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Friday, October 1, 2004
Blockade still enforced. Stolen moments used to write memos. After this update, all shall be erased.


Saturday, July 10, 2004
All right, everyone, I realize that it has been forever since I last updated, but my parents are blockading me from the computer because they said I spend too much time on it, which is probably true. I can't update because my computer (in my room) doesn't have Internet and I can't get my documents from the family computer, so I have to use the library computer to do anthing. I'm sorry. I'll try to download my stories as they are and write from there. Okay?

Do review. I love hearing about how appreciated my work is, and if you want to, you can email me, too. I won't be reviewing, because I have so little time in which to do so, but just understand that I am reading your work whenever I get an alert (if you're on my author alert list) and I love it all.

Keep writing.


Saturday, May 29, 2004
Life is good. My friend "" Beautiful Witch Hunter Robin is letting me beta-read her story, and I love it. It's happy.

I'm getting around to updating my stories. I wish I had more time to write.


I do not want to wait two years until I can get the hell out of here . . . But now, more importantly, I would like to say this: I was not originally planning on writing more to Who Makes You Feel; I intended it to be a one-shot. However, since so many of you requested more, I think I'll work on it. Don't expect it for a while, though -- I haven't updated my other stories in forever. But that's because of work.

Thank you so for reviewing and caring about my work, and I will update my stories soon!


Oh, boy. It's May now -- Cinco de Mayo! BTW, that is not the Mexican Independence Day, it is the celebration of the Battle of Puebla. Go look it up.

So, yeah, life in general is boring. So far, no one has emailed me with suggestions for words to look up! Good grief, people, are you that boring? Well, I am, so I shouldn't talk.

Summer is depressing. Actually, spring is depressing. Because I know that summer is coming, but it won't be here for another month. School for another month. *shudder* I hope I'll survive.

Cheers and good health to all, and everyone should go and read Rozefire. She's awesome. And JadeWing. The both of them are incredible. ^_^


Look! My name's changed! *heh* Now, I'm LoveChild of Gehenna. Kinda wierd, huh?

Hi! Didja miss me? My other self, the Daughter, has probably referred you to me, right? Yeah, she can't get into her email address, so if you want to contact her *though I can't see why you'd rather contact her over me* just use the email address you see listed above.

I know, I'm so sorry that I haven't updated in forever, but I've been busy. . . .

Anyway, I know I have all these things that I'm supposed to be getting done, and I've got some reviewers (very few, I might add; if I had more I might be motivated to work faster) who are waiting to see what I post next. I'll work on it. . . . *grumbles* It's like a juggling act, and I suck at that.

Note: If anyone would like a beta-reader for their fics, please contact me and ask for either Daughter or LoveChild. Thanks!

Also, if anyone has suggestions for other words *see below* that I should research and post here, please email me!

Definition of 'Hell':
a place or state of the dead of the damned

Synonyms for Hell:

Pit of Acheron
The Abyss
The Pit
the hot place
infernal regions
place of torment

Related Words:

The River Styx

Definition of 'Damn':
to condemn, especially to Hell; to curse




OUCH! *thud* Owwwwww . . . *trip* Aargh! Every time I try to get to the computer something blocks my way! Damn kids and their love of all things free . . . It’s not all about George Bush and the Dancing Banana Peel, you know! *sigh* Yeah, well, life’s a bitch and then you die. Litter and it will hurt. But you know what else? Eggs scare me. So do spiders and homophobes. I am a major rights activist.

Jesus-tap-dancing-Christ! If a person doesn’t scare you, then they’re not worth knowing. I am insane. It’s a fact and it’s hereditary. But believe me, I have a brain -- I just don’t use it. My stories are going to be rather fluffy, because you see, I have a multiple-personality disorder. My other self is Christ of Hell. If you want to read humor or other non-fluff, go to her -- or do I mean me? I bet she said nothing about me, because she refuses to admit that I exist -- although, I think that she just has an inferiority complex. She’s not the one who has all of the suitors who are sexier than Hell in a hand basket come knocking down her door. Oops. I wasn’t supposed to mention that. I’m not supposed to exist. But I hope that she doesn’t find out. Eheh heh . . .

Anywho, life goes on, without excuse. Excuses are like butts. Everyone has one, and most of them stink. Interesting, huh? That goes back a ways. It’s a long story, even though it’s kind of a short one. It all stems from the time I mentioned that sex on T.V. can’t hurt you unless you fall off. Then we somehow got around to the excuses thing, and I ended up quoting Socrates, in his immortal words: “I drank what?”

Bang Bang Whir.

To be heard, stand up and speak. To be appreciated, sit down and shut up. That is the story of my life, except at lunch. That’s when I bust loose. Except for when I don’t. Which is never.

Now, I am currently working on a very fluffy fic, and that’s all I was planning on it being. But, a plot bunny attacked me. So now *gasp* a plot! How’d that get in there? It’ll take me a while to upload, but it’ll be there. It’s an InuYasha fic. Fluffy, and if asked I may go lemon.

I would love to extend this interview -~-Oh, is that what this is?-~- Shut up. My alter ego seems to have deemed me worthy of her attentions. Blah. But that’s all until I next update, April 1! I’ll update every month (or try to).

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