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Author has written 5 stories for RWBY, Elsword, Fate/stay night, and My Hero Academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア.

Hi guys! I'm a 16-year old highschooler. I'm usually really busy during the school days, so expect my writing to slow down then. I enjoy watching RWBY, reading and that feeling of satisfaction when I actually don't fail in school. I've also started playing Elsword. Recently, I've gotten back into FGO.

RWBY Stuff

Favorite character: Ruby. Not just 'cause she's depicted as the main character, but also cause she's adorable, and I share a lot in common with her. We suck at making friends (I'm a lot more reclusive in real life than online). We're both cheery and give of happy vibes around our friends (in contrast to that inability to make friends). And as for her weapon obsession, I should mention that I have a folder of weapon drawings (started once I watched fate/stay night). I think ice cream is better than cookies. But cookies are great too.

Cool characters:

Qrow - Sword/scythe is pretty cool by my book. He's also caring, stubborn, and confident. Those qualities could have made him a hero, if it weren't for his semblance. I guess I both look up to and pity him.

Yang - She's a super sayan with anger issues and sets herself on fire. Awesome.

Random Musings:

I believe that the silver-eye power has to do with the soul. Grimm are soulless, so maybe a soul is required to shield against it? Then there's the part where Cinder gets crippled by the silver-eyes' power. Perhaps the soul becomes strained when one is the maiden? Maybe the maidens' powers are some kind of parasite, or a symbiote that weakens the aura in exchange for... y'know, the Maiden-y stuff.

Supported ships:

Lancaster/Rose Arc/ Ruby-Jaune - Doubt that Ruby and Jaune will get together anytime soon, but Ruby pretty much doesn't ship well with anyone (because of Ruby's innocence/age). Since Ruby was/is there when Jaune is getting over Pyrrha, it does have a chance. Most importantly, they are adorable. 'Nough said.

Black Sun/Blake-Sun - Well, Sun seems to have a crush on Blake. Blake seems to reciprocate.

ships I tolerate:

Too many to count.

ships I don't tolerate:

No offense to anyone who supports these ships. I just don't like them.

Enabler/Ruby-Yang - Ruby and Yang are firmly sister-sister. I have yet to see anything that would say/convince me otherwise.

Weiss/Adam - These two are enemies on too many fields. I don't see how this works.


Favorite Character: Lu/(Ciel). It is just too much fun to just smash face with Lu's punches. And if it's a boss that I can't punch to death, switching into Ciel to spam shots is extremely fun. I'm not skilled enough to switch mid-battle without dying though...

Cool Characters:

Elsword - Of course. Who can say no to the old-fashioned sword? He's awesome.

Add - Blasting people, being an evil maniac, what's not to like? Plus, punning around is soooo much easier.

Eve - It's adorable how she gets confused over things, and the Elsword slap was pretty funny. #humansareweird

Fate/Grand Order

Favorite Servant: Fran. Fran was the first non-guaranteed gold Servant to come to my Chaldea. It took a while before I actually started to use her as more than just another berserker, but the moment I cleared America with her, she definitely became my most reliable Servant (I don't care about you heretics, claiming she can't boss clear).

Almost-Favorite Servants:

Sanson - Go, my adorable executioner! Bring me the hope from tomorrow! Chop down all Cu Chulainn Alters that stand in my way! And while at that, spam some medicine, please (in quick teams, I often replace Anderson with Sanson - not a perfect fit, but it works)!

Mash - Cute kohai! She'll get better once Camelot comes around... and then I'll be laughing at those who neglected their first, most faithful Servant!

Jeanne d'Arc Alter- I don't own her, I only have her as a support. Nevertheless, it's immensely fun to BURN THEM ALL! LA GRAMONT DU HAINE! MUAHAHAHA! Yes, we will burn all in our way... I should probably bring out Geronimo and Cu Caster. MORE FIRE!

Georgios - I cannot recall how many times he has saved me. Seriously, he must be a blessing from... whoever you believe in.

Robin Hood - He has a little blue bird! Plus, he can Yew Bow stuff and poison enemies. 60%, anyone?

Recommended list

Diary of a Concerned Friend: Ruby's diary, showing her reactions to Jaundice. I think it's nice. Shows Jaune and Ruby's growth, and captures their personalities very well.


Best Friend Stuff: About Ruby and Jaune's relationship as "best friends." Recommended 'cause Ruby and Jaune are adorable. Definitely not because I find the rest of the cast's reactions funny. *Imitates Ruby* I am not a troll.


Story Ideas

Silver Eyes - RWBY. Ruby's silver eyes influence her Semblance, causing it to mutate into "all Grimm she sees immediately die." This would probably devolve into crack...

Mystic Eyes - Crossover-ish. Ruby has mystic eyes of death perception.

The Throne Descends, or A Rip in Space - a group of Heroic Spirits wake up in... really, any world.

Kaleid Liner _ - Prisma Illya gets in an accident and gets sent... one again, pretty much any world.

A Smile - Boku no Hero Academia. Aizawa fails to deactivate Eri's quirk fast enough, and she sends herself and Izuku back in time.

All for Someone - Boku no Hero Academia. Shigaraki has someone he's protecting.

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