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Greetings everyone, I am one of those people who will come out with a really good plot line, have a good first chapter, but then i either can't finish or i just get bored of it. I dunno what happened there... lol. It happens all the time. I need the inspiration and the good ratings i guess... hee hee

NAME: Elizabeth Jane Hobley

D.O.B: 30 - 1 - 1991

STARSIGN: Aquarius


LIVING: I'm living in Melbourne, Australia =D

FAVOURITE PAIRINGS: Draco/Hermione shipper all the way!

MOOD: annoyed. surrounded by little 14 year old boys that could be looking at what i'm writing. I don't like the intrusion of my privacy..

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CONTACT ME: If you have MSN you can chat to me on: Yet that's if i'm ever on, i don't own the internet any more. It sucks big time. Now it's school time only :)

or there is also my myspace that you can check out =D :

Also if you're concerned about something or would like to contact me about any enquiries, drop me a line at my e-mail address. It is deeply appreciated.

QUICK NOTES: It's been nearly two years since i've hit the stories at fan tis a little bit odd, but i guess there were a few people that missed me. I'm great at beginning a story, i've realised but putting something in every week, and keeping something going is very hard for me. I'm an unpredictable writer, but i guess most of you know that and with the last Harry Potter book on the shelves, it's hard to get creative around the school now. So my stories will based on the after-school life from now on and i may check oyut other books for fanfics. I am expanding my horizons as you might say.

Blessed be,


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