighting Games (theres lots of them out there, not enough space to name them all), Dark Cloud 1/2, Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 ( Havent played 1 yet), Devil May Cry, FMA and the Broken Angel, and any other game that is platform, role playing, strategy, scary, or first-person-view.

NAME: Mari Keiyou

AGE: 27.

SEX: I can has?! ... err; I mean female

HOBBIES: Making comics, Drawing in general, writing Fanfiction, Playing Video games, I like walking in the woods, I like all sorts of sports, baseball, soccer, running (running is a sport damnit!), and reading.

NEW ULTIMATE DRAWING HOBBY: Illustrating pics for fanfiction. If I'd have known how much fun it is I'd have done this soooo long ago. XD


Dona Nobis Innocence - D.Gray-Man-


Ones based around Ed and Ling Yao -FMA-

Illegal Nerve -FMA-

Dona Nobis Innocence -D.Gray-Man-

Possible one shots... -FMA or D.Gray-Man-


Shed -FMA-

Past Affliction -FMA-

Strange Alchemy -FMA-


-We'll see-


July 30, 2015

No, I have no excuse. I've either been drawing, gaming, or dealing with adult things like moving and getting married. I'm honestly not sure what came over me, but I was bumbling through some of my old writing and realized one in particular (a certain little DGM fic) I had sitting was due to never figuring out where it was going or what was missing. Top that with other fics I feel like I abandoned and you get a mess of blah too ashamed to show her face again...

Until one day at work it all came together like a glorious dust covered present left in the closet.

Suddenly I'm bitten. The muse that I assumed just tottered off to join the choir invisible came plowing back, clinging to my leg like a small child and babbling on and on about how it knows what happens next and what should happen.

What can I say to that? Sure why not. I can't promise this little bug will stick around as I tend to disappear without meaning to; but while it's here I'll have fun.

Don't stop. Keep walking. Right?

EDIT: So... wow. I looked at my past updates and feel... old. Though it puts a giggle in my heart to see how past me was so sad that Ed and Winry weren't a couple in the first anime.

March 16, 2010

Surprised? Yeah so am I actually. I don't often update my activities rant for months or years on end, but I had to get some things straightened out with a few notes for some who may dig through their favorites list and find some fics missing (that is if you were the special few who faved any of my fics t least XD)

Down to business, I have officially removed some fics I had written during my younger years, namely the ones I knew were never going to see their conclusion. For reference, here is a short list of the ones removed:

2 FFVII fics

1 Tsubasa fic

4 Fullmetal Alchemist fics

1 Kingdom Hearts fic

1 Inuyasha fic

This was done in an effort to refresh my inventory so new fics can be created and if possible give me a new reason to go back into writing more frequently. Be on the look-out for new stuff headed your way! (and some plausible illustrations to accompany them =D)

March 15, 2010

Yes dammit, I'm very aware my ventures into fanficcing have ebbed in a dramatic way. I'm hoping to get back into the swing of it very soon, which, sadly; may involve some re=vamping of my stories and discarding fics I know that won't be getting attention no matter how much they look at me all puppy-eyed. That isn't to say their getting scrapped, only removed and placed in a proper folder until some unavoidable plot-bunny decides otherwise.

In other news; I've managed to successfully complete a few nanowrimo-ish versions of some D. Gray-Man chapters for a fic that I hope will bat it's pretty little lashes here sometime this or next month, I can only hope.

June 11, 2009

I think I've figured it out... and it makes me sad in a way. My lack of writing may largely be due to obsessively working on my original stories, but it may also be related to something I hadn't expected to run into for another three years...

I have irreversabley become a rabid fan of D.Gray Man! Cue a scratchy violin horror theme here at your leisure.

I don't mean to make this sound like a bad thing at all, I love D. Gray Man's storyline and the characters are all unique and managed to snag a place in my heart

I guess what I'm saying is that in addition to trying to update and create new FMA fics if I can pull myself away from my own creations for awhile I will possibly be posting whatsits for D. Gray Man in the future as well. Either that or look forward to alot of fluffy one-shots with tidbits of Allen and Leenalee! and somewhere a dissapointed fangirl cries in her pillow

April 27, 2009

Three years until the armagedon of raging hellfire and brimstone that will bring about the inevitable destruction of all mankind and purge the waters with the blood of innocents... pfffft! I kid, I don't really believe in that. It all sounds like another Y2K scare to me XP. I wanted to add this little ditty here to tell anyone reading this that I am still writing fanfiction, it's just rather slow going on account of both lazyness (which I admit is completely my fault) and things in real life that hinder my progression. Be aware though, FMA is still clinging to me like hungry monkeys to a replenishing banana tree, and what with this new FMA bouncing around the Funimation website, it's safe to say that FMA ficcing is here to stay.

To those who've read my fic "Strange Alchemy" I apoligize for not updating it, I'd been in the middle of a life changing crisis when it was in the works and I just have to get myself motivated to write chapters again, that's all.

