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Hey Guys Im kindda slow at this but please review. Im still learning how to use this website. I post notes here from now of becasue of a faithful reviewer, it has come to my attention that Im not allowed to post aouthor notes as a chapter so once skools out.. it will be chapter four will be replaced by a real chapter so please cope.

Umm Sorry to mention that I wont be updating till after June 9th because I jus have a lot on my mind and a lot of work up my sleves especailly since the end of the year is coming up.. but I promise I will be a faithful author over the summer.

I knoe I stated above that Id post after june 9th.. but Im realli busy with church stuff, work, and volunteering at the hospital. in addition to that, I am also experiencing writters block currently. But I promise you the next chapter will be up soon... I AM SO SORRY for the unconvinence

Dont you all think that James is the perfect lover boy? I mean Lily really makes me jelous... why cant I have a boyfriend like James? And Sirius, o Merlin he is just plain sexy.. hed be what I call friends for benifits haha n Remus is such a sweetie!! I knoe right now everyone hates Peter with a passion considering what he did to James n Lily.. but he mite have had his reasons.. I hope JK tells us... dont get me wrong tho I still hate Peter with all of my heart.. Im a faithful hater for him right now.. unless and untill i get a decent explaination to hate him. And Lily is one of thosse gurls who u absolutly adore bc shes so smart pretty and outgoing... but at the same time u hate her bc she has waht u want.. yup thats how i feel about her.. I love her to death but i envy her a lot. U think im odd right> Its kindda weird tho, I realli like Lily and the Maurderers.. they r so cool.

Harry is awsome as well.. I knoe that its prb gonna be harry n ginny who get together, but I dont want that to happen because I dont feel that Ginny is pretty enough for him.. infact, I belive that there is no one good enoguh for him at hogwarts right now.. I hope some hot Villa, or sum other hot chick transfers whos got the looks and the personality and the smartness like Lily dear. And Hermy and Ron are so cuite.. thats awsome they make a great couple.. for sum reason, I belive Nevelle and Luna are going to get together.

5th Book~
I cried so much when Sirius passed away.. now Harry has no one as his own. I hope he fins someone.. or Remus becomes a third Dad to him but he doesnt loose remus. O and I want Remus to find true love, jus cuz hez a warewolf doesnt mean he cant have a significant other!! But I jus hope everything turns out rite for Harry in the end. I dont like to see him sad.. and I certainly miss James n Lily.. o God, everytime I think of James, butterflys start jumpoing in my stomach thats how much i want a guy like him!!

Ok thats eboguh for now.. I hope u like my story n please review!!

thanx love ur one and only
Lil QT Wanna B Lily aka Pankti in real life

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