As for the ones that I've written reciently that seemed very un Ed/Winry like, well... let's just say some things aren't always what they appear to be... MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

October 14, 2008

... ... ... I think my sister corrupted me. Just a few hours ago I was playing with a paint program on my laptop, using the touchpad since I'm too damn broke and lazy to get a mouse. I'm not sure what happened, I'll blame two days of living off mocha coffees; but I can't ignore the fact that I had specifically said I'd ended my pilgrimage with deviating from my comfort zone when it comes to writing stories... What does that have to do with toying around in a paint program? well my sister had introduced me to a wicked anime a few months back called 'Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles', which is a pretty kick ass series despite the rebirth of CLAMP's old creations in every episode. Anyway she likes the anime, but LOVES pairing the only two O.C.s in the entire anime. THE MAGE AND NINJA! So what has living two months with my sis done to me? BLAMO! There I am making goofy little icons on my paint program about Fai and Kurogane while laughing the whole time! What will come of this I could only fathom, but as long as Ed/Win has it's place in my heart I think it'll be okay ==

August 21, 2008

Hmmm... I need sugar. Life for me has changed so very much I don't have a clue where to start. I'm now a proud roommate to a very good friend of mine who has the biggest heart on the face of the earth. Reciently I've been introduced to something called the nanowrimo, and I gotta say I can't wait till November. Truthfully it opened up a lot of new oppertunities for me, not to mention my old idea of writing. In the past I'd come up with an idea and, like a stern editor, I'd stew over the major mistakes and re edit constantly before the first chapter was even finished, and it escaped my notice on how much this was hindering my ability to write. So discovering Nanowrimo has been a great priveledge and I have my best friend to thank for it, I severely hope to pay her back someday for all she's done to help me.

February 10, 2008

To anyone who has been reading my profile and read that thing about the 'Side Notez', if you feel like having one of your own don't hesitate to ask because I am in a very giving mood since I finally got a scanner to replace my broken one (XD is happy!) Oh! Does anyone want to take 'Cobalt Red' off my hands? I'm way too busy with other stuff and I feel as if I am betraying alot of people who read and liked it. So if it can go to someone who would baby it more than i could have it would be apreciated!

November 28, 2007

Therapy...My...ASS!! I've been through hell trying to write my own character's universe. (quite possibly because I spent more time thinking about the stuff that would happen instead of writing it all down... but; thinking is so much easier T.T) At first it was simple; a journey, some encounters with bad guys and people who become team mates and a (loose) conclusion. Except I've found that going to work has put my mind on over-drive about my small series, alot of times I have to find ways to keep myself from becoming bored while at work and I ended up cuing in about three extra archs to my small story, an entire schematic on the origins of the story, and a conclusion that has to do with time travel and too many loose ends... I think I'm gonna need one of those huge ass government books to write it all down...

October 6, 2007

Woah... I got cut off horribly! that sucked!! T.T anyway I was basically saying that I grew bored with pairing guys. don't scream at me if your a yaoi fan, it just happened. BUT... whoever is deciding to read this who is in fact a yaoi fan is in for a suprise. Since I have been trying to get rid of everything I wrote during my pilgrimage, you can request to read one! The only catch is you have to send me an e-mail and go to AFF to read it. This may take awhile because everything I wrote is still on a pad of paper somewhere... and since I no longer care for pairing guys you can use the plot in your own story! how's THAT for double whammy?

As for the website I mentioned in April of forever ago, it's a no-go. I had no time for it since life loves screwing around with my well being. Oh well, as long as Iv'e got fanfiction and drawing to keep me pacified, it doesn't really matter (hobbies are so great, it's like free therapy!).

October 2, 2007

... HOLY FRICKENSHLAUGER!! What have I done?! Abandoning a favorable website for so long?! Easy answer; and it has everything to do with the last story I had posted on that date (or close to) above. To put it bluntly; I got VERRRRRY disencouraged.

(warning, slight emo rant ahead...get the razors and play Hathorn Heights...)

Why? not that someone would ask but I'll just say it anyway. When I first dove into the fandom that is FMA I had high hopes from the beggining that Ed and Winry were going to be a couple later (I'm a romantic at heart, stuff it!).

No, I wasn't ignorant, FF7 came before FMA in fandom. So I was aware that some people preffered that two guys together were hotter than looking at it like the 'he and she' bit, but I never really looked into it (on purpose anyway...). Anyway as my fandom for FMA increased so did my lingering suspicion that there were ALOT of people vying for GXG with my beloved series.

And really, sometimes when one writes a story they usually don't like to see it doesn't get noticed because two guys aren't going shirtless with eachother. It's no fun. Basically I had decided to cave in because I wanted reviews as much as the next writer , so for I'd say about a good few months I worke on a story I called 'Cobalt Red' and posted a few of the chapters. Apon doing so I realized I was getting close to were the GXG was getting closer.

April 28, 2005

I found a new hobby for myself after my IDIOT brother wouldnt get off the computer, I drew a mini comic of myself taking revenge by (trying) to hit him with a mallet, now I have an internet face for my website!

April 20, 2005

Im perfecting my website, it'll probably be up around fall, Im calling it Keiyou's Kloset. Its dedicated to Doujinshi, fan art, fan comics, and other things as soon as Im finished drawing the necessary pics for it (such as Chibi Ed, Al, Cloud, Sephy, Etc. Etc...)

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